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Flight Logs Show A Single Israeli Plane Secretly Flew Out of Atlanta During Airport Blackout

A cargo plane operated by an Israeli airline with full customs clearance, was the only plane to leave Atlanta during a massive airport blackout. By Rachel Blevins  – December 19, 2017 Atlanta – The world’s busiest airport experienced an unprecedented power outage that seemed to defy all of the precautions put in place to prevent it, and during the 11-hour ordeal, internet users noted that only one mysterious plane was allowed to leave the airport. Over 1,000 flights were canceled when the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport lost power around 1 p.m. on Sunday, causing a chaotic situation as thousands of travelers were affected. While Georgia Power claimed that the power outage was the result of a small fire, it left many wondering …



BREAKING: He Was Just Found Dead In Michigan – This Is HUGE   Dec 22, 2017 By Prissy Holly  Earlier this year, the world was left in shock with the unexpected deaths of rock stars Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, whose deaths were ruled “hanging by suicide.” Cornell’s wife, Vicky Karayiannis, was very adamant from the beginning that she didn’t believe her husband’s death was a suicide, saying that her husband was extremely happy and didn’t show any signs of wanting to end his life. Now an unexpected break in the case has been made after a forensic investigator is coming forward with startling new details. And yet again, Hillary Clinton’s possible involvement is raising eyebrows, after the unbelievable dirt that Cornell and Bennington had about …


Time Traveler From 4126 Brought Back Future Technology

In this video, we interview the man who claims to be from the year 4126. He claims to have brought back technology from the future. In this interview, we talk about all aspects of the future. Including space travel, healthcare, government, cities, transport, and much more. If you haven’t seen the first interview, be sure to check it out here as he covers many topics that were not covered in this interview.


"The Event is Set to Go Now" – GCR/RV Intel Update – Tank – 12.20.17

12/20/2017 01:39:00 PM  Emailed, Intel, Tank, Update Entry Submitted by Tank at 1:31 PM EST on December 20, 2017 SPEAK UPDATE 1:19 PM EST 12/20/2017 The Alliance has thwarted several attempted flash bangs by the Cabal: • Suicide bombing in NYC attempted but killing none • Atlanta airport power outage would have been something else if the Alliance hadn’t taken the action they took to shut it down literally • Just to name a couple notable events but from what I understand there are several • Also hearing Wells Fargo keeps finding ways to hold things off another day or week or whatever, but have been told within the past two hours that they are no longer an issue and exchanges can begin at …


Time Traveler Spent Two Days in The Year 3207

  This man claims he has been to the year 3207. We took a flight to Greece and sat down for an interview, as he told us his story. You will not believe what the future has in store. According to this man, he was part of a top secret Greek Military experiment in which he was the test subject for a real life time machine. Upon time traveling to the future and back, he explains what technology awaits us in the year 3207. Time Travel Playlist ►


Former Area 51 Worker Says He Piloted UFO

Robert Miller claims he used to work at the infamous Area 51 and in this video, he reveals secrets of the inner workings of Groom Lake. According to Miller, aliens and extraterrestrial crafts are being kept inside Area 51, and he alleges to have been part of a top secret project in which he was chosen to pilot a reverse engineered UFO.