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Harald Kautz-Vella Update

Dear Friends, The actions against “fake news” authors seem to have started over here in Germany, and I received a letter that I am sued for “sedition” for something I said back in summer 2015. I still do not know what exactly I said in public they think was illegal to state, however there is a theoretical possibility I might be going to jail for maximum 5 years. They act quick, unusual for state activity. There is quite a bit of research I planned to publish in near future. It still is work in progress, but it feels better to get it out straight away. Could you please secure the files, forward them to whom it might concern, and if …


COBRA – Important Situation Update – Friday, January 13, 2017

Friday, January 13, 2017 Important Situation Update Year 2017 will see much more presence of the Light on the surface of the planet than any of the previous years, as the presence of the non-physical Light particles from the Galactic Center has increased greatly. On the last day of 2016, there were many signs in the sky in the form of polar stratospheric clouds and other unusual cloud phenomena: Some people have interpreted this increased Galactic Light as a sign of a possible Galactic Superwave (read: the Event) in 2017: In the meantime, clearing of the Chimera Group continues. Recently, an infiltration of the Chimera Group within the rank of the Light Forces inside of this Solar system has …


Benjamin Fulford Report: "Countdown to the New Age Begins" — January 9, 2017

1/09/2017   Weekly geo-political news and analysis Message from Benjamin Fulford Countdown to the new age begins as final cabal underground bases subdued Posted by benjamin January 9, 2017 Full Report The battle over the planet earth is coming to an end as the final Khazarian mafia underground bases and strongholds fall, White Dragon Society sources report. However, there is still some heavy duty last minute horse trading going on between East and West as the January 20th start of the presidency of Donald Trump approaches, according to sources involved in the negotiations. The future of our planet and our species is what is at stake. The big battle still to be concluded is the one over who exactly will be controlling …


"Security Issues" – Intel SITREP from Deep Source(s) 1-7-17 1:43:00 AM Deep Source, Intel SITREP (Situation Report)

1-7-17 12:39 AM EST Deep Source (RV/GCR): “No exact times are being given. Security is the main issue. The Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting was a Cabal operation. The RV cannot proceed until all security threats have been neutralized. Hate for it to be an excuse, but it is what it is. No Peace, no RV.” Deep Source (Resistance): “More Cabal operatives hunted down. Amnesty being given to Cabal actors to join the resistance or be arrested/killed. It was decided upon the Chinese Elders that the Cabal actor Paul Ryan would not be the right choice for President of the restored Republic. Instead, Cabal actor Trump was chosen to become President of the restored Republic in return for his amnesty. This …


GoldFish Report No. 66 Intel Guest Kent Dunn Dishes Geopolitics and ExoPolitics- Southern Style

GoldFish Report No. 66, The GoldFish Report Rings in the New Year and Welcomes Intel Guest Kent Dunn from the Gary Larrabee YouTube Channel to talk New Intel on Geopolitics: Trump, New Republic, Dunford, USA CORP Bankruptcy,- ExoPolitics: Cabal housecleaning by Galactics and Earths Ascension, and much more. Kent connects the dots of different events to provide a complete picture of the status and progress of change on earth.


"INTEL" Update via email

Sunday, January 1, 2017 11:05 PM __ Info 1/1/17 __ The United Nations has voted unanimously to stop the middle east war by agreeing to a cease fire and begin total peace throughout that region. A Pro Arab union is now a balance to the Pro Israeli union. Israel will pull back to the 1967 borders in this agreement to stop all wars planet wise. This is an historic event which satisfies the Chinese Elders and paves the way for the revaluation of all world currencies to the surprise of the many currency holders and Gurus who did not understand that the real holdup of the RV was this agreement demanded by the Chinese Elders before any world currency reset …


Kent Dunn Intel Update – List of Bribed Republican Politicians, Nuclear Bombs Defused In New York, CIA vs NSA Gun Battle, & More – January 4, 2017

[youtube] Notes, Commentary, and Additional Research by: AscensionWithEarth.Com Video by: Gary Larrabee YouTube Channel Intel Report by: Kent Dunn Date: January 4, 2017 A List of Names of Bribed Republican Party Leaders Paid Off By Hillary Clinton  A computer hard drive that belonged to the Clinton Foundation was stolen back in 2009.  It contained information related to the ‘pizzagate & pedogate’ pedophilia network, including billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island, also information about Hillary Clinton selling chemical weapons to Iraq.  Which was a false flag operation to give the USA Corporation a reason to go to war with Saddam Hussein in Iraq.  This hard drive is now in the hands of the agency White Hats and the contents of …


"INTEL" Kent Dunn: "Healing Technology Coming in February" (Video) (Mr.Ed)

The FBI has hired 30,000 new agents to arrest 15,000 cabal, government, financial, medical, educational and religious criminals on January 1st, 2017.(Sunday) 10,000 have already been arrested in a secret operation in the USA. 2) Paris Hilton is involved in child slavery and raids are near for the Hilton Hotel in Branson Missouri. 3) Source (GOD) is raising the vibrational level to high levels in order to drive the underground beings to the planet surface. This will affect the Agharthians, Archurians, Arterians, and reptile races who will emerge bleeding from many areas of their bodies. (Zombie Apocalypse) They will be sucked up by incoming ships and removed from earth. (see footnote below)* 4) The cabal is murdering members who know …


Who is the SSP Agent Covertly named Gonzales?

Written by Elena Kapulnik This individual is half Italian – Spanish with a European heritage, he is in his mid forties – fifties. He has blue eyes, black hair, and is 6’2 in height. Pseudonym name: Gonzales, real name Stephan. Works for the Secret Space Program Alliance. Visits Austria on personal business, and sometimes still comes to the United States when he is on Earth. Work objectives: Prepare agents for missions, provide mission parameters intel, dress agents up for field work to fit in their environments, tell the agents how they need to behave, and trains them for field work, works on behavior patterns so there is appropriate knowledge for mission success. Works on secret projects, blends in with his …