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Images of SSP

Off world sceneries , probably higher density and a whole lot larger, I would assume the beings living there can be from 10 and up in feet.   Off planet stations or something used to help do jumps and transfers, don’t really know. Upgraded super suit better suited for all types of atmosphere and more durability, movements, and combat. I think you (James Rink) are super fast in this. The colors might vary depending on the group using it. I think this is one of the types of techs that got traded to us when trading with ets. Excellent crop pods. These ones don’t look like they use any liquids. Instead it might be more of light or energetic or frequency base …


Light Chamber Replicator Antigravity Teleportation

Jared Rand Light Chamber Replicator Antigravity Teleportation. By Interstellar. Source Jared Rand. This Med Bed is the exact same thing that have been shared for years, the Light Chamber, is it? Light Chamber No. People talk about the Crystalline Chambers but those are for the carbon-based elements. For our physical forms to be transferred to crystalline base that takes a minimum of three days plus, to have that transformation. Clicks on the Ads Keep Us Alive ? Those are the ones called Crystal and Light Chambers and they come with mentors. Actually the mentor comes prior to the Light Chamber because obviously we have to get our body to a position where our vibrational frequencies can go into the Crystalline Light Chambers. So the Med Bed …


Super Soldier Talk – John F. Kennedy Channeled Message – Adrian Espinoza

Listen in as Adrian Espinoza channels President John F. Kennedy to give us a unique perspective of the exopolitical situation of the time. Learn more about his assassination, ties to the mob, Marilyn Monroe, Vietnam War, War on Poverty, Montauk, Green Hilton Agreement, Federal Reserve, and much more. Adrian’s website is


Time Traveler Who Has Been To The Year 9428 Speaks Out

  This man claims to be a time traveler who has been to the year 9428. We took a flight to Georgia to sit down with the man for an interview as he told us his story. You will not believe what the future has in store. Here is his amazing story. What do you think? Is this man an actual time traveler who has been to the year 9428?