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The other ‘revelation’ he received from other NASA employees was that the U.S. Navy has for several year been making regular reconnaissance-observation trips to monitor alien ‘bubble-cities’ on the ocean floor. A special group of America’s top scientists were organized under the name Project SIGN in December 1947 to study the phenomena. The whole nasty business was contained. Project SIGN evolved into Project GRUDGE in December 1948. A low- level collection and disinformation project named BLUE BOOK was formed under GRUDGE. Sixteen volumes were to come out of GRUDGE. ‘Blue Teams’ were put together to recover the crashed disks or live aliens. The Blue Teams were later to evolve into Alpha Teams under Project POUNCE.James Forrestal’s secret diaries were confiscated …


INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “Intel Compilation” 7/14/18

INTEL Update (Real News) via email – “Intel Compilation” 7/14/18 The Deep State are trying any way they can to discredit / eliminate Trump. Trump was asked to run in 2013 by the military to stamp out the monsters in D.C. Franklin Delano Roosevelt confiscated our parents gold and silver. (the Great Depression of 1929 was a False Flag) “Delano” was a Chinese Drug Lord in charge of the Territorial United States heroin and opium trade in China. The Rothschilds are taking out insurance policies on key employees and killing them to collect. (so far 2000 have died suspiciously) Russia is telling its people about the extraterrestrials. 66% of Russians believe in a shadow government that runs things and it …