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Channeled Message with Obsidian – Recovering Milab and Super Soldier Memories

June 4, 2019 March Regression Transcript This is a summary of a section within Marc’s Regression with James Rink on June 4, 2019 with a being named Obsidian. JR: What is your name? Marc: Obsidian JR: Are you human? Marc: No JR: How would you define yourself? Marc: I am an amalgamation of complex configurations JR: Greetings and why do you come forward at this time? Marc: To assist your transmission. JR: What is your role in this transmission? Marc: To shed love and light upon your planet JR: Do you have any messages you would like to share at this time? Marc: Your version of earth needs help. Your version of earth needs assistance, the energy of your planet …


Bases 54 Suzy Martin TI witness & MILAB

Suzy Martin was asked by James Rink to call in and chat with Miles, while visited the UK from the United States, so delighted to see Suzy, we chatted for a while, and this is her witness statement, as a TIU in the Bases 54 series dedicated to TIs. This is a highly complex and detailed case, and agreat deal is mentioned here. Suzy now in her late 60s, and a former model, with all the aspects of Project Monarch that entails, gives a relaxed and concise statement. She opens with her experience of ‘The Hum’, also being targeted on Miles himself, as his continued TI issues evolve, shares subtle aspects of the TI, and now “Empowered Individual” data base …


Russian Army mag claims existence of ‘super-soldiers’ with… TELEPATHIC powers for future wars

Published time: 4 Apr, 2019 08:35 Edited time: 5 Apr, 2019 08:37 Get short URL © Global Look Press If you want to delve into the paranormal, here’s a reason for you to enlist in the Russian Army – an MoD magazine says some troops are taught to crack safes, evade ambushes and burn computer chips using… telepathic powers. What is the Russian Army’s best-nurtured superpower? Don’t even think of Spetsnaz or nuclear subs, or EMP weapons, because ‘Armeisky Sbornik’ (‘Army Digest’ in English) has got something bigger to tell. The magazine, run by the Defense Ministry, claims the military is very much into parapsychology, which studies strange things like telepathy, precognition, near-death experiences or reincarnation. Read more ‘Influencing human …


Untapped Superhuman Capabilities with Emery Smith

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