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I AM A REAL VICTIM OF JEFFERY EPSTEIN. PLEASE SAVE AND REDISTRIBUTE THIS VIDEO. THE MEDIA IS LYING. THE POLICE ARE INVOLVED. ATTORNEYS ARE NOT REPRESENTING REAL VICTIMS. REAL VICTIMS ARE BEING SILENCED AND THREATENED.   Alternative News Another Alleged Epstein & Prince Andrew Victim Comes Forward Implicating Joe Biden & “Many Others” In Brief The Facts:Recent events such as the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein seem to be causing more victims of sex trafficking who had stayed silent for so long to come out and speak. Reflect On:Can we create a safe and open space for alleged victims of sex trafficking to speak out with confidence, and trust that our growing discernment will ensure that the truth rises to the …


UFO Sundays @ UFO Denmark Melinda Leslie

UFO Denmark has begun a series of online lectures + Q&A with UFO researchers and experiencers to learn more. Melinda Leslie is a UFO abductee and has been public with her own extraterrestrial and covert-ops human abduction experiences for 28 years and is considered an authority on a military and intelligence agency involvement in UFO abduction cases. Both her research and personal experiences have been featured in 24 books by prominent authors in ufology. Melinda is an investigator in the field of Ufology with 29 years of experience. For 8 years she has been the Owner of UFO Sighting Tours in Sedona, Arizona, where she has conducted over 1,100 tours with the use of military Night Vision Goggles. To date, …


Interview with ALEX SWAGE

Alex Swage says he is a Andromeda ambassador and undercover officer. He says he has traveled to many planets, multi-dimension worlds, time travel. His company built spaceship in 1988 for 2 years. He has since then had many out of space adventures. Alex Swage Twitter Site:


Why They Say Epstein is Dead – What They Don’t Want You to Know featuring Hope

Visit us at! The official story is that Jeffrey Epstein was taken off of suicide watch at the prison he was being held at. Then, he successfully commits suicide. Around the world everyone is asking the same question: Are you serious? This week Dan Duval has Hope, a survivor of various government mind control projects, child trafficking, and satanic ritual abuse, to talk about the issue. The fact of the matter is that Epstein’s exposure goes far deeper than child trafficking. His darkness extends into the world of government mind control, genetic manipulation, occult rituals, and more. As one who was abused by Epstein personally, Hope joins Dan Duval to walk through her testimony, and discuss the implications. Do …


Super Soldier Talk – Matt T – SSP and Mars Colony Survivor

Matt shares about his officer experiences aboard a dark fleet vessel in the secret space program as well as his time as a super soldier in a security force used to protect Draco Royals. My SSP & MILABs Journal… Learn more about supersoldiers and milabs at Please support the work at



Residents and the homeless of Florida should fear FEMA more than they should fear Hurricane Dorian’s potential wrath, says an agency employee familiar with operation “Storm Surge,” a Federal Emergency Management Agency initiative to intimidate, incarcerate, capture, and kill disaster-stricken people in the Sunshine State.