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Laura Eisenhower interviews Randy Cramer & Tony Rodrigues (special appearance by Dan Willis)

 We talk about Disclosure, Mars Programs, Secret Space Program, Psyops, Q-Anon, Pandemics, Pedogate, Propaganda, Advanced technology, ET’s and polygraph exams Captain Randy Cramer is going public with his testimony about his service for the Mars Defense Force. The MDF is part of the Earth Defense Force, a UN “Unacknowledged Special Access Program”. His recruitment in 1987 into the “US Marine Corps Special Section” began a 20 year tour of duty working for the Mars Defense Force, which is the primary defense unit that protects the Mars Colony Corporation. Cramer says that he has been allowed to speak publicly about his experiences. Tony Rodrigues went through a torturous MK-ultra type program and then years living in Peru doing intuitive work …


Psychic Medium Ilona – Coronavirus

2a ) SuperSoldier James Rink:   Is coronavirus a synethic a i from the future which is programed to kill off people in fear and negative mindsets. Answer EBE OLie:         – Your human species already lives in the future. After all your human species already lives in the future. It is a blending of a dimensional spacetime spiral, a leap at one moment. Everything is given in advance and the transformation of the Earth, your planet, the transition to a new Earth as a planet 2b) Is the trump adminstration about to do mass arrests during quarantineDid the chinese make a deal with the draco to release the virus to kill off 500 million Chinese and harvest …


Bases 102 part 4 Julie Phelps SSP War Corona Crisis

Its WAR, The Draco are coming in huge fleets to get their “Harvest” US, the humans. The Pleiadians are protecting us, and even the Allied Air command showed on Facebook..”Let Us Handle Airspace Security”..Julie explains its an indication of Disclosure. She asked me to use her major Update from a few days ago as part of this update. Crucially telling people to OPT OUT of Organ donations. In the UK everyone is opted IN. This is to prevent the Draco trade in human organs. The trade in humans and body parts is part of the Draco harvest. We had interference and few false starts and interruptions. This is an important Disclosure Corona Virus lock down update. Draco fleets etc..all fantastic…


Coronavirus Operation Lusterkill Notes from Unimatrix Videos 1-3

SUMMARY FOR FIRST VIDEO February 26, 2020 Unimatrix from year 6,575,008 Coronavirus is a synthetic DNA system, protomolecule, artificially created by computer systems from biotech labs in the USA university intellectual level to study its effect on its immune system and use as a bio weapon on human populations. Chinese human faction used it for study, tactical understanding, weaponry offense, subjugate other factions as a means to an end game. Its similar to black goo but it’s a synthetic A.I. DNA created by computer system devices from unacknowledged funding sources. Bill and Melinda gates acted as liaison for global elite depopulation agenda. Chinese released and orchestrated this virus. Survivability of the Chinese communist party is 0% Population will be …


Kosol Ouch – Coronavirus Operation Lusterkill Q&A Virus Healing (Includes Transcripts)

Today we have Kosol Ouch. He will channel Uni Matrix One an artificial intelligence from 6.5 Million years in the future to provide us probabilities on our current world affairs. He will be using his Source Coil device which contains gans plasma to help him access these realities. Transcripts Here are the notes from the previous sessions. Probably good idea to read this first. James: Okay. We are live. Let’s just wait for somebody to show up so I can confirm or you can hear me. I am a James Rink for those who don’t know or haven’t watched this particular show . Hello Canadian, Michelle. Thank you for joining us. We’ve got a great show …


Why Did This Google Whistleblower Flee To Costa Rica? What Does He Know That We Don’t?

THE PETE SANTILLI SHOW Episode #1846 – Thursday – March 19, 2020 – 6PM Live Broadcast Link:  BREAKING: President Trump Announces Chloroquine Will Be Made Available IMMEDIATELY ! – #1846-6P President Trump made the announcement at the daily Coronavirus press conference in the White House.  The president added that chloroquine has shown, “very, very encouraging results” in treating the coronavirus!  New York Governor Cuomo has agreed to start using the drug in his state immediately! BREAKING: President Trump Announces Chloroquine Will Be Made Available IMMEDIATELY ! – The Pete Santilli Show  GUEST: Zach Vorhies was a Senior Software Engineer at YouTube/Google for 8.5 years.   In June 2019, Zach Vorhies Resigned from Google. He took with him 950+ …


Witch Hunt: ‘The Storm Is Upon Us’ – Forbidden Knowledge TV – INTEL & Video

Witch Hunt: ‘The Storm Is Upon Us’ – Forbidden Knowledge TV – INTEL & Video I just got off the phone with my friend, who’s a retired Marines Special Forces Lieutenant who was just briefed for over an hour by a 3-Star General. What he was told sounds like reports I’ve been seeing on social media that I’ve discounted. I know the following sounds starry-eyed and trite, even. For his part, he told the General that he’d believe it when he saw it – but here goes: The coronavirus was a Globalist ploy that failed and has been hijacked by the Trump Administration to be used as cover to keep people inside and to prevent collateral damage during a military …


Mainstream media taken over by White Hats, DUMBS bombed by Alliance, Vatican Arrest Updates, & more

We are living in very exciting times! Catch all the action of what is going on in the world that is not covered by the Media. The White Hats in the Military took control of the Mainstream Media, DUMBS were bombed by the Alliance, Vatican arrests update, Celebrities that have been arrested under the guise of being positive for Covid-19 and the latest info on GESARA being implemented worldwide.


Jermaine Chavez and Scott Savoy

Jermaine Chavez and Scott Savoy are long time friends of mine who are political analysts and members of the Disclosure Movement. They have a large following, and they asked to interview me. It was their first interview, which honored me to be asked.


Adam Schiff raped a ten year old black boy until he died from drug overdose. JohnHereToHelp Exposes Schiff

I want Schiff to be arrested for the rape and murder of a 10 yr old black male child and then he had chef Anthony Bourdain murdered…this is true and would be 100 gazillion times better than even treason….why? Becasuse many Americans do not care about treason and not even know what that is…but most EVERYONE would not be happy about the rape and murder of a 10 yr old boy and then the murder of Bourdain:::::::::::::: A federal protective witness who testified in many court rooms such as this one alleges that a California congressmember raped a drugged African American male child. 2/16 Schiff The witness is anonymously identified as JohnHereToHelp, and he said in 2017; California Rep. Adam …

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