Crop Circles Contain Blueprints for Free Energy Devices: Alien Message

We already have free energy tech, cures for most diseases. But greed has kept it all stifled.

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FESIG Randy Cramer and Ileana Star Traveler Interview Holographic Medical Pods & SSP

Just a day or 2 before we had this roundtable interview on Wednesday 13th May 2020, Ileana got in touch with Crystal, saying how about getting together to get this interview out. So we did, thanks to honorable Cpt Randy Cramer who made it with short notice, even though his friend’s relative just passed on. As customary, Crystal was looking for a FESIG Meeting date but Illeana requested that this ‘roundtable’ be more private, just the 3 of us to enable more focus without other interferences.
Crystal introduced Cpt Randy Cramer, who spoke at FESIG’s 58th Meeting a year ago and Illeana The Star Traveler, who spoke 2 years ago at FESIG’s 48th Meeting about the Holographic Cellular Regeneration Med Beds. Captain Randy Cramer started off taking from where he left off at FESIG.
Capt Randy, had 20 years of experience with the Secret Space Program, most knowledgeable ‘US Marine Corps Special Service’ officers, the only one given the direct authority through his chain of command to make that knowledge available to the public and civilian government. He said it is his mission to bring the Elysium type of technology for healing humanity. Quoting him, “We should all share in the benefits of the progress of the true mastery we have over the laws of physics, energy generation, propulsion and telecommunications from the SSP.”
Ileana is a Star Traveler and an ET contactee who visits various worlds learning about ET races and helping humanity on their evolutionary path in life. Ileana taps into the Super-consciousness universal field and TRANSMITS the soul records held at the Divine Source. She meticulously use hypnosis to recall her memories of the use of these off-world advance technologies to document them complete with graphics and illustrations she sourced out to substantiate her descriptions in detail, which is most clearly described!
Captain Randy talked about bringing the GDP percentage medical costs down with the Holographic med beds, for a full economic reason as well as the medial reasons too. Illeana talked about the multiple uses of the med pods from Mars, saying it actually had been in used for about 200 yrs and it could even bring people back from the dead as well.
Regarding access to the technology, Cpt Randy said it’ll take about 10-20yrs for the masses. Crystal complained it’s taking too long as we need help now! Randy said it will depend on demand as well and what they cn do with the technology. Funding is also the delaying factor. He then said his superiors are happy with his development of the technology, so long as he keeps applying time and resources with his engineers and chief scientist
Funding should be a civilian support project and certainly NOT a classified military project. Working though the clinics and hospitals should spread accessibility far and wide.
Ileana shared some well researched pictures of the Holographic cellular regeneration med beds and some graphic pictures of soul retrieval and cryogenic tanks in the SSP! Then Cpt Randy talked about what’s going to happen post pandemic, with a sequence of events from the Covert Military Space Program that people will need to pay attention to be prepared for survival. Please watch the whole video for the rest of the disclosure information!
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Anthony Zender – Operation Rainbow 52, Great Awakening, NESARA

Anthony Zender is a Super Soldier who has done multiple 20 year and backs missions in the SSP. He has done work for Us Marines, Kurger, Monarch. He has been on 4,025 missions and been to 162 planets. He was deployed as a black op marine utilizing his ninja abilities for the Illuminati, telekinesis, shape shifting such as hulking out, runner and can time stop time. He is also an inter-dimensional seer, Remote Viewer, Time Traveler to both the future and the past. Today Anthony will be sharing an update about Operation Rainbow 52 in which he helped rescue children being held captive as slaves in underground bases. He will also be sharing some insight about NESARA and its implications for super soldiers.

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Operation Rainbow 52

Black Ops are going into deep military underground bases to rescue children. Lincoln Clay was involved. Two teams of 12 soldiers. The approach looked like a hill. Entrance gate was manned by a regular military guy. The children were in a laboratory type setting, patrolled by A.I. machines. These are silver grey metallic spheres and probably known as Sentinels. They look like spheres 10’x10’ in size white and grey and would glow. Some of the team was killed. But they were probably in clone avatars bodies. The black op team had to keep out of the sentinels  awareness using quantum tunneling and teleportation known as runner abilities. Its basically freezing time. Anthony seems to think that thousands were rescued for this mission. But he only remembers three teenage children in white gowns, seems like an extraction point. On their way out he saw an ultra-soldier guarding the facility about 400 yards away and then they teleported instantly to Anthony and fought with Anthony. He was about 6’5” wearing civilian clothing, but was hulked out. Looked like a WWE wrestler. Anthony doesn’t know why its called Operation Rainbow 52.

Lincoln Clay

Approach by Lincoln Clay to provide confirmation of his status as a super soldier. He is a member of the Illuminati.

Space Force

Anthony remembers being in front of a general in Air force, said he was in Space Force a branch of the air force. Told Anthony that Anthony was part of the secret space program for the air force. Was given orders to go to Hawaii on undercover missions.

Telekinetic abilities

Remembers being in a school, floating things at first, then it gets advanced.

Operation Greenstar

Milabs are military abduction program to make the abductee think they were taken by aliens.

Living as a Mind-Controlled Slave in a Billionnaire’s home. Tony Rodrigues

Living as a Mind-Controlled Slave in a Billionnaire’s Home Part 1
Tony Rodrigues (USA)

Interview date: 8th May 2020

After an MRI, Tony Rodrigues recovered detailed repressed memories of being taken away from his family at 10 years old, and placed involuntarily, in a Trauma-Based Mind Control Program (MK Ultra). Tony talks about being owned by a Billionnaire during that time and how he survived it psychologically.

WARNING: If you are suffering from Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder, some contents of this interview may trigger post trauma symptoms. Therefore, watch with precaution and/or with support in place.

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