UAP/UFO Report My Thoughts on what is coming

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Missing Time, Secret Bases & Memory Retrieval ~ Suzanne Spooner QHHT

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What This Man Says Could Change How You Think!

Emery became active duty in the USAF and was stationed at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas. From there, he went on to surgical tech training at Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls, Texas, and then on to England AFB in the 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing, located in Alexandria Louisiana, where he worked as a surgical technologist and surgical first assist. Subscribe to Dr J Radio Live Channel!…

Sibyria – Realm of Fairies, Elves, and Giants

Written by James Rink and remote viewed by Veronica Bartolini

Veronica and I pass through a portal which looks like a giant crystal ball into the realm of Sibyria as written in gold letters. Over there are fairies, elementals, giants, and Faye that create reality with their minds. They range in size from very tiny child size to giants. They are peaceful, telepathic, they protect and take care of the land. The realm looks like a mixture of tinker bell, maleficent, and dark crystal.

Veronica sees trees, then a school, she sees plant things running around, they are running away from wolves. They are fluffy. She goes into the house which is also a school. There is kitchen, bed rooms, and what looks like a little school. She sees windows. It’s a happy place.

She sees a lady, older, beautiful, she is the teacher. She has curly brown hair and wearing a dress. She is mixing drinks and food for the beings, fruits. She is smiling. She says how are you. I am good. You lived here before. She looks human but she is a gypsy fairy.

Veronica sees herself here. She has curly golden hair, crown of flowers on her hair. She has wings like a butterfly. She looks like a tall skinny kid 5’2”; she has skin tight suits and has wings. She can fly. She can become a mermaid if she chooses. There are trees and water falls everywhere. Clean sky, canyons. Her name is Lyra. Lyra likes to go swimming; she likes to heal with herbs and magic. There are other beings there she can have fun with. There is also a dark entity that can’t get in because they are protected by an invisible purplish web. There are also giants and animals which protect them.

Her message for Veronica is “You ask often times, Lyra, why in your now present life since you were a child you were such an empathic being, you ask why do you cry. That is your super power, empathy. There is this crystal. That is your guidance, your love for humanity, your love for people to be loved. You never give up. That’s why you get sad some times. You pour out your heart. Things are so instant in your mind that you have creator abilities. People keep taking and taking and people don’t want to manifest, they want you to do it for them because they are selfish. It’s okay, keep being you, keep loving, no mater if they make fun of, or give you tears, keep your power in goodness and love.”

I (James) was also in this dimension. I was working with large golden colored rings from a mechanical clock. I was putting these rings together, like a scientist. I had elf ears and was wearing green shorts with a black stripe. I was barefoot and shirtless. My name was Nathaniel Mason.

His message to me was “Nathan means peaceful warrior. Since you were a baby you been very calm peaceful, happy, smart, and help others. You are known here as a doctor, chemist, alchemist, and wizard. You have several books of spells which are used to help others. You have helped Lyra, other children, and the giants using magic and potions. The giants look very ugly as they have to shapeshift in order to protect the realm from other beings that come in to attack. But most of the time giants are beautiful, quiet, and calming.”

Nathan shows Veronica his spell books. The one we looked at was brown, letters were black. The letters were written with a quill pen and they looked curly, cursive, and backwards. She sees some of the letters and they look backwards lowercase like d and l. We think this is the “Break the Spell of Delirium”.  Delirium is a state that they take beings like you and I, and make you float in your brain to make you forget and erase things. Short loops are brought upon you to make you forget. To make you in a state of sadness, depression, and hopeless. Both you and Lyra in past lifetimes have been able to click yourself out of it. You are working on those memories to take back time. Returning to a state of non-delirium. State of clearness. There are certain groups that work together to keep you in a place of delirium. Your job is to find the lock code to unlock the combination lock, it has similar to 333 HZ. Need to listen to that when we go to sleep or meditate to provide us protection.

So then I bring up Elrod. I was told by a medium years ago there was an elf named Elrod who was guiding me. Veronica confirmed he was also in this realm. He is a wood elf, protector of the woods and the trees. We all knew each other. He knows me. He is older looking. He is my uncle. He says I’m a knucklehead. He is following me into this dimension to keep me from trusting everybody because James has a good heart. You must remember to eat, take care of myself, sometimes your work is keeping you from eating. Please take care of your health. And thank you for drinking. Keep trying to help restore your health.

His message to us is “The goal is unity. You must become childlike in your path in life. You can always return and appreciate the easiness of life, and the peace you can feel in your heart. You may feel lonely most of the time, but you can visit us. You are always learning; that’s what keeps you young. Your curiosity. There are those who are jealous. They cannot find inner peace; they want what you have. They are even jealous of the waterfalls because the water is so clear and refreshing and gives life to all here. You are creators in this world. When you play and splash with the water it makes you joyful.”

Elrod is here in my current life to help me make better the tesla coil. This is a design I worked on years before tesla did. They are jealous, because only you have to power to unlock the warrior spirit god and king. You must get rid of those who try to bring you down. To make you feel bad. Because you are opposite of that. Go for the theme park idea. Veronica and others from this realm will help. His last message is “close your eyes and your always here. Don’t ever grow up.”

Operation Highjump: ETs in Antarctica (TRAILER – REVISED)

This is the trailer for the full length documentary that is available at This 2-part remote-viewing documentary conducted at Farsight revises the mainstream historical account of Project Highjump led by Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Jr. Operation High Jump Part 1: The Base ⦁ Introduction – 0:00 ⦁ Kahmia Dunson session Target 1 – 8:52 ⦁ Aziz Brown session Target 1 – 24:52 ⦁ PrinCess Jeaneé session Target 1 – 1:11:09 ⦁ Melena Hall Session Target 1 – 1:35:30 ⦁ Trudy Benjamin – 1:45:49 ⦁ Target 1 re-cap – 2:10:44 Operation High Jump Part 2: The Battle ⦁ Kahmia Dunson session Target 2 – 1:17 ⦁ Aziz Brown session Target 2 – 20:30 ⦁ PrinCess Jeaneé session Target 2 – 1:01:26 ⦁ Melena Hall session Target 2 – 1:24:08 ⦁ Trudy Benjamin session Target 2 – 1:35:09 ⦁ Concluding remarks – 1:59:23