James what do you think?


You seem to be the same to me. I don’t see it. You’re in the public, bound to get attacked. Now, Michael Prince, he’s different, whether that’s an alter or a clone. Wow, Max Spiers looks so much like a Bush. He even has Bush, Jr.’s mannerisms. I watched the new project camelot interview with michael and max 3 times and could not get thru it without falling asleep, yet I watched Erin Green Hicks from beginning to end. Now watching Melinda Leslie. Audio was messed up with Michael and Max.


Your right about spires he looks like bush a bit. About the recent interview with project camelot I filmed it but did not edit it and was a bit dissapointed to see the final product. A for the FWH I like to find out these people who claim I changed, if anything it was a bit of a chuckle. Don’t forget to see this one too.

Proof of James Rink Clone with Vegas Hookers