Sunday, June 23, 2024

3rd Mission to Atlantic Space Ark – JP Update

JP is currently serving with the US Army and on May 20, 2022, completed his 3rd covert mission to a space ark submerged at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. In this Exopolitics Today interview JP discusses what he and other members from a mixed team of 20 military and scientific personnel encountered in the space ark located somewhere in the Bermuda triangle region. JP discusses the powerful electromagnetic pulses that the space ark generates from time to time when it activates, and how this may explain the decades long Bermuda Triangle mystery. He explains a training area inside the ark involving a series of connected rooms that have different degrees of weightlessness. JP also revealed star charts hidden in the mysterious hieroglyphs found throughout the ark.He also describes celestial music and songs emanating from the ark walls that generate feelings of bliss and peacefulness. For a list of earlier missions to the Atlantic Space Ark and to an ark on the Moon, and classified mission to ancient extraterrestrial ruins on Ganymede visit… Many thanks to Angelika Whitecliff for editing the audio portion of this video.


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