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A clue was give…

A clue was given to me in 2008 by Sanni Ceto, she is a grey extraterrestrial hybrid who claims to have been one of the aliens who died in the crash of Roswell in a past life. She wrote me back saying a multiple of things about Nathan and me.

 “Dear James

Nathan was infiltrated by government conditioning and his mind was altered by their programming. They used Draconian mind erasure programs on him which is why he was acting like he did not know you. Draconian Lizards are very aggressive and since he was connected to their government black ops he was an easy target. Greys aren’t used as super warriors because they are small and weak physically. Lizards are the opposite they are very strong and aggressive and much better suited as warriors.

The M.I.B.’s or men in black aren’t really men their androids who are created and programmed by the black ops which is connected to the shadow government. It was the programmers of these M.I.B.’s that did that to your friend Nathan. His soul can be returned to its body when if he can break free of their programing.

The embryos in the glass containers found in his basement were created from his sperm and mixed with test subjects. A few where taken from his girlfriend in the genetic testing he was forced to participate in.

Love Commander Sanni”

 Sanni why I don’t remember anything?

“My people are small and not physically strong like humans and without technology to protect us we are defenseless against humans. We visit you out of curiosity to understand how humans treat others on their planet. Not everyone will see these ships as you have to vibrate at its frequency to see it. The reason the star people don’t let you have your memories is because they feel that you’re not ready to accept them for one, and they are afraid the memories might cause you more harm.”


I then told her how I suffer from fatigue, autoimmunity, constant needle marks and implants, and a brain injury in my left temporal lobe.

“My people and the council of light never do evil things like abducting people or giving them needle marks. The triangle shaped scab isn’t from my council and it’s not greys its reptoids disguised as greys that are poking you. They used many things on your mind to destroy your brain. This is all covert government doing this to you. They are doing genetic research, using you as a test subject.

Covert Government is taking DNA from all people whom have reptoid DNA as those are being used to create super clones of soulless warriors whom will be super fighters unable to feel remorse or any pain from their ugly duties. Cloned humans lack a sole as well as compassion for others. You’re connected to the reptoids as they take all these samples from their hybrids to make clones of them.”

 So am I a reptilian hybrid? Have you seen what I look like before?


“Yes I’ve seen u on the ship.


Most reptoids aren’t benevolent and want to hurt and use people for their selfish gains as there ruled by there over inflated egos and animal ways. But you’re of the benevolent species. Your clothes transform into a uniform when you shape shift and you grow to be about 8 to 9 ft tall in your true form. But only when you are on their ship, while on earth your frequencies aren’t high enough to allow you to shape shift.


Your star name is Travik, on the ships you are strong, muscular, and not sickly. In space most people don’t have a last name as on earth, as the last name denotes that you’re owned by someone. My last name means strong or great one in my Kebben language.“

Can you heal me?

“My psychic abilities are natural and it’s from my gray heritage where I get these gifts. They put implants in you to track you and to monitor your body functions as people on earth do to animals to study them. You must learn to work to use your ability’s as they are mostly dormant awaiting you to utilize them.

To burn your implants focus your third eye and heart chakra unto where they are located and send a powerful white light to envelope the implant and visualize it burning up dissolving into nothing. To protect your self-visualize your DNA covered by a red hot energy that burns those not authorized to touch or take samples of it. To try to block them from attacking you project love energy into them as this should repel them.”

Do you know how they activate me?

“This code is connected to the mkultra program as I to got a code that is typed on a typewriter keys sound in my head this is a form of how thy control you by giving you subliminal commands to make sure that you are compliant to their programming. I am sensing this phrase has to do with be strong or love one another.

Sanni why don’t people believe us?

“Dear James

Don’t let these idiots tell you how to use your mind. These people refuse to listen due to their fears and prejudices that their veil an conditioning has created for them. I am here to give your truth and if they don’t want to listen with an open mind then there a lost cause.

Namaste Commander Sanni”


At this point Sanni cut off contact with me and refused to answer any more of my questions. One of her friends informed me she is really frightened of super soldiers as the covert government abused her so badly as a child. Because part of me is still actively being used she felt it was safer to just keep her distance.


Now I never had eyes turn into slits or shape shifted before but I do have a strange claw like toe nail. So this was pretty much when I first realized I was living out a double life as a reptilian hybrid and a super soldier. Heck I thought I was a pleaidian star seed due to my blue eyes and blonde hair as a child. 


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