Wednesday, May 29, 2024

A Fresh Report on Milabs

There is a coming embargo beginning in the Pacific. The cook Islands are having an emergence summit. Hillary Clinton will be there this week to try and talk the Inland nations to stay with US interest she is worried. China wants to put a war ship naval base in Fiji as well as looking at Tonga as well with preparations of a possible base there. Inroads have been taken between China and the Cook Islands work together. China has loaned some of these nations up to 700 million as well as filled the vacuum regarding being a major power for this region this does not include aid money which is millions. Japan also has an interest since Japan and China no longer trade in US money which mean this will be joint.

How ever the Island nations are happy to go it alone with China. How will this effect US interests. There will be a Chinese/Japan navel based all away from Fiji to as far as American Samoa. US war ships will not be able to go south let alone visit Australia, NZ and Antarctica of caurse this will be by confenditional means. As you know there are two world one of the conventional world and one of the hidden world we live in. And with this in mind China/Japan and the rest of Asia and Russia has their own high tech NOW which means whens braces are set up any ship flying from the US via to Australia and NZ and Antarctica will be intercepted. So no matter the spaced based ships there will be a new power broker here that will block US space command based infrastructure and logistics here in the Pacific.

So what will the outcome be. The whole purpose is to block the US using shipping routes to Australia, NZ and Antarctica as well as controlling the economic zones it will be done on purpose. The US has renewed and concentrated there focus on the Pacific but this will be now drafted by China/Japan and Asia With Russia not far behind. It also mean Asian NZ will be isolated form the US. And will be blockade by a new power broker here. There will be a strong Chinese, Japan and Asian warships visiting the harbors here.

If the US thinks that they can go south via south America they will be blockaded there as well due to MERSA and a joint military arm of south America which is fully backed by the EU. This is why the US is very worried and why Hillary is going to the cook Islands to try and talk things over with the nations there. But  will be for nothing.

James for this region alone this is not the full Embargo this is just simulation or a start run of things to come. The only way for a continued operations to and throw to braces down here will be continued space based ships for the short term and teleportation via star gates otherwise conventional methods will be compromised in the future. So as I have said anything that happens in world events does effect MILABS in the long term. So what will happen with MILABS in this part of the world. They will continue as of normal but things will be stressed by the players that control this part of the world due to China/ Japan and Asia and Russia now coming into the act very strongly. The whole desire coming from China backed by Japan and Russia and Asia is the full control of the Pacific and Oceania and Antarctica. The old Russian shipping ways for this part of the world will be reopened again as well.

Two weeks ago a space based ship went down in Fiji it crashed just near a coast line near to the land. The media was blocked and things were kept quiet. China has open relations with Fiji so any ship going down there China will be there to secure that area since China is working hand with hand with Fiji the US is not welcomed to intervene.

For MILABS in general in this part of the world and the western part of the states, Guam and American Samoa and Hawaii this is a strong warning to be watchful of what is happening in your own back yard on the world stage. The places I have mentioned has large bases there in network including Antarctica, Australian, new Caledonia and French territory’s. Because at the end of the day you’re on your own so whatever skills you have learnt or adapted to under trauma based controls programs and whatever up bodied updates technologies you may have will come into play in the future for survival.

Because under the strong arm of China and Japan with Asian, and Russian backing in this part of the world what you have gone through in the MILABS is child’s play compared to if they were to get a hold of you when things appear to go pear shaped. More so for Australia and NZ and Guam. The US is on its way out down here and the power void has just been filled by China. And it is cutting at the US big time forcing the US to shrink back to its mainland boarders for this part of the world. This has happened surprisingly very fast for this part of the world. The next stage will be the bases being built very soon to make way for the war ship fleets down here this is also why china’s new air craft carrier were so on display for the US to see. China had planned that the Pacific will be its back yard and it was a warning to the US that it will be seeing a lot of these type carriers which of course will be used and in operation in and based around the pacific together with Japans joint navel backing.

Japan has some very old scores to settle down here so it will be the spear head that China will use to its advantage. Hope this will be of some help to some people more so for MILABS in general. Stay focused and watch.



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