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A message from James Casbolt AKA Michael Prince

Please note i do not endorse or condole satanism but thought this information was important to read so that you can decide what to believe.

A message from James Casbolt AKA Michael Prince

So this is roughly how it works- You need an understanding of the psychological condition known as MPD ( Multiple Personality Disorder ) or more commonly known as DID ( Dissociative Identity Disorder ). Closely connected to the pedophile ring at Denefield School that we were victims of. Also the incest ring in Reading at the time. So you are a child and an adult comes in the room and starts to sexually interact with you. Most commonly the child will focus on a spot on the wall or an object in the room such as a light. When a situation gets intense the automatic response is to go into a trance. As the sexual experience continues the shock will often make the child feel like they are passing out and disappearing into the wall or the light they are focused on. What is actually happening is primitive parts of the brain are being activated. ‘Sarah’ may pass out and another personality let’s call her ‘Jane’ may take over the body to deal with the experience. When the adult leaves the room Sarah wakes up again but their is an amnesiac barrier between the Sarah and Jane personalities. Sarah is unaware of the Jane personality that has been created and Sarah is now suffering from amnesia and is unaware she is a part of a pedophile/incest ring. A sophisticated hypnotist can now bring the Jane personality forward at any time with post hypnotic triggers and have Jane get a job as a teacher or social worker. Jane is now engaged in programmed a new generation of children through sexual activity with Sarah being unaware of it.

This program is being carried out by specialised doctors who are actively engaged in a social engineering program to shape the direction of a whole generation of soldiers, artists, porn-stars, politicians etc. I have seen file information on several people i am friends with here, who I know to be actively engaged in the program. Not least one man who recently moved from St Ives to America with a symbol of the CIA monarch butterfly tattoed on his chest who the CIA have programmed to take on a John Lennon persona and paired him up with a Yoko Ono lookalike who is a CIA agent. A continuation of the CIA San Francisco/Haight Ashbury social engineering program of the 60’s. This man is a talented artist.

Anyone who has delved into this dark area knows the Beatles songs were a coded matrix of British Intelligence/Tavistock Institute hypnotic triggers. The Manson family murders were triggered themselves by Beatles lyrics. The song ‘Hello, hello’ is a description of a person who has underdone sexual programming switching from one personality to another.


So the subconscious mind takes orders from the conscious mind. All the hypnotist is doing is putting the conscious mind to sleep. Now his verbal commands act as a substitute for the conscious mind and he is able to take control of the subjects body. You can put the conscious mind to sleep with drugs, trauma and many other things. To give you one example of a case to close to home, a young CIA programmed sex slave travelled from San Franscico to England and was denied entry into the UK as part of an agency sting operation. As she boarded the plane back to the US she was told the by an air hostess that one of the guys at the departure desk thought she was cute and has upgraded her seat. She was taken into business class and sat in the middle of a group of men travelling together to Nevada. They offered her drugged candy but one of the men attempted to trigger her too early before the drugs had taken effect and said “leave your body” too early. The young woman replied “leave my body?” confused and the brain hacking agent recovered with “no I said can I eat your pudding” as a meal has been served ( a classic NLP method to make one word or sentence sound like another ). When the drugs kicked in they triggered her alternative personality, had her give them all blow-jobs in the private area of the plane the put her to sleep afterwards. She woke up and one of the men said “did you have a good sleep?”. The young woman didn’t remember a thing about what had just happened.

I bet some of you guy are thinking i wish I had that power. It can be learnt it just takes balls to pull it off. One brain hacker showed me a technique of saying a blatantly sexually offensive remark in a friendly way and short circuited the woman’s conscious mind temporarily. The intensity of the statement makes her primal subconscious mind take over and she goes along with the conversation. After that you can take it further. My friend and I were in whole foods and he spotted a little cute blond cashier. He told me to watch closely as we checked out as he told me he was going to take control of her sexually. She was wearing a lot of badges on her blouse and he says “You’ve got a lot of badges on”. She just giggled and then he goes “you better watch out you don’t pierce those little udders” and as copying her body language and looking right into her eyes. That was enough and she goes “I sometimes catch my skin in them when I take my top off” and “I haven’t got those ( udders ) pierced yet”. Then she starts telling him about all her other body piercing then they start talking about her vagina and how she might be interested in having that pierced. There was a line full of people and he is making it seem like the most natural conversation in the world. We walked away and she is looking confused, scratching her head with a look like “what the fuck just happened there”.

It’s a Satanic principle that no such as free will exists. The majority are sheep with wolves that walk among them. The strong rule the weak and we are just animals. You see you’ve all been indoctrinated with equality and indiscrimate love. Again the program started in the 60’s in San Francisco. The tiger would not survive if he loved the other animals in the jungle.

Satanism 101- Religion of leaders. The strong rule the weak. There is no divine judgement, if you can get away with something why not do it. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

First family of Satanism. Great interview with San Francisco Satanists. Anton LeVey’s daughter and Nikolos Shreck founder of the Werewolf Order named after the German Nazi division.


And herein lays the secret of deprogramming MK ULTRA style programming and remembering what has happened to you. I spoke to an ex marine at a conference and was told the reason you can’t remember or communicate with the other personalities and get at those suppressed memories is because they are scared of ceasing to exist inside the mind. However the brutal animalistic personalities are more real than the ‘good’ ‘kind’ front personality we present to the world. Everything is reversed and upside down. You need to erase your good, kind side and embrace hate and darkness. Only then can you be free. Everyone in the mind control deprogramming community is going about it backwards, they are attempting to erase the real personalities and strengthen the fake personalities. To make the first bet you need to decide on a book. For examplemaker casino Different ratings will help you make the right choice. Then you need to register and deposit funds to the account. After that, you can decide on the event of interest and make a bet.. Again social engineering by the controllers of that movement to stop people remembering. What did Crowley say? Something about give me rape and murder as long as its pure. Get involved in blood ritual by whatever means, so many ways nowadays you could join the military. Get involved in sexual perversion, swinging etc, rent your wife out as a prostitute whatever. I say hail murder!

Satanism is a religion for the elite, it’s not for everyone. Why do you want to save everyone? The world is overpopulated with talking monkies bumping into me everywhere I go with not enough space. How do you expect to help the diseased, the homeless? Colonise other worlds and spread their infection there? Nowhere in nature does a stronger species give charity to a weaker species. IE- A stronger species of bird will not help out a weaker diseased dying species of bird. Nature will find a way to cull that species so they become extinct as quickly as possible. Nature supports the strong and eradicates the weak. Extermination is good. The homeless in America will eventually be rounded up, put in camps and shot. Blacks will start to become extinct in the inner cities through similar methods. Extermination processing centres have already been set up in America for homosexuals etc.

There is no such thing as a soul. When you die and your body rots, the end. The horrific truth which none can except is that equality and love is the biggest lie that has been pushed on you. Through involvement through the Jesuits and security arm of catholic church I discovered the idea of soul was made up by that organization to control the masses. The horrific truth is most will cease to exist while others will have physical life extended indefinitely through cyrogenics, life-extension, and AI singularity through the movement.

In my recent interviews I talked about the connection with American serial killers and the military. Jeffrey Dahmer was himself trained at Ft Sam TX where I was stationed before being unleashed on the American public. Nikolas Schrek did a great interview with Charles Manson in prison. Shreck believed Manson had an important message that was missed by most and wrote a book about him. In my recent interviews I talked about the Nazi 4th Reich in control of America responsible for the all the mass shooting and terrorist events happened on a monthly basis here now, shaping a new society in America and bringing a new order out of chaos. I talked about the race war in America and the Nazi SS Lebensborn program of polygamy and multiple wives used as breeders. Manson called the race war ‘Helter Skelter’ from the Beatles song and engaged in polygamy with his cult in California. I have just taken a trip to San Francisco and was able to study the 1960’s CIA social engineering hippy program of free love in the Haight Ashbury district. What I learnt was very illuminating. Amongst many other things I leant that Manson was programmed and brainwashed for social engineering at China Lake Naval base in the Califirnian Death Valley. I also spent time at the Armoury porn studios on Mission Street which is a CIA lab for social engineering and bumped into legendary porn star Audrey Hollander. I also met film-maker Oliver Stone’s son Sean Stone for lunch in Beverly Hills and we discussed San Francisco and Haight Ashbury as well as many other fascinating topics. Interesting how the porn stars at the Armoury calls themselves ‘non-civilians’

Manson believed he would spark the Helter Skelter race war by creating a musical album that would instruct the ‘Young-Love’ ( America’s white youth ) to leave San Francisco and join his family at the families base in Myers Ranch near California’s Death Valley.

The album would draw the young female white hippies out of Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco. Black men would be deprived of white women in the area, which the communist equality political changes had made available to them in the 1960’s. Without an outlet for their frustrations, the black men would lash out in violent crimes against whites left in the area and Helter Skelter would be sparked in Haight-Ashbury.In the holocaust the members of the Manson family planned to hide out in a secret underground city below Death Valley-China Lake Naval Base.

They would emerge after the war and take complete control of the area. Months before the Tate/Labianca murders, the family made plans to travel from LA to Death Valley when the violence arrived. They plotted a route that would get them to the desert safely and avoid highways. Manson was convinced the song Helter Skelter contained a code of the route they should follow. Manson interpreted the coded CIA and British Intelligence subliminal messages in the Beatles songs as follows-

Blackbird/ lyrics: blackbird singing in the dead of night/ take these broken wings and learn to fly/ All your life/ You were only waiting for this moment to arise. Meaning: the black man is about to arise and overthrow the white man. The Beatles are programming blacks to rise. With whites becoming a minority in the US, Black on white crime out of control and a black president, could this have happened? Manson believed the black Muslims and Panthers of the time would spark this. McCartney later explained the song was about racial struggle in the US.

Nikolas Shrek wrote a book about Manson entitled ‘The Manson Files- the myth and reality of an outlaw shaman’. I’ll post a great interview Schrek did with Charles Manson in a minute.



Padded cell on my recent visit to the Armoury porn studios. Hospital and medical themes filmed here

House rules at 1) slave uses sir or ma’am until told otherwise 2) slave eyes to the front at all times 3) slave assumes position of attention when not in use.


‘Medical’ examination room at porn studios

Image porn studio


Ultimate Surrender porn studio at the armoury in San Francisco. Naked female wrestlers fight in the centre and the winner gets to do the loser with a strap-on.


  1. Casbolt aka Princes talks about knowing Jeffrey Dahmer. In the late 80s I worked in the city and it would take at least an hour to get home from work.

    I would use that time to listen to The Lord and pray. One day there was a pickup truck in front of me and it had 55 gallon drums on it. The Lord started speaking to me and said there is a man killing people and dismembering them and putting them in drums like that. Pray that he be exposed. I prayed that and forgot about it.

    With 3 day to a week Jeffrey Dahmer’s face was all over the news. That made me sick. I worked in a place with white women and women from South America, and at lunch time they laughed and made fun of the people that got killed and eaten by Jeffrey Dahmer. I told them, if it was your family member he did it to you would not be laughing. They never brought it up again.

  2. to james casbolt
    i’m 11yrs off hypnosis.
    the movie with hugh grant as prime minister the back story was the brother in a mental place. it showed tiny balls of light.
    those tiny balls of light are able to put any image in your head.
    they have to be computer generated as they seem to know future data not emotions but data.
    so if you put things on youtube the web over your life that is the images that they will show.
    i am not involving myself or re-entering my programmed past but the story of squid man i realised i should contact you to clear the lies.
    yeah you got played i was in cornwall at that time.
    there’s no octipy man.
    the putting your soul in a box and being cloned no that’s brainwashing to control.
    nobody is a clone.
    it’s all tricks.
    we are like battery’s to them and they feed off our energy negative is the quickest to obtain.
    i wrote a funny story about mind control and most my images were connected to that once i realised the reptiles and remembering the light balls and the tricks upon tricks if i was a tiny light ball that needed fast energy i’d take a reptile image too. that same light ball cannot touch you as we are moisture. keep water handy. keep calm too once you are on that level of nerves too easy to play with.
    think logically why do most victims talk about actors and very similar movie scenes yet to be released.
    you can go to canada nobody is going to try and take you back to the mothership for all of this is underground characters infact canada is probably one of the safest places to go to.
    light balls do not like snow.
    good luck.

  3. To James Casbolt.
    I’m sorry you have to destroy the good person to save yourself. I was thinking maybe reintegration of the self… I am one person, I am of one mind, I am one whole soul… etc.. Would help with that as well as facing the demon in us. I know your telling the truth, it’s just so sad that it’s all come to this. Keep fighting the good fight, even, if it’s in yourself. 13 Love.

    • Well that may be difficult since he was jailed for 12 years for blackmailing his ex wife, who he used to beat up, by putting private sex videos of her online. The judge ruled he was a fantasist and liar not a super soldier. He also threatened two other women, the man is just a criminal who pretended to be something special for the attention.

      • First of all it wasn’t sex videos, please check the facts first, this is dangerous spreading false rumours!
        When he joined the US Army he was away from his wife and she sent him. Asked photos which he admittedly posted because he felt used, as soon as his ex wife now, had his baby her billionaire Jewish family were done with James Casbolt. WE should all know by now what the media states is not necessary the truth. If James is a fantasist then how did he marry into one of the richest Jewish families in the USA? How did be get into the US Army, of he has a criminal record how did he even vet into the USA? Yes a few ladies stated he harrassd them by text, well he was sentenced to 12 years , which everyone thinks is fishy such a long sentence, he didn’t blackmail his wife, he was promised to always be looked after by her family in the USA but they threw him out, can you imagine being in a different country with no friend’s? He was wound up and we t a threatening text he admitted all the this and explained his reasons, but he never touched his ex wife but you carry on spreading false rumours be very careful, we are not to bare false witness…..
        HIS SENTENCE confirmed to me he is truthful for most part, not sure all is what he claims is true but the powers that be wanted him locked up and I have tried to find the prison he is in and so far a dead end…..

    • After review of the M.prince interview alot of long asked questions where answered about my own life.I must speak to Mr.prince A.S.A.P.

      • Mr. Black just as you I found my own awakening. I’ve watched many interviews of him an his time, dates, an names of past an future events was mind blowing. He just couldn’t make all this up. We are taught as growing up not to ask questions just believe the bible an were ok but that wasn’t good enough for me it still wasn’t answering my questions an beliefs. Now it’s like I have answers and won’t more

  4. It seems James/Michael hasn’t learned from the sharing of Svali (ex Illuminati high level mind control programmer) how to properly deprogram and be integrated into good wholeness. Svali’s story should be required reading. Hopefully Brice Taylor and Cathy O’Brien at some point were able to use Svali’s info

  5. I read as far as the, “Nowhere in nature…” bit. And, I have seen footage of Earth animals giving charity. Fuck, the natives helped every alien invasion as far back as memory, it is the nature of this place. It is no longer the nature of said aliens, at least most, to feel anything near true mercy. That’s why war exists. They are acting as aspects of a fragmented soul, aka mpd, fighting for existence when they are not actually “real”. The disease they create is a reflection of they’re own existence as…whatever they are, forgotten dead cells sloughed off a severe denial case. Anyway, the point is, “When in Rome…”
    When my race came here we fucked everything up, or at least most of us did. That’s why we keep going through this shit just to get a fucking body and emit some real soul vibration from the core of creative essence, who knows us very well, if we know ourselves. When in Rome do as the Romans. When on Earth do as the earthlings. Right? It’s present time medicine, if you have the guts. The problem is, that’s not what happened. Slavery happened. This happened, this being just another cage, just another war, just like what made us want to leave our original home in the first place. Now I hear the bastards want Eden back? They can’t get it by taking it. Like the eyes of the Oracle, it can only be given. And yes, we are still here ?

  6. I am another. The “ants” program is a subset of MKUltra and monarch programming. The “ants” were designed to resist the programming as a fail-safe to prevent the psychological programming from going too far.

    As far as I am aware, I am the last of the survivors in that “ants” program.

    Ants is a reference to the seemingly magic telepathy that occurs between physical ants (insects) and their human counterparts. It is a technology. It is not magic.

    I can answer any and all questions.

  7. I believe he is the real deal. His knowledge of past an future events are way deep. His knowledge of space, ufo’s, time travel, port holes, the rothchild’s, an the level of dimensions an how the reptilian’s dissent here . He talks about pyramids an how they colonized on Atlantis an due to the wormhole break other aliens had to desend here. As time went on War broke out among them an the reptilian’s dropped Atlantis an are now living under it. That’s some way advanced technology back millions of years ago . My belief is that michael prince is of the true blue blood line himself an has been here for thousands of years recloned an this should scare the holy shit out of us..

    • Well unfortunately you got him wrong. He is a fantasist, wife beater and criminal who is serving 12 years in jail for trying to blackmail his ex wife’s family for £2 million.

      • Just watched his latest on he may go to jail..If he does go it’s for other reasons than what he lets on ..He is a made man , a high ranking soldier with the elite bloodline .. So if he lands in jail it’s probably for him to teach An train other’s for these FEMA CAMP’S.

      • Do tell ,, why would you not be ? A person of his knowledge on everything to Adam an not eve but Lily was the woman an there was 5 made . He has so much in depth knowledge of the past to so much in depth knowing of future. To the reptilians to mars , wormholes, time travel, underground train they travel to mars . Bush ranch is actually on top of three major underground tunnels, how they clone PEOPLE to the ROTHCHILD’s how they are vampires an feed on young flesh , kids , pedophile’ s an on an on . I know so much more he has talked about it would be impossible for him to fake this shit ..

      • no name, I agree with you about the cloning, aliens, weird geometrical shapes. Mostly those seem to happen when you are pumped up with hallucinogens prior to seeing odd things like strange geometrical shapes, reptilians, etc.

        As for the tiny balls of light, my personal experience with them leads me to believe that they are very real and seem sentient. I know this for a fact, because they appeared on two occasions and my cats saw them and tried to catch them. One actually managed to eat one. The first time, my cat woke me up because she was hopping around on my bed and meowing. I woke up and saw her trying to catch something. I thought I was hallucinating or dreaming, so I had to stay awake and observe. I saw the glowing ball of light about the size of a pencil eraser. It was so odd that I watched as it flitted around above my bed as my cat tried to catch it. I put my glasses on and I saw it more clearly. The light was a pulsating light. Then, it left the bed and led my cat out of my bedroom. She was all hyper and meowing trying to catch it. I had to follow her. She headed toward the bathroom. I saw the lightball in there. I turned the light on thinking that I wouldn’t see it anymore and that I was just hallucinating. That lightball was still there! Pulsating and flitting around close to the floor like it was deliberately teasing my poor cat!!! I just sat there and looked in disbelief at this strange thing that got my cat so worked up! Unfortunately, I didn’t own a camera because I was dead broke. I never saw anything like that before in my life! It had no body. It wasn’t a firefly. I’ve seen millions of fireflies since I grew up in the Midwest. This was no firefly. It was just a tiny ball of pulsating light.

        Another odd thing is that prior to this incident, I was woken up by a huge flash of light and the sound of one of those old fashioned cameras that make that “poof” sound. My cat was sleeping next to me on her back. When I woke up, I went to pet her and a patch of her hair was cut from her abdomen! It looked so clean and precise on her belly. I had a bruise on the front of my thigh and a doll on my nightstand next to my bed had a matching bruise on the front of her thigh!!! WTF??? That creeped me out so bad. Needless to say, my poor kitty died about 2 years later of stomach cancer! Scumbags!

        The next encounter with the glowing balls happened after I was approached by an operative co-worker who threatened me earlier for bad-mouthing the government. These were his words to another co-worker concerning me: “You don’t mess with the government.” Shortly after, those scum set up shop at a house caddy corner to mine. Who knows? They probably were there all along. I could see the house from my kitchen window. My computer was in the family room next to the kitchen. One night, I went to the back patio to have a smoke and there was that operative that approached me. Unfortunately, I was self-medicating with alcohol. He invited me over to that house. That house was set up strangely. The bathroom had a strange nautical décor with that round thing with the spokes that steer it. I don’t know what it’s called, sorry, I am not a sailor. Anyway, he proceeded to offer me weed and then a girl and a guy came into the picture and he weaved this weird romantic triangle b.s. He tried to pass off the guy as one of my friends. He gave me more drugs and I got all upset and was crying. He then gave me a drink and said something along the lines of, “Here, this is cyanide. Drink this and kill yourself.” I drank it. Things got way worse and out of control. They also led me to some creep website. (Probably CIA controlled). This website was called something that includes the word “light”. I can’t remember right now what the full name is. Since I had no curtains in my kitchen window, they were able to instruct me through that crap site to focus on the dot that was projected into my home and into my brain to trigger a trance. All hell broke loose in my brain. I felt like I was tripping on acid.

        I saw visions of utter destruction at the hands of those scumbags. They were herding humans like cattle, butchering them and eating them. They were putting people in pods. They were inciting sheer violence, mayhem and bloody murder. They butchered me and roasted my flesh and bones on an open fire. It was so disgusting and painful. They drank my blood as well. They did this to others as well. They were so sick and orgasmic at the bloody slaughter and cannibalism. It’s like a disgusting sexual ritual for them. They were raping people to death in the most hideous ways. When, I removed the carpet from my bedroom of the house they planted me in, there was a giant blood stain on the concrete and weird writings on the floor.

        I wasn’t put there by accident. I am pissed off. My Mom, Dad, Sister and I are victims of those evil beasts. My father is a Vietnam Veteran and I don’t want to believe that his nature is evil. I think that his poor soul was conditioned at a young age (he drove the hearse ambulance that collected dead car crash victims). He was a target and experimental subject from the beginning. He was born in Rushtown, OH which is very close to Wright-Patterson AFB. He and my 2nd cousin both admittedly worked their and my 2nd cousin admitted that yes, there are alien bodies there. My dad had some weird special clearance that he won’t divulge in detail. He had that since Vietnam. He was a computer instructor. He had access to all the latest technology. We had a home computer in 1976. All the fellow MKULTRA kids in the experimental town were in awe of such advanced technology. (I know damn well this town was experimental. It was touted as the best place to live back then.)

  8. But why does he go into the porn part of it all? Thats through the illuminati too??? Do they keep you as sex slaves once you find a lead into the business?


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