Tuesday, July 23, 2024

A message to Milab Survivors.

From Anon.

Yeaps they are mad James I have had more implant put into me so I must be doing something right and they cannot seem to control me all to well.

What can we do to really piss them off I think of that every day of what I can do or what we can do and every night there is not a moment that goes by where I am not thinking of it. That is how much I hate what they do and what they are doing 24/7. I hate all the implants in me and all the upgrades that I have. I hate having my ability’s being used for evil because before they came along with the ability’s I seldom used them anyhow.  I hate the fact that they have cloned family and friend some long dead. I hate what they represent and I hate there cultism rubbish that are into to get further power that is not lasting. I hate there technologies, and generals and the people that make a killing at what they do I cannot stand them. There is no place in this universe deep enough to hold them all both them and there alien and fallen entries.

But you know James we are not bad people. My life is not perfect and do things that are sometimes upside down well most of the time. But thing is you know that you are doing good when you are doing the right thing in going on you tube, interviewing individuals, Getting information out there. Using your cube that is doing a world of good for you and many people using it. And they hate that most of all and good so they should because it is not of evil like them.

You have to remember that when you look at it this dark cabal and all those that have destroyed our lives and countless others are the opposite of all that is great and good in this world and they know it and are proud of their evil. So to this course we are a thorn in there side even though they are using us for all there rubbish that they seem unable to do on their own. We are in fact there biggest thorn James and there hatred for humans beings are often put aside because they are having to dealing with us 24/7 funny that.

The best thing we can do is do what we are doing but more and more of it. In other words up the anti-further even more so and I am always an email away. This means triple what you are doing and man they will piss them off James it will and that goes for me as well. Use that cube James more than what you normally do it seems to Lupe them and makes them work very hard. Do more interviews get a whole lot of us together in interviews and they will go for a spin in their heads.

Most important put out more on where they are going and how it affects others where it is all leading too somehow in certain areas and what they hope to accomplish that really throws them it is unexpected.

Show where they get there true powers from and that it is not lasting and what that is all about. All show that happens when one of them they pass away that is it there no life for them after no reward no nothing. They hate that most of all because when after they do all there occult craft practices combine with technologies there is no reward what so ever for them on a personal level. I call it the occult of dead men’s bones. This is a lot to think about. But it all helps.


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