Thursday, June 20, 2024

A Piece of Milab life – Anonymous


Note with permission from the original author I have decided to republish this article. – James Rink

“Now sitting here in front of the computer I am flooded with questions and doubts… I don’t know if the person that this information is intended for will ever read this, I don’t know if I’m just crazy or if this is all real. I don’t know if writing this will be of any good to anyone. This is a piece of my life.

The easier part was deciding to write and get this off my chest, now the hard part is what to write. Should I write it all, should I just write about what I remember… I am a very logical person and this journey has been anything but that and my decision to get this information out there I guess is mostly to get any validation that I’m not crazy. That worries me a lot, all of this sounds crazy and delusional. I guess that’s why it’s been so difficult to me to get this out there. Also on another note as I know that many people will read this, please pardon any spelling or grammatical errors, I am only human.

I believe I should just start at the beginning; maybe there are clues to what type of programming I have been subjected to or what my background is. I’m writing down (mostly) every little thing I can remember that I think is out of place, no matter how trivial. I have decided to remain anonymous. I am not looking for attention or interviews or radio shows. What I am looking for is a specific person to read this, which I will disclose later on. Also there is one person who I have shared some of my feelings with and if he recognizes that this is me I ask with great humility that he keep my identity private, please.
My whole life I felt out of place. I was a quiet child, with a subtle sense of tragedy about me…not depression but as if something bad had happened long ago and I couldn’t exactly remember what it was. I felt like a little adult in a child’s body. I would constantly look for jobs and try to become independent of course telling my parents I was going to get a job at 8,9,10 years old only made them laugh but I was serious. I felt like I had a mission to do. I was always fascinated with the military. I don’t know how normal it is to be a little girl and want to go into the military. I had no relations to anyone in the military to be influenced in any way. I loved it when my parents took me to airshows. I was the eldest daughter of immigrant parents (They are from South America, although I cannot disclose which country in particular). I don’t know a whole lot about my mother’s side of the family, my grandmother was an illegitimate child with unknown father and my grandfather’s family was German and would not talk about their history or kept anything like pictures or things like that. They also had their names changed when they came to live to South America like so many Germans did around that time. I remember being a 3 or 4 years old and knowing all about sex, that worried me a lot growing up because as I grew up I realized it wasn’t normal. As far as I know I have not been molested as a child. I have talked to family members and they also agree that there is slim to none chance that would of happened due to living situations and locations. There is no way I could know what I knew, maybe monarch programming. I had a unrealistic fear that people would just disappear … don’t know where I would get that from as I logically knew people didn’t just normally disappear out of thin air. I had psychic dreams in which I would dream things and then they would happen. I had an experience seeing a massive creature with red eyes and shadowy body. I recall seeing three saucer shaped objects one day, I was in my parent’s bedroom and my parents and sisters were in the garage downstairs. There was one disk on top and two below it, resembling a triangular formation somewhat. I remember the windows shaking like they do when there is an earthquake and that is when I looked outside and saw that, I don’t have any memories after that.

I have never been able to keep a journal, I felt like I shouldn’t write anything down and that I couldn’t disclose anything…I know, crazy right…I’m a nobody, why would anyone care. But I have to be honest as to what I have felt. I started having dreams of deep space missions, they were so realistic and scary and I woke up tired, confused and irritable. I had these strange feelings that I was from the future ( I assumed it was the future, as these were space missions to other planets and I thought we did not have that technology on Earth at this time)…and that what I held as most important which was my intelligence was “taken” from me and I was sent here to this reality against my will for some reason but that it was done to protect me somehow. The dreams went on for a while and then suddenly they stopped. I thought this was all too unreal and just shrugged it off as strange dreams. This happened in my 20’s. I also recall a single image of children in cages with animals and the animals were hurting them.

Now in my 30’s I started getting more involved in alternative media and paying attention to what is going on in this world. I started my activist page on facebook, I started feeling depressed for some reason and I also started getting strange feelings that I had programming of some sort and not of the good kind. I felt that I was like character in a story that was kept from me. Like I had some role to play in a story that was unknown to me. This is not characteristic of my personality at all, I am usually happy go lucky kind of attitude. I was told that in doing service to others through my activist page I was not praying for protection and thus getting bombarded by opposing forces.

Months later…I was watching some of the super soldier interviews and I started getting flashes of images and feelings something which has never happened to me before. I have watched many, many interviews through the years; from Project Camelot to David Icke, etc… It was with one person in particular. This next part is embarrassing to me as I don’t have any connection to this person nor have I ever met them ; I started to recall being with this person intimately and that is as far as I will go. Then some months later watching a different interview of the same person I started getting strange feelings and images again…this time it was physically and emotionally painful. I remembered this person and myself crying, remember him wiping tears from his face, we were saying goodbye. I know I was to have my memory wiped for some reason, to protect me somehow…I don’t know if it was just me or that his memory was going to be wiped as well. But we were saying goodbye and I remember saying or feeling that it was worse than saying goodbye because when you say goodbye you have the hope that you might see that person again in the future or whatnot but that this wiping of memories was worse because I would never again remember him and he would not remember me. In a sense I felt as though we would never see each other again. What makes us the people we are? Our memories do, so the sense that I was losing them I felt that I was losing myself, who I was, the people I loved, in a way I was losing everything. The feelings of despair and grief were so intense that I felt that my heart was breaking and I was clutching my chest. It was physically painful and I had to stop many times but I was determined that I would finish watching the interview. I consulted someone regarding these memories and feelings and they said that they might be real or they might be implanted. There are three possibilities here and all three are terrifying. One, that they are real. Two, that they are implanted, and if they are, why those memories and why me? Three, that I’m losing it and going crazy. Like I said all three are terrifying. I’m scared because what if I am going crazy, I have a family, a home… I’m sitting here like WTF with all these images and feelings and such…I also felt that it was this certain person but another him, not a clone maybe but a different him…I know, it sounds freaking crazy and in my “memories” it seemed like he was not speaking in English.

A few days later I felt horrible, it was at night. I started feeling strange sensations on the back of my head and neck area as if someone was touching me. Then it felt as if nothing mattered. The best way I can describe it is like the Harry Potter movie when Harry was touched by a dementor…like all the happiness was taken or suck out of me, like I was empty, rebooted, restarted… I think this is what is called a psychic attack of some sort.

The next morning I was in the shower and I got the feeling that I was being watched like they were having some sort of a conference and they were watching me and talking about me. It was very scary. I could hear things like the water was amplifying a radio signal, if I turned my head a certain way I could “hear” them. They whoever they are were watching me and I heard things like that it was not good that I was remembering this person and that it was also bad (bad for them) if he remembered me. That there are rumors of a war starting (off planet maybe?) and that if he remembered me then they couldn’t use him for the mission (don’t know why they wouldn’t be able to use him or what mission they are talking about). They were also discussing what they should do to me regarding this situation. They were discussing their options.

Two nights later my mother is hysterical and crying, saying that she heard my husband scream, painful screams, she saw tall greys, then she saw myself and my child being taken to the room where my husband was , heard us all screaming…She said that they walked funny, they weren’t touching the floor they were gliding somehow. She says she saw a flash of what looked like blue light and then she saw the tall greys about 4 of them. She says that they also made me sit in front of what looked like a vintage suitcase but when you opened it , it was some sort of advanced technological device and it had a screen, they were making me talk to someone in the past. I don’t recall anything. I just thought it was strange that I slept so many hours straight. My three year old still doesn’t sleep through the night and I’m up with him every 2 or 3 hours during the night. A few hours later we are in the kitchen later and she turns to me suddenly and says, that’s strange a name just popped in my head, she said do you know anyone with last name “Cobalt, Cabalt…”? I said “Casbolt…James” she said” YES!” I was stunned for a moment and I said, what about him, she said I don’t know but his name came into my head. So that is the person that I was watching in the interview that I started getting the memories…I never told her his name. My mother is a foreigner who has a middle school education and barely knows how to use facebook and email.

In conclusion…there is no conclusion I guess, this is bizarre and frightening. I am a normal person with healthy skepticism. I am just beyond myself at this point. I don’t know what all this means or what James Casbolt has to do with me or anything. I have no clue about any of this. Nothing of this caliber has ever happened to me. If anyone has any information you can contact me through James. He can vouch for me that I am not a disinfo agent , government shill or crazy person. I am just trying to understand all this, trying to process it and figure out what it all means. I would like some validation that this is not just some figment of my imagination. James knows who I am and will not disclose my name to anyone no matter how much you try. If there is any matter that is urgent she will let me know. I asked why all of this is happening and the answer I got we all have a way of finding each other again, that we are like magnets and our energy forces pull us together.” (End of message)


    • Thanks for your input after careful consideration I decided it was best to remove “Erin Green Hicks” name from this post. I don’t quite understand the drama about all this since I thought we were all about disclosure. But I guess that’s what separates me from the rest hey!

  1. I did not give you permission to put this up. This was a friends ONLY post. Tell me the name of the person so I can delete them. I do not want your spies on my site. I am through with you. That is as public as I will take it with you. Give me the same respect please. You go your way I go mine. Do not speak about me to anyone. I do not want my quest for truth mixed with your bag of lies.

    • I thought i was your friend but thanks for letting me know otherwise. Learning truth is a process in which one must sort through shit to find treasure. So don’t blame the messenger, I am just doing my best to teach and help others.

  2. LOL. No James. You wanted me to go fight your battles by telling me what others posted mean about you. You cried for attention so much to so many people that you’ve burned so many bridges. You should not be surprised that we are all seeing what game you are playing. There is just no validity to anything you say after hearing and seeing so many people say that you have caused chaos in their lives. It’s a lot and people come to me nearly daily about being harmed and/or hurt by you. You also shouldn’t be surprised because I warned you this was happening to you months ago-I private messaged you and said this was happening. But don’t listen to the psychic who’s not been getting a damn thing wrong for MONTHS now. Actually nearly a YEAR. So yeah…don’t shoot the messenger. You were given warning so you could change your ways-you didn’t listen. And now karma is biting you in the ass. No one will believe you ever after this. Trust me, I’ll make sure of it. I’m done with this-the video you did with me has death threats on me and calling for my assassination. You have done nothing to take those comments down and you know I have children. So you yourself know that my children’s safety comes first. My kids deserve better than you are allowing them to get. So I also respectfully request you take down the interview I did with you for the safety of my entire family which includes minor children. If you do not I will make sure your youtube channel comes down for allowing these threats to happen. You didn’t listen when I warned you that it was about to happen, and now you screwed me-wrong person to screw with. I don’t fight with sticks and stones-I fight with the TRUTH…something I know you know nothing about. You’d heal your throat chakra if you started apologizing to people and start telling the truth-you’re throat chakra is blocked and will stay blocked until you start being a real man and stand up to all you’ve done and start really being truthful. Your higher self will hold this chakra back until you do so. Good luck with that-you love the egoic life of the mind.

      • And it was a private FRIENDS ONLY post. I had deleted well before the post. On that post I had put that I give NO PERMISSION for anyone on my friends list to repost this information NOR for them to copy and paste it to their timelines nor any other persons.whatsoever. So you cannot disagree. It is plain-the person who did this was going against my wishes. So I again am going to ask you take this down or I will go to the webmaster company or whatever it is whom you have for this website and I will tell them what is going on and you will get your account suspended. I can back up the fact I asked this not be reposted with screenshots of my original post with this request. I also again will say for my children’s safety you WILL take down my interview with you. If you don’t then you show the world your evil-ness. You are willing to sacrifice possibly the lives of minor children to be famous. Think twice. Bad move if you don’t listen. You need to respect my children’s lives. Do you want to really be something James in this lifetime? Or are you just like I think you are-a paid disinfo agent sent to go to each of us and document us and the insides of our homes to report back to your handler. You have an awful lot of money to travel young man. An awful lot. And you are always on the move… not think I don’t watch how people conduct themselves. You did all I needed to be convinced you are not what you say you are. Take down the video or a lawsuit will ensue….and I will make sure they include the evidence you were already sued for fraud before. Laugh it off-or heed the warning. I warned you this was coming if you kept your behavior up-and I was right. Don’t make the same mistake twice-people will commend you and see you as strong for admitting your faults. The weaker man continues to bully-and you my dear sir are a bully.

  3. WOW, its so not cool to steal from pages and then make stories up. I have seen in the past you post private messeges from people on your page to be vindictive. Would you like people using your personal info in conversations you have with them and then posting it all for the world to see? This is not how serious journalists work. You plagiarize more than anyone i have ever seen.

    Presenting all or part of someone else’s work as your own or using someone’s work without credit or authorization are illegal acts. However, in the world of journalism these acts are also highly unethical and jeopardize the integrity of journalistic staff and publications that publish such information.

  4. Hopefully you two can reconcile. All the Soldiers are turning on each other as of late, that is what TPTB want. Maybe you can remove the post for Erin’s friends safety. I’m sure it was a misunderstanding because everything I have told James to keep confidential for me he has, and I appreciate that. Find peace everybody, we cannot feed the dark side.

    • Erin I love you to pieces. Let me please have the opportunity to explain myself. This story was not just given to you , it was given to me. I am also a receiver of this message.

      I just didn’t heist it. I would not take something given to me in confidentiality. It was sent to me last night via private message, not from you . This message was sent to me otherwise i would not post it. Please unblock me and accept me as your friend.

      • I’m not unblocking you. I do not love you. Just because info is given to you does not mean it should be put up. The person violated what I put up saying NOT to send it to anyone. If someone says to you after you’ve put it up that it wasn’t suppose to be put up then take it down James. If you continue this you’ll seriously regret it. If you keep my video up you will seriously regret it. I will make sure you never are seen as truthful again. I will expose you to the HIGHEST of the rooftops. I will make sure you never speak at another conference again because no one will EVER trust you. Do you get what you do James? Do you get that you have hurt way too many others? I know people who’ve asked Miles for this consideration and he’s obliged. Why can’t you? Miles is a snake himself. Just like you. Yet he’s kind enough to take a video down. I realize I’m a view maker for you and you LOVE fame, but James you are playing with my children’s lives. You I am sure are doing that manical laugh reading this and enjoying the energies you’re harvesting off of me. I know your game and I will not play it. I WILL however start a fundraising to raise funds to sue your ass for what you’re doing and for endangering minor children. Playing with my life is one thing-playing with my kids who are not even grown up yet’s lives is another. The person who gave me the info for my post is beside themselves with grief over what you’ve done to them by putting up this information. Just because you get info doesn’t mean it comes out. This is the attention you crave! The fact of the matter is you do not know how to love anyone or you wouldn’t keep my video up. You take down my video and this and I will unblock you on FB-I won’t friend you, but I will unblock you. That is the best you will get from me. You don’t comply so that my kids can at least be safe enough to leave the house then you’ll see a lawsuit. People will not have a problem funding one for me as they know how you are. Want to show people you aren’t a snake? Take down my video, take down this blog post. Show people you want to change. Otherwise, no I’m going to sue you silly. And when I’m done you will have to live home again because I’ll also get your Neo Cube business closed-that cube is what’s brought all my abductions. And others have said the same to well. We all know you deal with black magic with those cubes-otherwise hair wouldn’t be in it. Using hair in an object when giving it to ANYONE for ANY REASON is black magic. I will expose, expose, expose. You hurt the wrong person because you are playing with my kids lives James. Take down the video and this blog post and show you have a human side.

    • Thank you. I wasn’t implying that it was my email. I was implying that it was similar in experiences described. Not all but most. My email was not posted and I didn’t ask for it to be. Too many cooks in the kitchen, I guess.

  5. If someone’s really in danger of some info’ posted on the ‘net it should be taken down as soon as possible, though idk the whole story and it’s not really my business…

    but regarding Casbolt triggering someone’s memories, that happened to the bases 32 guy who had a memory of being a grey after watching a JC video. He seemed to trigger some things in me and I had a realization about something personally. I wonder if there’s something behind his writing or words like triggers or something to see if people get some memories back.

    • My children are at serious risk of death because of Rink’s video interview with me. They are calling for my assassination in it. My kids already don’t go out much, now they are completely made to stay home because Rink can’t have the kindness to take down the interview so my kids can live their lives. How fair is it that my kids suffer for Rink to be famous? There is nothing in this world more important than our kids. Rink doesn’t care if my kids are killed.

      • Erin I was going to take this video down yesterday but due to schedule conflicts was unable to get to it until now. You didn’t have to threaten, play it dramatically. Of course Erin I will take it down for the kids.

      • Are you kidding!?!?! If you had ANY intentions of taking it down yesterday you would of taken the time to say so. You think we’re that stupid?!!???!! You had the time ALL DAY yesterday and last night to comment over and over. You had the time to do it. 100%. You know the game you are playing James. So stop the lies and deceit. This isn’t grade school. This is real life and you played with the lives of children. If you were sincere you would of had it down immediately. The time it took you to comment on all of this was MORE than enough time to take it down. You played a game. All in the name of feeding your ego. You know it. Eat a slice of humble pie for once. I’m done. That is the last time I comment on your stuff. You will not get my energies anymore. You’re not worth it in the least.

    • You remove my name…but say it here. Your ego is HUGE. If you remove my name then you don’t say it here. This is you energy harvesting off of me. I should of known you were bad news.

      • James putting my kids lives in danger is what’s wrong. Would you appreciate your kids possibly being killed by a man who wants fame? James is what’s wrong. And he does not care who he hurts to get what he wants.

    • I had no problem with the video up at first John. No problem. When the threats started that is when it became a problem. I am already at great risk, whether anyone wants to believe it or not. I was almost abducted in plain daylight in front of my home and husband. Police were called on that one. So you can understand my fear for my own kids because of these threats now. If this happened to you you’d respectfully ask the video taken down so that your kids are safe. Again, at first the video was fine. It’s the people who can’t control themselves that have made it a dangerous video for me to still have out there. Instead of judging me please have compassion. This is James not caring about the welfare of my kids or anyone for that matter so that he can have fame-this whole thing he’s enjoying. I PROMISE you that one. He is feeding off this energy. But I must do this fight because it’s for my kids. If it was just me, I’d leave it alone. But my kids mean EVERYTHING to me.

  6. I am the author of that letter….I am coming forward because I want Erin’s family to be safe. James, I don’t know you but please take down the video where you interviewed her, I beg you. If you take down her video I will not have a problem with you keeping my letter on your blog. Please, you don’t seem like an unreasonable person, take her video down.

  7. Please respectfully I ask you take off all the bashing of me from this. It is fair to have it up if this person gave you permission, but it’s not okay to leave the harmful posts up. Please respect my wishes.

    • There is no bashing of you on here, the thread you’re. referring to is still deleted . This thread is the beginning that shows how you chose to flip out and turn a simple posting into to it being all about you and your video when in reality it was simply over this original post. Why is it o k for you to bash the shit out of james in novel long comments? Clearly people can see here how it all started and it was never james at all. You made a huge spectacle out of something that had really nothing to do with you but you made it all about you. If you keep harassing james in messages he has every right to show the world what you’re doing which is you not leaving him alone. You called him horrendous names, called out for people to assist you in bashing him , told people to stop using his products and then asked people to go to his blog to also bash him. How are you the victim here? Why is it all right for you to behave in such a way and then demand it all gets deleted? So people can’t see the truth? Is that it? The real fact its you who flipped out and slandered him because of a facebook post you actually made public in the first place and someone in your friends chose to hand it to rink in the spirit of helping this person. This one act has made you believe you are all of a sudden able to blame everything bad that’s ever happened to you on james. If anything that’s the part of this that’s relevant.attacking people here or in private because you don’t get what you want after you’ve thoroughly attacked him is a joke.he owes you nothing at this. made your bed so lye in it.

    • He’s unreasonable…..he could of made a new post with your information without the comments. He enjoys this. He’s losing fanbase so he’s trying to cause trouble. It’s a sad situation with him.

  8. You can’t even spell lie….LOL. Ok, I will disengage because clearly you are really under his spell…I’m sure you have a neo cube in your home. Have fun later when you find out just what he does when your usefulness to him is zero. There will be a time-whether it’s now, or years from now. He will throw you away too.

  9. And you’re a harvester like him-you keep it going to gain more and more energies. You argue and argue because the energies are what feed you. You are a soul sucker just like James. MANY people are on to him-and they see you trotting along like his puppy dog. That IS what you are….his puppy dog 🙂 His minion!

    • Oh youre so funny as usual, regular ol comedian we got here 😉 You know what they say about people making assumptions lol…the most hilarious part of all is that you state to James that you want him to “respectfully” remove all the bashing that doesnt exist in this thread. If you and everyone re-read this entire thread they can clearly see how you manipulated this whole thing to be about you. I dont have to explain anything to you as to why I am defending a person who is being slandered. Oh you are still doing that even after you ask for him to remove anything bad about you here and if you stroll on over to your page looks like youve deleted nothing at all. So tell me, how is it fair to continue to slander someone over and over again and tell people his product is evil which could easily cause him to lose business and you seem to believe what youre doing is ok and fair. what makes you think this two way street is supposed to be one you, your way? I could give a shit less what you say or think of me, go for it, keep up the negative energy. When a person confronts you on your behavior its actually your M.O. to immediately call them a shrill or their soul suckers or they are paid agent. You can call me names all day, Ive yet to call you anything o mighty lightworker who insults and never shows love. Arent lightworkers supposed to show light all the time. Youre the darkest light worker ive ever witnessed. So much drama. All the time. When you write about it, you feed it power and it compounds, its certainly nobody else that is making you attack the world thats all you. Like I said in the thread the other day, If you feel you have the right to bash someone doesnt matter who and slander them then I feel the right to defend them and you can call me cute names all day long I dont give a shit. Hey Im not the one publically using and advertising drugs online.

  10. I never said I was a lightworker-EVER. My dear-lightworkers are infiltrated by the CIA…and shrill? The term is shill. LMAO…..LOLOL And advertising drugs? MARIJUANA….not a drug. ONLY MEDICINE I use and advocate. You are not going to hurt me by anything you say. I show love to those who love me. And yes, most negative people ARE soul suckers. The energy you write your comments with here is very indicative of how angry of a person you are. No, I didn’t take anything down because first off I wasn’t asked to-and second-it’s all fact! I don’t care how this is here anymore. Keep the comments up. You are the only one defending him. It’s clear you are squarely stuck up his ass and you are sideways in there too. Otherwise you’d see what the rest of us do. I’m happy. You all have not bothered me a bit-in fact, my life will be beautiful while you are sitting there angry at me over something not even your business. You are wasting your life dear. Frankly-I’m glad you’re still on my page, whoever you are. You can witness my happiness while you sit in your chair with your computer wasting away. Have fun with that! Yes….I’m going to go LEGALLY smoke a bowl of marijuana, heal, deprogram…..and forget about the nobody that is you……I never professed to be a lightworker-I profess to be about balance. Peace is one side of balance…but the is another, and sometimes that side must show to be able to see exactly the line you should walk. I don’t care anymore. I stand in my truth, my light, my darkness…..and all the grey areas inbetween. You cast a lot of stones ‘watching it all’….I really hope you live in a glass house……

  11. Again, Im not trying to hurt you I am trying to make a point to you that you are one siding this whole thing and have all these demands yet are bashing a person you want to help you delete items of you bashing him, its kind of absurd really. Im glad you say you are happy, I think everyone should be happy. You infer my words as anger because you allow yourself to read it as a threat but in reality I am simply pointing out the overall picture of what exactly you have done which is commit slander but you choose to name call, refuse to listen to anyone elses points and be a spelling nazi. There is PLENTY of back chatter going on about these threads and commentary happening, its the smart people who are watching and choose to not get involved. Everyone now knows its dangerous getting involved w/you because they know its only a matter of time before you snap on them and out them. track record speaks for itself. I dont wish any harm to you or anyone, Im only here to debate you because I think you are wrong about slandering James and if anything youre online far more, “dear”. im signing off, im sure youd like to get the last word in so go for it. you need to stop bashing james if you want things done for you. I certainly wouldnt do anything you ask if you were slandering me like you are him.

  12. Slander isn’t slander when it’s fact…..You pot shot me right and left about things irrelevant to the situation. Which shows your lack of keeping to topic and your lack of maturity. James is not being slandered DEAR. Nope, not even a little. The man is a fraud. And you are trolling……you are not even a little threat to me-if you are even a little human you’d show yourself. But coward you are….very cowardly. And a bully. Straight out bully. I will pray you see the light someday before the darkness fully encompasses you (might already be too late, but it’s worth a prayer!).

  13. As far as being online-I have a disability that at times keeps me in bed. I am in a flare up-and have been for a while from the stress over the video where the comments had death threats-the video never bothered me EVER. What did stress me were the comments. Of which I nicely spoke to him about and he didn’t care. You have not got the entire situation of this. You are darkness personified for even bashing me a little. My kids were in danger. Had Rink disabled comments he would NEVER of gotten even a peep from me. He couldn’t even be a little human about it. I hope one day you grow some balls to show yourself. Personally I think you’re a coward. A big coward with bully ways. I am very saddened you cannot even be a little human about children being in danger. You have shown not even a little compassion. I hope that you can live with yourself-of course you will you are soulless.

  14. slander : An oral defamation, in which someone tells one or more persons an untruth about another which untruth will harm the reputation of the person defamed. Slander is a civil wrong (tort) and can be the basis for a lawsuit. Damages (payoff for worth) for slander may be limited to actual (special) damages unless there is malicious intent, since such damages are usually difficult to specify and harder to prove. just because you think its true doesnt nessesarily make it so. Only a judge can decide that in a court of law. All Im saying is you running your mouth about him and his company, you are liable for a suit against you. Again, if you think something is true and another thinks its not true theres a conflict so a judge can decide. has nothing to do with children. I have nothing else to say to you.

  15. As I said…what I say are facts. No slander here-might be slander to you because again, you are stuck sideways up his ass and can’t see. He could try to sue until the cows came home-but he’d get nothing. And a judge would NEVER rule against me once I gather everyone who would back me up. You don’t need names as you are a troll. That’s all you are. A troll. I can say all I want about the neo cube. I can say all I want about his company. I am so glad you have nothing else to say to me. You can argue and argue…debate and debate….I have numbers on my side on all I say about Rink. And that is a FACT! You cannot say it’s not true-you are not me nor anyone else who’s had the things happen that we have because of that cube!!!!! I threw it away FAR from my house! Never slept better in my life since that cube has been gone. So yes, what I state about that cube is a fact. You my DEAR haven’t had the experience-YET-to say if it’s slander or not. I HAVE. It’s not slander. And the kids had nothing to do with the cube….on the other hand the video did. I could care less who still has the video nor who watches it-the video was NEVER the problem. The comments in the comment section were. So yes, on that-my kids were an issue. You’re grasping at straws and not even getting your facts straight. LOL!!! You cannot even keep the facts straight. PRICELESS

  16. I’ve watched this whole debate and pretty clear it is slander erin. Your the one with your head up your ass . Give up the drama lady. James should sue your ass. Shut the fuck up for once would ya? You are crazy just like they all say. This person debating you. Regardless of who it is is absofuckinglutely right about you.

  17. James Im sorry this is happening to you and your company. Let me know if you need any legal assistance. you have my email 😉

  18. James’ disclaimer will keep him out of any legal trouble. Read it. It’s on every interview and on the Neo site. Also Erin this is your fault, you put your kids in danger by mentioning them in the interview(s). An AMMACH witness video got a women’s kids taken away when the court watched her talk about aliens. I’d say you better keep away from court all together… When they watch you claim to be an angel, half reptilian, a Rothschild/Sinclaire (you’re not) and an inter-dimensional super soldier, I’m guessing they will consider you utterly insane and unfit to be a mother. Get off the net and start living in real life.

    Oh and if you’re really IBIS, why don’t you just regress your age 😀

  19. LOL……He will not harm me in court. He cannot get money from someone who has none-and my kids? They’re none of your business. I have no worries…..And regressing my age-you definitely do not follow. They do it, not us Ibis people. I’m going to detach here-not because of the threat of court because NEVER does it scare me at all. I have truth on my side here for that-but I am detaching because you cannot reason with idiots. Which is what all of you are for even remotely following him. Free country-I have the right to speak about something if I feel it’s dangerous. I did not commit slander. I have talked to MANY People who’ve had my experiences. It’s funny-James has had MANY people come to him over this thing with his cube yet he chooses to attack me over this and you guys attack me. But there are so many others. Don’t ask me to tell names-you do your homework and find them yourselves as I did! If I am stating what’s happened to me and others it’s not slander. And a judge would see it immediately. James has already lost a fraud case in court before. He would have to prove the cancer cure, the limbs regrown, etc…..and I could bring in people who would explain their lives in shambles after the cube came into their home. I have no worries. Not a one of you scare me! As for my kids-I have spoke to MANY people here who work for CPS, who are cops, etc-and they ALL know my situation!!!!! LMMFAO….the cop that lives by me knows my life story. So keep trying to scare me-it won’t work!!!!!!!!!

  20. i hope this lady tries to sue james lol. i want to see how in court a story of alien abductions and what johhny says above about being an angel etc. to be examined by a court. its doubtful james wants her money but more for her to stop talking negatively about him. who cares if he sells neos or peanuts, people arent aloud to just speak negatively like this erin does with intent to stop him from making a living.

  21. Like I said you’re not reading the disclaimer. He can say it will make you a billionaire, win the lottery, grow two heads, whatever. That fine print at the bottom, well read it. This blog is your life, I bet tomorrow will bring at least 2-5 new responses from you. You just can’t get enough! Hitting refresh every 5 minutes…

    And I’m sure you told CPS and cops your insane life story and they believed it. If so CPS in California is shit.

    How many times on here and FB have you said you’re “done”… You just can’t live and let live can ya, must hurt inside. I’ll pray for ya girl. It’s been fun though!

  22. My dear Sis’ erin… is there not a saying: who plays with fire gets burned …? You said that you try to make this dimesion better… after the video is off youtube… why you care anyway about that topic that you want to talk to this people here? Go on and try to take care for your mission

  23. Enough with the fighting already please, you guys are beating a dead horse. I wonder if all you stop to look outside of yourselves to realize that all this fighting has made a mockery out of my pain? I wrote a letter explaining my situation and what does it turn out to be? A freaking circus show….shame on everyone…smh…

  24. To the author of the original post, you shouldnt be angry at anyone except Erin, she is the one who turned your situation into the drama train. Everyone else was trying to stop her and make her see what shes doing which is making your post her platform to fight James. Sorry for any pain you may experience. Its Erin who should be ashamed of herself since she made this about her life.

  25. Everyone involved could of just stopped the fighting at some point and said, “hey, you know what,this is really stupid.” But you just can’t leave well enough alone…

  26. Ok.Here’s the deal. Everyone’s alters are riding, have been for a while now. Don’t understand why, but they are there, always, waiting to come out, be fully triggered. It is a daily battle not to give in, it takes all my will power, but i am integrating my alters into my conscious self. Helluva job, peeps. Now, what i see here is alters being triggered just enough to skew perspectives. To know and understand that this is happening to us helps us not want to kill each other. Listen to your hearts instead of your fucked up minds. There isn’t a mind any where that isn’t fucked up. Monitor yourselves. Be responsible for you and your alters. I am as much as i can be at this point in time. Keep choosing the good timelines. fuck this fighting and fear shit. It’s all about fear.


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