Monday, June 24, 2024

A Point of Observation

A Point of observation in a pictorial format- for you and I. We have both experienced the same level of darkness (the points of creation), but we were on opposite ends of darkness…..I experienced creation via elements, nature,soul temptation, tribal, and shamanism. You experienced artificial creation, genetic construction, soul entrapment, super soldier, and inception warrior (dream battles).

Both of us were in opposite corners of the basement. As we become aware and master our present moment surroundings, we find the stairway to the next floor of complexity of life. Awareness brings respect and responsibility. The more we know the more we are accountable, the closer to the (present day living) ancients we become. Eventually we find ourselves migrating to the ground floor or the first floor. In doing so, those who were in the crawlspace, who attached themselves to us, find themselves in the basement. As we ascend they will always be on our coat tail. And as we go we will come across those who don’t even know the basement exists. And maybe it was meant to be that way…all we have to do is show them the stairwell and which way is Up, and they can join us for the rest of the journey…. keeping in mind that some may lag behind- as long as they are going the right decision….. And just watch out for those who are falling and rolling down the stairwell, they will try to take you down with them.


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