Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Abductor Reptilians and Grey Harvester Beings

Abductor Reptilians and Grey Harvester Beings Sherab Invictus Reptilian Zrarak Grey Harvester Drazo Reptilian Black Armada Abduct children between the ages of 2 – 10 years old, taking children to underground military bases on Earth to suppress future psychic abilities. Do brain wipes, memory loss. Children’s genetic structure is broken down, weakening the autoimmune system, causing neurological damage, and nanonite infestation occurs in the body so there is no physical strength. Abductor Reptilians and Grey Harvester Beings This is what the Drazo Reptilian black armada fleet looks like. The black armada comes from the Orion Empire, these are the original black skinned Drazo reptilians who are master geneticists and DNA manipulators. They seeded some of the more aggressive species of races on planets in the Milky Way galaxy. As well the Drazo reptilians are responsible for the more brutal human abduction experiences where individuals have neurological issues or body damage after the abduction process. Abductor Reptilians and Grey Harvester Beings The Drazo Reptilians have been known to conduct time travel portal experiments in the various secret underground military bases across planet Earth. These time travel experiments allowed the reptilians to suppress human natural evolution by hundreds of years as well as blocking the ascension waves from coming onto the planet, allowing A.I. technology to infiltrate the planet through UFO crashes.
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