Sunday, June 23, 2024

Activating Superhuman Abilities to Deal with an ET-Controlled Planetary Simulation

Dr. Kimberly McGeorge claims that we live in a planetary simulation (aka Matrix) where extraterrestrials exercise great influence over human destiny. Through nightly abductions, an individual’s physical or astral body is taken off-world for negative or positive reasons. Individuals are returned with no memories of what has occurred, which is a condition for participating in the planetary simulation. She claims that we have multiple soul families among the different extraterrestrial civilizations, even if these appear to come from conflicting sides.

Dr. McGeorge is an internationally renowned naturopathic doctor, energy healer, remote viewer, paranormal expert, and consciousness teacher. For the past 25 years, she has worked with thousands of people worldwide. She has had multiple extraterrestrial contact experiences and teaches master frequencies that allow individuals to achieve their fullest potential and activate latent supernatural abilities. Dr. McGeorge asserts that we can break free of the planetary simulation once we realize and begin to use our supernatural abilities.

Dr. Kimberly McGeorge’s Website:


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