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Adam Zupanic Regression February 29, 2012

Adam Zupanic Regression February 29, 2012

Past lives with Jasmine, cloned avatars, meeting with Ashtar Serhan.

Adam wanted to know more about his new girlfriend. She seems to be very controlling, one could say a psychic vampire, and asks very strange and peculiar questions like can I eat your cat. Adam asks if she is a reptilian. She replies no amphibian.

I brought Adam into a trance to the akashic records and the first image he sees is a path to a silvery looking dome. Inside is a platform to walk across, but don’t step off it’s a long way down.  He sees a computer in the middle of the platform with a bunch of circuit boards. Adam pulls up the name of Jasmine. He sees age, height, sex when they first meet but there are areas that are blacked out. Couldn’t seem to find the info but Adam sees her as soulless avatar connected to the original form possibly being an alien.

So Adam does some digging to try to find some past life connections with Jasmine. He pulls up three dates. 1947 1847 1728.


It was a couple years after World War II they are getting off the boats. She is a guy now and Adam is a guy. They fought in the war together. Many of their team mates got killed. One person in particular was Richard Shelfly. Adam didn’t elaborate anymore about this person.


Native American, she is there but she is a guy again. We are on horses, white and brown paint horses.  We were rebels within our tribe; our village got overrun by white men and we fought back. We are in middle of United States, in the west possibly Wisconsin. We are outlaws now and travel down to Texas and then Nevada. Captured, see white men with cowboy hats on. They have nooses around us. We got hung. Takes about 2 minutes to loose consciousness, didn’t break our necks when we fell, I see us floating, and rising up to space and then we go our separate ways.


We are on a boat in the Atlantic Ocean going back to Europe. She is male again, wears a beard and is a not so taken care of looking white pirate. She burps a lot. Adam is clean shaven with top hat.

Everything is going smoothly. Adams friend goes down stairs into the cellar of the ship to sleep; but a storm struck. They didn’t make it back. The boat sunk, drowning his friend. Adam was on the top deck and tried to swim away with his crew mates but eventually got tired and drowned in very cold water.

At this point Adam pulls up the AI to look for help about the blacked out area in jasmines file. The A.I. reports it’s buried deeper in his subconscious. Adam gets the sensation like he needs to jump off the edge. So I instruct him to make his legs as strong as diamonds and jump.

He travels down a tunnel and lands at the bottom in a grassland setting, birds are chirping. There is a small group of people walking towards Adam trying to kill him to prevent his soul from accessing this information.  I instruct him to turn into his terminator alter and destroy them. They are like zombies.

They are dead now and he is alone in an empty land. I ask his subconscious mind to integrate and suddenly the sky and ground open up into another hole. He jumps in. At the other side is complete darkness.

He pulls out flashlight and sees a bunch of veins possibly inside his brain. He spots a glowing blue diamond like button, connected into the walls. He reaches out and touches it, its jelly like. Every time he touches gets visions in head.

He sees lions, standing on their two feet. This implant seems to link him telepathically to these lion beings. They share a message.

“The blue thing is a crystal eye. Their world was destroyed; Adam is here to make sure this world doesn’t end up like Mars. The grassland that Adam was just seeing was Mars before it got destroyed. That was his home planet at one time, but they didn’t call it mars they didn’t prefer names.  I am a link, there are a lot of different races on Mars, the feline races, amphibious creatures, humans, there are people on mars but they are underground.

Mars was destroyed by Planet X that crossed us. Whenever the planet crosses by it increases negative energy. Mars had a nuclear war it destroyed the whole planet. This planet X is going to pass earth and they don’t want nuclear war to happen because earth will end up like mars.

I promised I won’t let it happen to earth. We can save this planet by being here. Unfortunately we can’t stop the nuclear war, but you can change circumstances which the war is brought out on, when it comes down to it.

We have to save as many people as we can. In a past life I just saved myself but this time I want to save as many as I can. Jasmine was my companion and she distracted me so much I ran off with her instead of saving my family. Now I want to see if I will do the same thing. I must learn to not let her manipulate me and not hurt her feelings.

Next memory – Trying to learn information about Project Name Recovery.

Adam see a hotel room door labeled 223 like a hotel door room but with an eye.

He opens it and goes into a worm hole. He is now walking down in another hallway, its gold colored. There is a huge throne; it swivels around rotating towards you. This guy is looking at me. He looks like a dwarf guy in lord of the rings but he’s 300 feet tall.

He asks “What do you want to know about it?” Adam says. “What is Project Name Recovery?”

“It started with an old race, way out in the universe; the stars are very visible in our sky. It’s a project where they want to get all the best warriors and intuitive people together.” “How are we connected to this?”  “Through the dragon souls, you are ancient dragon souls. You protect whoever threatens the way of dragon souls and whatever comes between the scales. Meaning if you go through scales you enter more vulnerable organs.”

This is tied into milabs because essentially they want the same thing, warriors. They already have a bunch of really good reptilian warriors in their programs.  They rent us from the reptilians. They pay with gold. Reptilians can’t replicate gold because it’s not easy.

You’re in it from birth if your part of the dragon soul. You can learn more about it in the Chinese history books. 1640-1650sresearch the dragon souls.

The dwarf king says he is dead now and wants to be left alone; he turns around in his big chair.

Adam jumps back into a wormhole. He sees Bigfoot in his mind.  They are interdimensional beings. Govt knows this but doesn’t want us to know this because they don’t want to public to learn how to do interdimensional jumping. Adam tries to talk to the creature but he ignores him and jumps through a portal. Adam grabs his leg and they jump into another dimension, the creature shape shifts into a human. He wants to know why he is being followed.

Adam asks him to teach him how to do interdimensional jumping. The entity responds “If everyone would know this, then the world would be messed up in the space time continuum. He is okay as long as he doesn’t interfere with anyone.” Adam asks him to teach him if he doesn’t tell anyone. The creature says “We will teach you but first we must prove ourselves and then he will see us in our dreams.” Next thing you know the creature jumps through another portal.

Next scene – Adam travels back to the computer terminals in the capital building

It’s been a month since he was last here and now the room is empty, everything has been moved. SO adam goes back in time to before it was moved, but he was unsure how far back he traveled.

He sees the computer and types in Adam Michael Zupanic, but instead of pulling up the files as before all he can find is some information on our avatars.

Adam has five cloned avatars , each avatar has certain characteristics. But only Human cyborgs are used on planet earth for obvious reasons.

Reptoid – Name: Sick

Pros – manipulative, nocturnal night vision, strong, scales natural body armor

Cons – mean, revengeful, self-manipulative, psychological and psychopathic behaviors

Human Cyborg – Name: Rogh

Pros – Nanites, Self-Healing, Able to use over 450 gadgets on its body, implants in body such as invisibility, can fly, strong

Cons – Fueled by power cell which needs to be replaced

Dragon avatar – Name: Pursly

Pros – nocturnal night vision, can transform into a snake like being, can shape shift but still has slit eyes, strong

Cons – emotional, they lean too much towards spirituality, hard to control

Eagle head on human body – Name: Pien

Pros – he is swift, stronger than average human, not stronger than other avatars, quick, can’t fly but his face is eagle like, excellent vision without binoculars, used for reconnaissance. Marked with a star on forehead.

Cons – not as strong as they would like it to be, isn’t very good at killing, kill only when has too, really good at hiding. Would rather run then kill and fight.

Feline – Name: Zhigeh

Pros – Really strong, perfectionists

Cons – They are cocky try to be too perfect; don’t move when they are supposed to. Wait to find perfect timing but it causes them to hesitate

Adam sees a picture of himself but he is bald. Maybe this is his clone? They really like his eyes for some reason , there are many pictures of them in his file.

Also notices some kind of mechanical tape worm right above his stomach which absorbs his food to keep him smaller, short, fatigue, and weak. It also releases some kind of chemical.

All of us have this tape worm in us, but we won’t be able to see it with normal MRI or cat scans, possibly chameleon class cloaking technology. ET’s can remove it but they won’t help, it will cause a war. At this point I heard a click on the phone.

Adam then types my name into the computer…..James Rink….

He sees I have nine avatars but there is only one avatar they like to use, it’s the main one, nicknamed the “Night Crawler.”

It looks like a werewolf standing on its leg, has blue eyes. They like me to use it to kill people, it’s brutal, animal like and hard to trace. They also use it on planet earth.

Adam can’t pull up any other information on the other avatars. It reads xxxxxx and says error. Maybe they are out of commission or being repaired, or inserted into different programs. But he does see the code “54623 James Rink” We wonder if data file is corrupt?

Next memory

Seek second opinion on the information. Adam contacts the tall greys and ask them if this information is accurate or disinfo. They inform us the government views us as a threat. The missing data is because they want to erase us. Especially James Rink and frame him if he tries to get information about himself. The xxx symbolize how easy it is to erase parts of my life.

They inform us to stop searching, but continue doing reconnaissance and helping people. But this didn’t make sense how can we do reconnaissance work and not search since both are hand in hand so we sought a second opinion.

Next memory

Adam contacts Ashtar Sheran. He steps through a doorway that looks like water and sees blonde white skinned human beings about 7 feet tall. Asthar carries long hair down to shoulders. There is a female behind him.

He likes to speak in riddles. He tells us. “In order to find peace within ourselves, we need to accept, that the dark given to us, will only be light received. This means we are to do what we planned to do before we came to this Earth.

Everything we are doing now is exactly how it is supposed to happen, so just ride the wave.

We asked if the information relayed to us from the tall greys was true. He says “Just trust yourself, this means if you feel something is wrong then trust yourself. The information is accurate, you really do have these kind of avatars but it’s not disinfo but covered up info. You can learn more in the dream state.”

He wants me to do more lucid dreaming and not get frustrated so easily but keep trying.

“We can learn a lot from a Buddhist quote. There is one Buddhist quote that will match exactly what we are going through but it’s up to us to find it. One will just click and you will feel its truth.

Whenever you are feeling down or sad or that sinking feeling, just remember you are a spiritual being having a physical experience. When the body dies, life still goes on. And your sprit learns other lessons.”

Adam comments what a nice person he is. I have him try to contact Sananda the Cosmic Christ. Ashtar responds. “You’re all Christ. Look for your center. If we had all the answers life would be pointless.”

I think this means he doesn’t have all the answers. We ask if they can take out the etheric tapeworm. Asthar asks us why we are so preoccupied about our appearance. He won’t take it out we have a lesson to learn which is to learn how to deactivate it ourselves. At this point he blew him away like a feather.

Adam jumps back into his body.


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