Tuesday, June 18, 2024

AI Bio-Neural

July 27, 2015. SEAL Capt (Eric) is capturing ‘human effects’ psychic/spiritual content frome me via the remote frequency ‘customer in a cage’ system that all Americans of interest are under (a frequency fence). Who is he capturing it for, who is he still doing these operations for now that I’ve supposedly been officially released from the Air Command milab system? It’s arch enemy the zionist CIA – hardcore illuminati.  He’s brought them into the unique Air Command remote neural hiving AI (brain to brain) synthetic telepathy network protocol.  They now openly interoperate and know Air Command’s detailed extrmemely classified proprietary version of this NSA based technology. Air Force is the only military group that has this system at all. It was the supposed ‘white hat’ – the only one. This is the most powerful, advanced and indescribable human technology ever created. I know it intimately and can communicate through it deeply, powerfully. It basically enables humans to be like cyborgs using advanced instant boundless communication of any and all types of mentation. CIA now owns and has the military by the balls. Note, 99% of military personnel, even the highest ranked officers know nothing of this technology. That’s how secret it is. Despite my publishing this, Air Command will still refuse to even investigate. The main Air Command officer and the other local SEAL team that have acted as my handlers totally cover it up. All communications from me to Air Command are instantly re-routed to these individuals – they never make it to higher-ups.  All they have to do is interrogate the SEAL Captain via remote neural AI.

I’ve contributed to the internal damage to Air Command too since I now hate these indescribable idiots. They KNOW via their own internal parent diagnostics how advanced I am with machine communication, with their system, which is why they were so resistant to letting me go – rightly so. Now they are paying the price for it. Their fears of having an unprotected node being picked up and interfaced are happening. SEAL Capt has 3-way wired in the CIA with the commuincations and is sharing the protocol.

Hey, you retards, why don’t YOU actually read SEAL Capt’s neck and mine, instead of relying on hacked AI bio-neural ‘you can be him’ reports. You fools.

Source: nonukesever@ymail.com


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