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Albert Einstein embedded with Casbolts Medic Company?

From Anya Briggs……..
Casbolt is NOT in this photo, but this company is part of his medic division that he trained with. I am picking up much from this photo that is totally, totally weird. This is what we talked about and he wanted me to tell him more about the photo and this curious man who DOES bear more than a passing resemblance to Einstein. He has asked me to give this to you both.
Neither myself nor Casbolt are calling him Einstein definitively! We’re just saying he looks like him. (Casbolt seems pretty convinced its him, but I remain in doubt.)
But I did pick up that this man with the white hair is definitely, definitely “out of time” and that this company (Including Casbolt and the others in his unit not present in this medic photo)  have been involved with time travel experiments. I think this is a serious photo and not doctored. IN FACT, am getting this is top secret and they gave the “official” company photo here to the people in the photo with this man edited out! Somehow he got a hold of this but has yet to tell me.
I am somehow involved with this whole thing as well I am getting and proof of this man’s presence in the photo somehow means the time travel experiments were a success. Casbolt was told this was a German physicist who just “showed up” out of nowhere and was, bizarrely enough, placed in this photo. I picked up that these people – hundreds in the company in total- are this man’s “pride and joy” because there was no heavy suffer of loss. The internal organs can wreak havoc on the body during time travel and am getting that Casbolt was one of the best because of the cyborgization of his frame or whatever you want to call it- the cybernetics.
He told me that while in training, he did ride on the underground train that exists that also the DARPA scientists who are involved with time travel ride. (This is for Miles, Sean, I know I already sent this to you)- The train according to Casbolt goes east from Kirtland to the Bush family ranch in Dallas. From Dallas they travel south to Lackland AFB in San Antonio and from Lackland driven to Ft. Sam.
I picked up that I am very well known at Kirkland  they know all about me and I somehow orchestrated a timeline fusion of some timeline XYZ with ABC or something like that- a kind of “oroboros” – snake eating its tail effect. I don’t know why they play with time the way some people play with clay, but that’s what they wanted and made me do. The results were horrible and caused all sorts of pain and suffering for many- Organ failure enhanced by 20% on the timeline XYZ as a result of some kind of shift and 20% of people in that world were killed instantly, but it showed up as simply “organ failure by sudden and acute  but “natural” causes.  This is so weird. Down the rabbit hole shit indeed.





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