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Dec 19, 2012

Doug or Joe,

I am a law enforcement officer in Hawaii and for obvious reasons don’t want to be further identified. I’m sending this e-mail to you though a throw-away account and a proxy server as all of our computer email is filtered thru IA. I listen to your show everyday and appreciate what you both do. I love it when Steve Quayle is on your show and praise God for him and both of you. I worked in cyber crimes unit so I know what goes on. Things have been getting tight hear over the last few years and there is a lot of oversight. You talk about betrayal, well there is a lot of that within the departments and there is a power struggle that seems to pit the good guys with the bad or those who want to be the enforcers of a spirit of oppression over the people. The department hired many new officers, most with combat experience. I know it sounds strange, but from some things I’ve seen I can’t believe some of these guys are completely human. It’s hard to describe, but there is something about them that is very different. Not the old timers, but the new patrol officers and recruits. To say they are on steroids would be understating things. They can best be described as soldiers in uniform, not police officers.

This bring me to my questions for Steve Quayle and Russ Disdar. When I checked his web site before work and began looking into super soldiers it hit home with me. I am frankly afraid as I believe he is right on. I have a question but obviously cannot get into the chat room or call in. Do the super soldiers have different genetic makeup than normal people? Is their DNA the same? Please don’t laugh, but I am wondering if there is something physically different about these recruits in their DNA. It’s only been over the last few years or since the veterans from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq when the department began hiring young veterans and they are nothing like the other recruits.

Many of these young me are being formed into groups, like SWAT teams, outside of normal department operations. I heard one brag that he is an assassin. Not a marksman but an assassin. He is part of one of those groups, which are two that I know about. They are small, maybe 4 at most per group. Something is not right with these teams, and they report only to a certain person who is the liason to the feds. I will try to find out more, but could this be Steve and Russ are talking about?

If you read my question on air, please do not mention my name. God bless you all. I’m praying for all of you.
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Viewers Feedback Response

YES, abso-friggin-lutely YES, I was approached shortly after I went through the Reserve POST training and was told that this was specifically why I was chosen.  I was to head up a “KILL SQUAD” and keep certain criminals out while the Local Law Enforcement had their own authorized criminals working for their financial gain.

I was given the authority to choose my own “Crew” and was told to make a list of Equipment, anything I wanted, I would be working undercover of course.  I would report to only one person, the rest of the time, would be my own, training, physical fitness & such, but when I was called the “Crew” had to be ready at a moments notice, and all witnesses were to be rendered unable to testify as to what we were doing.

Yeah…that is what they wanted.   Shortly after telling the Detective that I would like to assemble a :”Crew” and then make my decision on how I would like to handled the assignment, I left the State, partly because of this, partly because of the DOD.  Eventually I left the USA, for an extended period of time, as I was told there were more than one agency issuing a Contract to Kill Me…no loose ends.

 I’ve seen this personally in at least two Sheriff’s Office where the Sheriff was ex-or Retired FBI with unlimited campaign funding as the Power of the County 1874 Posse Comitatus has been the ultimate law of the land.  Coroner is second in power constitutionally, and Staters, & Feds are meant to be subservient to these Powers, but if the FBI or other Fed Group is in that position..the Feds have free-reign of the County….



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