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Alex as your Clone

James every time I go to a Va facility for any treatment, I am asked by the clerk assisting me if I am a Va employee. When I tell them no, they are surprised.  Apparently there is a special log in screen that pops up when they enter my info, they say it is similar to a Va employee log in but different.  Most have told me they have never seen that screen before.  They verify my info and proceed to normal screen log in after this page.  None of them would allow me to see the page, but I have been told more than once that someone is notified whenever I go for treatment.  That someone could be a person or an agency they said but had no further information.  The supervisors also have no further info.  I usually get asked if I was in any special units or am still active, as that could be a reason maybe.
This adds to the Va strangeness.  I am a Gulf War 1 vet.  Upon discharge in 1997 I was required to submit to a Gulf War physical by the Va.  I took the physical in Raleigh, NC around Aug 1997.  One doctor over saw my physical as it required a few appointments.  About August or September 2012, I went to the emergency of the Va hospital at Mather Field, Sacramento, Ca, for high blood pressure.  While sitting on a gurney waiting for the medicine to work, a doctor comes over and greets me as if we knew each other and tells me he is treating me.  I did not recognize him, and he said he saw my name on the patient list and took over as physician.  He said he was the doctor who gave me my Gulf War physical in Raleigh, NC in 97, and he remembered me.  He also told me he recalled I had been diagnosed with one side of my heart slightly enlarged and wanted to see how that was doing.  He ordered an EKG, which turned out ok.  I don’t recall an enlarged heart diagnosis at all,  I thought it was odd to get him as a doctor again after that many years and he remembered me.  Coincidence I guess.
I hope this explains Alex and him being a possible clone.  I will say that Alex was a flesh and blood person I knew back around 93-97, not really a friend, but knew and worked for at times in my unit.  He or his image started appearing to me in late 2010.  He would appear sort of out of focus, is the best I can describe, kind of like what you might think a ghost would be but different in my eyes.  I thought he was a remote viewer from whoever I used to work for.  He said he was watching me to see if I could still do what I used to do, bi-location.  He was never malicious or mean or harmful.  In fact he intervened when others were attacking me more than once.
Gunnar, who I will explain next email, could also see Alex and interact with him.  Alex was also seen by both of our mothers.  It came to a time when I asked Alex to leave, I did not understand what was happening.  He left quietly, and has been around few times since the end of 2011.  He could not tell me who he worked for, or did not know.  I could not figure out if he was a computer program,, AI, that had read my mind some how, or what he was.  He was around so much I was hard to think of him being a real flesh human remote viewing me.  I recently have come to the conclusion that Alex might have died in flesh and blood at sometime after 97 and this was his spirit as a guardian angle.  I am not 100% but that’s my best guess.  
Alex as your clone, I can’t say specifically why but I have a strong feeling this could be the case.  I cannot explain the time difference, except I know they mess with time and time lines.  It could be that or I could be wrong. No way to prove anyway.  I am telling you as a thought and maybe some of your experiences would fit if this was a clone.   That’s for you to decide.  Alex, I recall was about 6’5″ over 225 lbs. bodybuilder type, probably close to 20″ biceps.  I could say he looked like you but larger jaw or more pronounce jawline, had rougher complexion, likely from steroids, short brown hair, a little curly or wavy.  I have had no luck finding any record of the Alex I knew.


Looks like your living a double life LOL


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