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Alex Diaz – Turning Reptilian – February 15, 2012

Alex Diaz February 15, 2012 – Turning Reptilian

Alex wanted to go into the future and we when he did he saw a scene full of trees and grass. Looks like a Mayan temple nearby, there are hot girls swimming in the lake which is warm like a hot water spa. They have sex, everyone has a good time.

Next scene is on the street, not many people are around as it’s late and there is a thunder storm and lightening in the sky. Alex is sitting in his new car, its blue like a hot wheels car.

Next memory

We are in a portal which contains greenish white, blue, and multiple colored lights. I am wearing button up shirt he is wearing black shirt and shorts. Portal opens in the restaurant. We are discussing something. How we can get super soldiers together and how we can help each other. We have a device that can track them online using some kind of software.

There is a reptilian device nearby given to us by xxxxx. We type in the code 6741931 and instantly we teleport to a spaceship. We are given a radiation suit, space mask, and weapons. The craft lands and we step outside we see trees and grass similar to planet earth but the sky is purple and pink.

There are reptilians and greys here. They want us to collect some stone specimens. We walk down trail, jump of a cliff, parachute down, walk into a cave. There are glowing green shards of some radioactive stone found in a cave. The need us to retrieve this because they can’t access it, it will blind them.

When we return to the craft and placed into the trip chair. They move our soul, mind, body, spirit, consciousness into a clone avatars. My original body is now in a comma.  Now I look like a giant monster now, 7 to 8 foot tall. I have three fingers, green leathery scaly skin, and a club like weapon.

We are the same species as the beings on this ship but we are enhanced versions more muscular, stronger, faster, quicker, and smarter. We are now reptilian super soldiers.

Alex gets put into trip chair as well. He lays down and lets the machine scan him. It analyzes everything, mind, body and soul. A helmet is placed over his head. He sees lights now: blue, white, red, yellow, green. The radioactive shards are put into the trip chair. It helps unleash the avatar making it stronger and more energy but the original body can die if we don’t return back in time.

The reptilians are going to war with these other beings. They have three eyes, 5 to 6 feet tall. They are fighting over our territory and we reptilians don’t like to share. We are sent out to destroy their machinery.  The battle was an easy one.

Next memory

Alex sees Tiyan. He wants you to know something. Tiyan is you brother, his human form is Adam. They are same person mind, body, spirit, soul everything.

He has message

“Look young man, you need to stop slacking and get back to what you need to do, you know the time will come brace yourself for combat. It’s time to destroy the enemy strong holds.”

In order to do this we need to reach golden form. If you use this code “75458301 activate sequence frequency Agent Sabertooth 30641” It will help you become gifted and teleport but ask XXXXX for help he knows what to do.

Tiyan wants you to communicate more with Adam.

Victor is a clone, the one you talk to is not him that’s why he doesn’t remember much. The original is in an underground base being tortured. He has been there since October 2010, or around the time he started to begin remembering. There is a tiny bit of his soul in the clone.

Tiyan wants you to do a video with Alex, Adam, but don’t ask Victor. He thinks his mind is in tack but he doesn’t remember much. Just let him talk at his own time, if he wants to join in the video he can but he won’t remember much. It’s time to expose everything.

Other than that, relax sit back and enjoy the ride.

Who Fredrick? He is worried about you. He wants to know if you are okay.

Next memory

This was a request from XXXXX he wanted to learn more about Subluxation.

Subluxation : Injects into joints that makes your body shape shift reptilian, changes emotions and mentality. Must be in trip chair and then given code “545361 Activate Launch Reptilian Mode,” after that should turn into reptilian.


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