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Alice in Wonderland S4 Area 51 Looking Glass Project, MKUltra, Monarch Program, Lazerus Project, & T

MKUltra is not just simple brainwashing created by the three letter agencies to dupe its assets and brainwash the public, its much much more and very complicated:
The Monarch Program is linked with Alice in Wonderland S4 Area 51 The Looking Glass Project = Looking Glass Technology – Device using wormhole technology to see into future probability or past. The original technology was derived from cylinder seals that slightly predate Sumerian time frame. Some of the information was recopied in Sumerian cylinder seals. This information was a series of instructions for accessing wormholes, which naturally pass in the hyperspace in which we find ourselves. And from there scientists worked on the technology, they built the equipment from the instructions. After building the equipment from the instructions, they began to tweak it and find different things out about it. One of the things that they found is that they could actually use it as a peering portal, like a peering glass, if you will, to see different aspects of, not only the future, but the past. This device (at least 3 to 4 years ago) could not focus on a detailed sequence of activities in the future. In other words, you could not see exactly what would happen, like a series of events. Consider the multiverse idea combined with work by Richard Gott on cosmic strings. The multiverse apparently is accessed when the forward mode is set. Consider the views provided by looking glass as one of many potential realities (at least in the future view mode). In viewing some possible future events, it was discovered that this type of technology was a possible contributing factor to a cataclysmic event. The groups using the technology all agreed to dismantle the technology and agreed not to use it until after the year 2017. It was also discovered that information about this technology had been purposely planted in the past to many areas of the world. One such place was Iraq, which has been confiscated.
Lazerus Project: Bouncing Time = Looking backwards in time, near present, and also seeing events in the near future. There are precogs that naturally have these abilities or the human brain can be modified for the left hemisphere and right hemisphere to work the same, becoming a super computer with amplification of neurolink implants making it possible to have these abilities.
Tesseract Project: Time Twist = Time Traveling into the Past, Near Present, or into the Future. As well as folding space time in order to teleport from one location to another.
Genetic cellular memory, DNA, RNA holds vast repositories of knowledge and abilities like being able to naturally open star gate way portal systems on planets, teleport from various locations, work with energetic artifacts to power up time travel machines that work with time dilation principles. Anything within the genetic cellular memory can be activated and these capabilities are no longer berried or latent within the DNA or RNA now they are active.
The MKUltra Monarch Program
The truth about the Monarch Program from MKUltra is that it’s real and they’re elite undercover MIB operatives. The compartmentalization of memory was necessary due to the time travel aspect of their activities which is way beyond top secret.
They’re basically like living machines, and those whom have stumbled upon them have no idea what they’re dealing with. They were born with the Monarch system already in place in the brain, and with information encoded genetically.
There is a certain amount of dehumanization that comes when things are explained in this way, and we just want to take a minute to explain here that they are people with thoughts and feelings, and hopes and dreams just like everyone else.
Memory compartmentalization was needed so they didn’t affect the timeline inadvertently with information from the future. Many of them were also volunteers, and the reason they tend to freak out over what they’ve been through is because they don’t remember volunteering.
The symbol of the Monarch butterfly was used for them because of the genetic memory, and it also symbolizes “The Butterfly Effect” movie which dealt with changes in time. The symbol had been seen being used with Monarchs before the movie came out because of time travel.
Some of them were sent way back in time for the purpose of gathering wealth and power, and setting up events to in order to manifest the correct future. That’s why certain bloodlines were carefully guided to hold on to the Monarch system and genetically encoded information.
They’re able to change physical appearance based on the different “personality” that is brought forward. Hair, skin, and eye color, facial structure, height, weight, muscularity, gender, and age. Even tattoos can appear and disappear.
The way the shapeshifting works is a partition in the brain is taken and programmed from a blank slate. This partition is completely amnesic, and has no idea who it is, or what it looks like.
Using Virtual Reality, a carefully crafted image is displayed on the ultra realistic VR headset, and the blank partition is made to believe they are looking into a mirror of themselves.
When they think they are seeing themselves for the first time, it changes the belief system, and the body physically changes to match the belief.
Once their appearance is set, they begin an accelerated learning program to construct their identity and background for their new role.
They can essentially be made immortal, because the partitions can be reprogrammed into believing they are younger. The perception of strength and speed can be altered by making them believe they are lifting more weight, or running faster than they actually are in VR, which then translates into the real world.
These different alters are used for deep cover operations through time, as well as espionage and blackmail in the present.
Some individuals who didn’t have the whole story about them, but knew about the quality of their bloodlines, attempted to install mind control systems of their own using the trauma based methods for their own selfish reasons. What they didn’t know is that the Monarch systems are closed systems with backups.
VAST amounts of compromising information has been gathered on various people in positions of power all over the world, and they are being blackmailed into cooperating with us or the evidence will be released.



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