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Alien and SSP Involvement in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, 2022-Present.

By John Withberg

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is subject to heavy involvement by both alien and SSP factions. Both governments and their various paramilitary organizations are subject to off-world agendas.

To understand this, a historical overview is required. Since WWII and possibly long before, Ukraine has been assaulted and infiltrated by the Aldebaranite Empire. This group has aligned itself now with Russia. Ukraine bears a strong topographic resemblance to the Aldebaranite home world and is therefore highly desirable. Ukraine is also home to numerous ET bases underground, both positive and negative. There’s a sizable Tau Cetian community in Crimea. Kyiv and Kharkiv have cities underneath them inhabited by several reptilian species, mostly positive. These bases are largely being, or have already been, evacuated.

The Ukrainian military is receiving ongoing assistance from Tau Ceti, Epsilon Reticuli, the so-called Inner Earth Aryans, and Nacht Waffen, all of whom have either genetic or historical ties to Ukraine. The Tau Cetians have been providing energy weapons. The Epsilon Reticulans are training soldiers in psychic warfare. The Inner Earth Aryans are protecting certain historic sites, particularly those suspected to contain ancient technology. Nacht Waffen has set up an underground Bundes Lager (Federal Camp) in the countryside of the Donbas region. They’ve been providing Ukraine with technology for both combat and espionage purposes, in exchange for the use of Ukrainians as off-world super soldiers. The evacuations have also largely been undertaken by Nacht Waffen and its aligned groups. They have also provided Ukraine with several hand-me-down Hanebu series craft.

Russia’s main supporters have been the Aldebaranite Imperial Military, a rogue faction of Naga, as well as a galactic terrorist organization known as The Orion Syndicate. This group is headed by a group of Draco who split from the Draconian Empire. The Orion Syndicate has provided Russia with a type of android that strongly resembles those in the film Elysium. These are used as extermination squads. After a bombing raid, when the civilians emerge from their basements and bunkers, these androids show up and machine gun survivors. The Aldebaranite Empire has been providing Russia with personnel in exchange for slaves and a promise of areas to settle, should Russia win the war. The Wagner Group, a Nazi paramilitary organization, is an Aldebaranite auxiliary branch. The rogue Naga group has provided Russia with espionage tech in exchange for humans to eat.

In conclusion, the war currently seems to be moving in favor of the groups assisting and controlling Ukraine. However, this could change very rapidly if Nacht Waffen were to switch sides, which it may, if diplomatic relations with Russia were to improve. However, even if Ukraine is victorious, it will be but a tiny part of an ongoing ET war.


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