Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Alien Archon Implants and Removal – Alexandra Meadors


Imagine these archontic parasites and controllers no longer taking over your emotions and feeding off of your despair and physical and emotional pain…
Imagine having that old wiring and patterning disconnected and your True, Sovereign Self emerging….
Imagine now seeing everything more clearly and from Christ Consciousness….
Imagine that now your vibratory rate is elevated to the point of a transformation….

This is what is happening to many, as they have these Etheric Implants and Etheric Shackles removed!

Alexandra Meadors of http://GalacticConnection.com joins us on “Shattering The Matrix” Radio where she speaks about Implant Removal. Alexandra and Reverend Pamela Plauche’ work together to remove etheric implants that are negatively affecting so many people, especially Light Workers. Having implants make many in the Spiritual Communities ineffective by not allowing us to express or function from our full Divine Power and Authority.
Alexandra will discuss her personal experience with these implants and the fantastic transformation that has ensued after their removal.
She also shares how those that decide to remove these implants now, considered the first-wavers, are going to receive incredible blessings.
Alexandra will discuss etheric implants, what they look like, the removal process and how everyone can be liberated from the control of these “Alien” and Archontic control mechanisms and be sovereign.
This information is extremely important and necessary in order to obtain one’s liberation from this 3D reality.
This is the answer we’ve been waiting for! Don’t miss this very important interview…

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