Some human looking races are Nordic blonds, repto blonds, blues, ashtarians,kamagolians, (portugals fatima connection), koldasians, itibians, and Dals. MIB’s are hi tech holographic projections controlled by greys from orion which also control the biodrones (a creation of androids). Other groups are Belletrax, (3 1/2 ft), reticulans (4 1/2 ft), and the talls (6-9 ft). Human/grey crossbreeds, red haired or orange humanoids, yeties(bigfoot), dwarfs, bafath, ummos, targans, akartians, and green big eyes . Nagas originated from draconian laboratories populating the Uigher Asian empire from Draconian laboratory programming schedules mixing reptilian with nordic blond important to the serpent races it created a way discarnate reptile entities could posses a breed without being prematurely dragged from the earth plane by lower fourth dimensional connections. . the gods of niburu are a section of this hybrid creation.and Poseidon was a reptilian ruler.

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