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Alien Species

Written by John Witberg

Alpha Draco/Royal Draco. Winged reptilian humanoids, between 15 and 18 feet tall. Around 95% of them are white, however black and various shades of green ones do exist. Noted for their extreme arrogance. Most are taught that the universe is their plaything to do with as they please. However, some members of this species are very loving and gentle.
Warrior class Draco, real species name unknown. These look essentially like the Egyptian God Sobek, having a roughly humanoid body with a long tail and the head of a crocodile. Due to their culture, they’re ferocious warriors, but also very honorable.

Agartha Reptilians. A type of species created by mixing human DNA with the DNA of a Chameleon. They change color depending on their emotions. Generally hostile.
Black Draco, real species name unknown. Fairly humanoid reptilian species with long tail. They’re actually very pretty up close. Due to the Draco caste system, they’re typically given jobs in military intelligence. Most are on black goo, and are therefore very nasty, but those not on black goo are often very easygoing and friendly.

Working class Draco, proper name Draksilian. Usually lime green, and the most human looking of the Draco system. Very human like in personality also. Most have not been exposed to black goo, and therefore maintain a normal personality.

Watchers. Another species of humanoid reptilian, usually black skinned with yellow eyes. Some have a spiked tail resembling that of a Stegosaurus. I’ve personally seen them watching in the background observing during abductions. They’re apparently harmless. They usually cloak themselves, but those with abilities can see them.

Naga. A serpentine humanoid, usually green but they also exist in many other colors. Very spiritually advanced, but technologically they cling to a tribal lifestyle. They had an empire many thousands of years ago, which is why their tribes are scattered across the galaxy. The tribe on Earth is noted for being quite evil, unlike most others.
Perseusites. A reptilian humanoid native to the constellation Perseus. Usually a turquoise color. Generally friendly, and highly sexual.

Iguanoid. Reptilian resembling a humanoid Iguana. Very nasty, they’re key players in the galactic slave trade. They also eat humans as a delicacy.

Epsilon Reticulan. Around 12 feet tall, dark brown with blue eyes. Generally very friendly to humans. Noted for their crystal based technology, particularly their crystal based quantum computers. They work with the U.S. Navy, and with positive factions of the Ukrainian government.

Tiamat Indigenous Reptilians. A bright yellow species resembling a humanoid gecko. Generally friendly. Possibly extinct after the destruction of Tiamat.
Martian Raptors. Resemble a Deinonychus dinosaur, but they stand upright. They hate humans because of the genocide being committed against them by the Germans. They’re currently in a refugee crisis.

T-Rex beings. Around 18 to 20 feet tall, with a humanoid body and the head of a T-Rex. They consider humans as the cockroaches of the galaxy, and would like to see us be wiped from existence.

Ayeclonians. Lizard beings around 4 feet tall. Usually light green. They’re notorious scrappers and pirates. Their personality and behavior resembles that of the Jawas from Star Wars. Typically regarded as pests, but they’re actually quite friendly.

Salamander beings. These resemble the Spotted Salamander, but they’re around 12 feet long. They’re able to build cities due to their extremely advanced telekinetic abilities. They’re not hostile, but they’re very difficult to communicate with due to how their mind works.

Gopher humanoids. A furry humanoid species with the head of a gopher. Very friendly, though surprisingly very militant.

Feline Humanoid. A highly spiritual race from the constellation Lyra. They’re at war with the Draconian Empire and have been for millions of years. They have strained relations with humanity, and are highly militant. Generally unfriendly, but not actively hostile.

Cannonians. Also known as Dogmen, they resemble a German Shepard. Very militant, but also friendly to humans. They work closely with the U.S. Marines and their allies.

Minotaur. Native to the constellation Taurus, essentially a bipedal bull with human like arms. Some have hooves, most have human like feet. They’re usually black, but also exist in fox red and various shades of brown. They’re very dangerous, as their religion is centered on blood sacrifices of sentient beings. They also consider humans a delicacy.

Golden Ant beings. Native to Mars, they stand on their back 2 legs. They’re usually friendly, although extremely dangerous in battle. They’re notable for being one of the few insectoid species that aren’t a hive mind.

Xylanths. An insectoid race which bears a striking resemblance to the Xenomorphs of the Alien franchise. However, they’re completely different in every way except visually. They’re extremophiles that inhabit sulfur rich volcanic worlds such as Jupiter’s moon lo. They’re quite friendly, although due to environmental requirements, they don’t often mingle directly with humans. The SSP frequently outsources to them for mining on volcanic worlds.

Red Ant beings. A widespread insectoid species. Very friendly, although they’re also very literal in their thinking. They’re so spread out that they’ve seemingly forgotten their own origins.

Stick Bug beings. The indigenous inhabitants of the planet now called New Atlantis. They’ve been subjugated and enslaved by the Breakaway. They don’t generally like Earth humans.
June Bug beings. A very hostile insectoid race originating from the Orion constellation. They work closely with the Chinese, and are particularly skilled terraformers.
Imperial Mantids. A commonly seen species resembling a Praying Mantis. They originate from the constellation Bootes. They’re a hive mind, with each colony having its own queen who controls that hive mind. These regional queens all answer to the Empress, who controls the entire empire.

Cassiopeians. A human species that are visually indistinguishable from Earth humans, though rather different on a DNA level. They’re also highly telepathic and technologically advanced. Their military personnel wear black uniforms, their civilians dress very similarly to us.

Ivonians. The indigenous species of a planet currently colonized by the Argentine Breakaway. They’re around 7 feet tall and look Indian, except for their slightly pointy ears and pale blue eyes. Aldebaranite. From the star system Aldebaran, a Nordic species who visually pass for Swedish. They wear all white generally. Highly racist, they’re the species who inspired the Holocaust. They currently work with negative factions in the Russian military. They also have a base underneath Beirut, Lebanon.

Taygetan Pleiadians. Another human passing Nordic race, generally friendly, though their military actions are certainly highly questionable. They work with Solar Warden and with Kruger Mercenaries. They wear dark blue uniforms, and are often mistaken as U.S. Navy personnel.

Erran Pleiadians. Dark haired humanoids with pointy ears, around 12 feet tall. They likely inspired the myth of Elves. They’re reasonably friendly, but they’ve mostly refused relations with our military. They wear brown uniforms.

Andromedans. There are multiple Andromedan species, but the ones I recall look like Mediterranean humans, but their eyes are like cat eyes. They’re not generally friendly, though some are very nice. They dress like Men In Black.

Tau Cetians. A human species from the Tau Ceti system. Short and muscular, with light brown skin, dark hair, and pointy ears. Among our closest allies, they’re currently assisting the positive factions of the Ukrainian government. They wear burgundy uniforms.

Rogelians. A human species which looks like a 4 foot tall Japanese person. They’re friendly, though they’re noted for their quick temper and lack of patience. They’re very well known for their scientific accomplishments. They work closely with the militaries of the German and Japanese Breakaways, as with the Taiwanese military. They’re currently suffering from a famine, which has caused a refugee crisis. They wear all white clothing generally.

Vegans. A human species native to the Vega star system, they have light blue skin, black hair, and gold eyes. They average at around 10 to 12 feet in height. A Vegan was likely the inspiration for the Hindu God Krishna. They’re noted for their spiritual enlightenment, and their sense of humor.

Sirian As. Another blue human species from the Sirius A star system. Around 7 to 10 feet tall, with long silver hair and ears that look like fins. Very arrogant, but also quite humorous. They have close ties to the German Breakaway.

Typhonians. The indigenous people of the planet known as Typhon. They’re the height of the average Earth human, but with pastel purple skin and golden brown eyes. Most have white hair, some have black hair, some have red hair. They dress like Ancient Romans. They’re friendly, and very sexual.

Altairans. These are another human species, native to the Altair star system. They have turquoise skin and most have black hair, some have red or brown hair. They’re extremely
militarized. They have strong diplomatic relations with the German and Spanish Breakaway societies. They dress essentially the same as Earth humans.

Tall Whites/Annunaki/Zha.Ha.Mi. A human species that averages at around 12 to 15 feet tall. Very pale, thin, and wraith like. They wear white flowing robes. They’re a very ancient race. They’re not to be trusted, as they’re notorious for genocides and backstabbing. They’re currently running the U.S. Navy SSP. They also have ties to the French and Swedish SSPs.

Lyrans. Not to be confused with the feline humanoid Lyrans (above) there is also a human species originating from the constellation Lyra. They look like an archetypical Scottish person, and can quite easily blend in to the population of Earth, or vice versa. While the average working class Lyran is usually a decent person, their military and political leadership are notoriously infested with Black Goo, and because of this, the Lyran military is well known for committing many genocides, and is not to be trusted.

Alpha Centaurians. A kind of human/ Gray hybrid race that has human like skin, but the body of a Gray. They essentially look like bald naked humans, but with solid black eyes and no external genitalia. Despite their creepy appearance, they’re generally decent.

Zeta Reticulans. The archetypical “Tall Grays” from Zeta Reticuli. Around 8 to 10 feet tall, slim, with smooth gunmetal gray skin. Known for abducting humans, and presumably other races, mostly for use in hybrid programs. Not to be trusted.

Ebens. Another species of Tall Gray, but distinguishable by their large noses. Generally quite friendly. They have close relations to both the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force.

Solipsi Ra. Another Gray species, around 15 feet tall and more blue than gray. Generally positive. They’re the source of the satellite technology used by the SSP.

Maytra. These are the archetypical “Small Grays.” They originate from a planet in the Betelgeuse star system. They also have a massive colony on Mercury. They’re a hive mind. They’re also quite evil, being one of the biggest players in the galactic slave trade. They also eat human meat as a delicacy.

Small Blues. Much like the Small Grays listed above, but their skin is a cobalt blue. They’re mostly negative. I have memories of them coming into my room as a child to frighten me. A few other abductees have reported the same. Other info about this species is lacking.

Arcturians. These look like the “Tall Grays” described above, except lime green. These are perhaps the most friendly species that currently deals with the militaries of Earth. They had an empire which is now a shadow of its former self, meaning there are now many abandoned cities built by them. Most of these cities are fairly intact, which makes them ripe for being repurposed as Breakaway colonies.

Small Pinks. These resemble the Matreya above, but with fuchsia pink skin, rather than gray. They seem to be a member of one of the local interspecies councils. Other information about them is lacking.

Aquafarians. An aquatic humanoid race from the Sirius B star system. Usually light blue, with a dark red streak down the middle of their back. Highly xenophobic, although some are very nice.

Europans. An aquatic species, native to Jupiter’s Moon Europa. They look like bioluminescent eels. They’re around 100 feet long, and have human like arms instead of fins. They glow light blue. They’re very spiritually advanced, but their civilization is currently only at its Stone Age level of development. They hate humans, especially Americans, for invading their territory and for frequently abducting them to use in experiments.

Trout People. A vaguely humanoid shaped aquatic being with the head of a trout. Native to an ocean planet in the Rigel system. They trade with Earth militaries, and are the source of a certain missile technology that’s highly prized.

Seahorse Person. A rather mysterious species that looks like a seahorse, but with a human head and arms. They move by swimming through the air. They’re generally friendly, although very reticent to speak about their species.

Plasma Orb. Literally looks like an orb of light. They’re usually scared of humans, at least the ones on Earth. Those on other planets are generally extremely hostile.
Shapeshifters. A higher density species that commonly enters 3D. They can take the form of anything that’s a similar size to themselves. Generally very hostile.

This concludes the list. While it’s far from comprehensive, these are all the races I can consciously recall the details of, excluding the many hybrid and chimera races I’ve encountered.


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