Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Alters are Alternate Beings

It has occurred to me -as I begin, once again, to interface with my alters- that our alters are individuals, as we are individuals. They are actually ‘Alternate Beings’ – they are beings in the same sense that we, as individuals, are beings, regardless of how they were created. Acknowledging alters as ‘Alternate Beings’, opens a new door. We are all individuals within the Collective which is our Higher Self or as I prefer to refer to it, the ‘Greater Being’ Clans, groups and collectives, seem to me to be the way of the universe; and so too it is with our alters (Alternate Beings) standing along side of us within ‘our’ personal Collective — the Greater Being, or Higher Self. We need to realign or perception of our situation with the reality, which exists. https://22bet-si.com/ – Osvojite glavni dobitek v licenciranih igralnih avtomatih. They are individuals within the Great Being, or Higher Self, as we and our past lives are individuals. They are separate, ‘equal’ and distinct individuals, regardless of how they were created (i.e., even if they came into being from fractured facets or slivers of us- or our ‘essence’) They all hold an equal and individual spot within the Greater Being as do we. They reside on equal footing as do we – and are NOT simply a facet (or alternate personality) of the person we currently are. This is a very key distinction to be made – and not by any means semantics, or a play on words. But rather, an important clarification of the relationship which we share with our alters. We must always relate with our alters ‘as’ distinct individuals. And we must relate to them in love, appreciation of their individuality and with gratitude for their existence within our lives. We are all joined at the hip -if you will- whether we know it or not. For we can not leave their side, nor can they, leave ours.

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