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An Interview with Angelia Cardwell, a Milab

 By James Bartley – Copyright with all rights reserved

This is an interview with a female Milab from England. “Angelia Cardwell” (pseudonym) is one of the most important milabs to ever surface. In this exclusive interview, Angelia provides information about a variety of subjects. Angelia has endured horrendous abuse including frequent gangstalking, electromagnetic harassment, psychic attacks from satanic covens, abductions from Dracos and vitriolic abuse from shills and gatekeepers within the Mind Control Survivor community. Despite it all, Angelia has emerged as a leader in the Milab community. Angelia has provided encouragement and validation for many other milabs. It is an honour and a privilege to have been taken into the confidence of such a unique, brave and intelligent woman as Angelia Cardwell. In this interview the initials “JB” will refer to me and “AC” will refer to Angelia. “MC” stands for Mind Control. Angelia’s responses are in italics.

JB – Can you describe your background, genetic heritage and your upbringing?

AC – My background in terms of my family upbringing would seem fairly normal to any outsider but is far from it. As with most families used by the Illuminati, there are hidden depths that even some of my family members may not have been aware of, especially in terms of having been deliberately brought together to produce offspring with potential  capabilities through certain genetic bloodlines. My family background in terms of genetics is a little varied:  I am German, Latvian, English and Irish blood lines, making me Norse/Latvian, Germanic and Celtic in terms of bloodline, although I was made aware that there is a Babylonian bloodline in my family also through my mother’s side. There are Nazi connections on my father’s side, but Germanic blood lines on both sides (mother and father). My upbringing was in a fairly normal suburb, and most family members have run their own businesses or been quite academic, some work as part of the Christian Church, which was fundamental to my upbringing, God and the church were a huge part of my childhood and programming. I was always recognized as being very good academically from a young age, which is one of the things they look out for, especially if you seem good at visual learning and art but also good at problem solving, math etc. I was always taught that the occult was wrong, although there are hints that this was not totally rebuked by all family members. I believe that this was to give a “normal” front for our family life. I do know that I am the third generation I know of from my mother’s side to have experienced some things such as UFO abduction, out of four I have become aware of.

My mother and father were both deeply religious, and both had some troubled family backgrounds. They are both highly intelligent and also in my opinion both naturally psychic, although neither of them really explored that to any deep level on the surface. I do believe that they were both used in terms of a genetic pairing, and also both suffered from emotional traumas, and this is something else they look out for, as it makes offspring from such a couple potentially easier for programing through dissociation, especially with a magical genetic heritage. They were also both drawn to mystical aspects of spirituality even within the church. I had a weird childhood, whilst gifted at school, I found it hard to relate to some of the other children, things they felt and acted upon just did not make sense to me, including bullying, I just saw no point, which sometimes made me a target.

At home, I was expected to behave in a very strict environment, fraught with tensions, and also expected to behave in ways that were too adult for a child, with some of the sexual abuse I encountered from my step-father. From this I would often fold up into a world of my own, always reading books and imagining myself as certain heroes, which was great for dissociation. There are many large gaps in my memory from my childhood, which relate to places I have been taken to for programming and training which were memories hidden in alters. I have alters that are based on some childhood heroes from books and TV programs I watched.

There is nothing in surface memories to indicate at first glimpse any occult goings on, but on further inspection there are things that occurred that are not normal, and I believe my mother has also had some programming in that regard, and also was meant to pass on certain forms of visualizations and even local occult lore from the area I grew up in relating to local deities including Black Annis used by the cult. My family is multigenerational psychics, there are histories of healers and mediums and some Secret Society members. I believe some family members knew more than others what was going on. Some became willing participants and others were more reluctant but being born into that sort of lineage does not make it easy to say no. I have suffered greatly from my family alone, since speaking out and making it plain I will not return, let alone other members of this group and others. I would often find myself brutally punished for the slightest offence as a child, and locked in cupboards and held down, fingers bent backwards, arms locked and beaten. The sexual abuse was the worst, and the pedophilia group who used me, who also would take photos of their work and also videos which I am sure were passed around and sold on the black market. I was groomed for my step-father sexually and this was often overlooked or ignored, until I spoke out to a member of the church who took it seriously and friends at school. I suffered greatly for that also and was punished for it and have been for years by my family. The sexual abuse is just more of the programming though, and it leaves a person vulnerable to further abuse from future partners in life, which is what happened to me, constantly craving love you never really got at home, and then finding yourself trapped by it in a current relationship. Punishment and reward systems are used greatly by these cults as a form of control, including love and careers and friendships.

JB – When did you first start having paranormal experiences, including UFO sightings, alien abductions, encounters with demonic and/or angelic beings and psychic phenomena? Can you describe some of the entities you encountered?

AC – I first started having paranormal experiences as a very young child, about three years old, although from recovered memories, I was already having experiences such as astral projection whilst in the womb. My first UFO abduction recovered was at three and a half years old, and was linked to sightings and experiences my mother was having at that time also. This was a typical Grey or Zeta Reticuli encounter, which originally manifested as an Owl appearing at both my own and my mother’s bedroom windows, but was in fact no Owl at all. There were also sightings of shadow beings at this time also, my mother and her friends would notice shadows flickering out of the corner of their eyes and moving around the house, as would I, although I was also strangely enough being told that there was nothing but my imagination in this. I would often notice strange energy spots, hot and cold in the home, and had many astral visits from beings and from agents I now know or at least feel were NSA. I remember having “relatives” from the afterlife, telling me bedtime stories as a child, and explaining what I had come here for in this life, like a dead great aunt or great grandfather, and also visits from mantids and greys. I would also do a lot of day dreaming which I now know to be astral travelling with some beings. I had a vortex or portal open in my bedroom wall in one encounter, after an entity telling me about the hardships I would endure in this life, and becoming quite distressed, I tried to do what I could to “shut down” or try to leave my body and go to God, go home, and as I tried, the portal opened and I was taken to a cave deep within the earth and told in no uncertain terms by a reptilian that “YOU HAVE TO LIVE THIS LIFE”. It was very threatening and demanding and after scaring the bejeezus out of me brought me back to my bedroom, where my mother found me screaming in terror and fear, although, I also see this incident as another form of programming that was taking place by these entities. I had many encounters with fae or fairies as a child also, and saw dead people a lot.

JB – Did you always have recollections of the Mind Control and SRA which you endured from childhood or were the memories of the abuse part of a gradual process that began at a certain point in time?

AC – I had always thought that some of the abuse I suffered as a child was normal, that everyone went through this, so it took me many years to discover that it was not and that I was and had in fact been abused. I did not recover anything other than abuse in the home, until nineteen years old, when I had a first bleed through of a memory to do with a temple group who met in a certain location, but passed it off as a dream or fanciful thinking, as it just did not equate to what I thought was my life at that time, but now know it to have been a very important memory bleed through, which of course, they were keen to keep me from realizing what it really stood for. After that, my life became slowly more and more paranormal, as it always had been really, but I slowly came to realize that what I had been told was my childhood imagination was far from it, and that I was psychic. Many strange coincidences occurred after that, and my life was definitely being observed and pre-arranged for me, even in terms of education and career and love and social life, none of it was anything but pre planned and orchestrated really, which I find frustrating. My life feels very contrived in that regard. It has taken me many years to acknowledge that things I thought were normal were a part of the abuse, and things I had been told did not happen actually did, such as being whipped, which I was originally told was my imagination. It has been a slow process since the age of twenty three that I have recovered many memories and the others have come into proper perspective

JB – During this process of Self Discovery, were you aware of increased surveillance and efforts designed to keep you from learning more about your past?

AC –  There were indeed many efforts to keep me from understanding what was really going on in my life, and who I was. The surveillance was actually carried out by friends linked to the local cult in the area I grew up in, and also family members, but there are people who were also in my workplace that were a part of this. I was constantly advised to keep away from the occult after I met my ex-partner, although he seemed to be having quite a few paranormal experiences of his own, including a meeting with a demon who wanted to befriend him that he told me of. His family was completely against any talk of the occult though, and I was encouraged mainly in academic and career terms and the occult was only encouraged as a philosophical viewpoint, not as an actual practice, which, again I feel was a part of the training and programming to a greater or lesser degree. I was advised that I had never really been abused as a child by his and my own family, which was quite hurtful and painful, and another form of abuse in and of itself, and also that I had a fanciful memory, and should use this maybe to pursue some form of art career instead of looking at past family hurts. There was a great deal of hush hush work in that regard, and also when the gang stalking started at twenty three years old, a lot of gas lighting by friends and family members and my partner, who were all keen to tell me that I was potentially mentally ill. My partner was greatly abusive most of the time, mainly emotionally more than anything, but this graduated to social situations where he would put me down in front of our friends and when they did finally get me to agree to taking pharmaceutical drugs to help with my mental problems, they chose one that brought about a form of catatonia, and I could not move or speak, I know I was raped by my partner during this, and his reply was that “I just don’t know what has gotten into you, I still love you but this has to stop”, and he would growl and walk away, whilst I was hungry and in pain and unable to barely move or speak.

When I started to recover (I came off the drugs without telling anyone), I found that I was being attacked by astral adepts from my local area, and also demonic entities. I ran for my life from my partner and went to stay with friends, who also encouraged that I was just mentally ill and was having a nervous breakdown. I stayed after a few weeks there, with an Aunt in another country, and she also encouraged the mentally ill aspects, whilst there were many strange incidents that occurred there also. This Aunt is known for her connections to the occult, but strangely enough, did take me to a reiki healer, who said I was myself a potentially very gifted healer, I think that this was my family’s mistake on their behalf, that reiki did more for me than anyone could imagine, as soon as I had someone say “Your psychic, you’re a healer” my internal world changed and I got strength again, and saw through a lot of lies meant to keep me disabled and compliant. That was their biggest mistake, she gave me my power back in that way, and I soon left my aunt and went to pursue my life again. I still had them trying to control my career and social life, but it was getting harder for them to keep out the fact I was slowly deprogramming and becoming aware, which true spirituality does to you anyhow. They have fought it tooth and nail but have ultimately failed. My ultimate handlers have always been friends and family carefully placed around me, and any signs of me showing deprogramming or knowing the truth brought about more gang stalking.

JB – Can you describe some of the methods utilized to keep you from breaking out of programming and to prevent you from networking with other survivors of MC?

AC – The main tool was my ex-partner. Soon after living with my Aunt mentioned above, he persuaded me to take him back into my life, which was a huge mistake, but at that time, after the whole emotional roller coaster I had been on, love was a much needed thing and they used that. He was in all essence my handler, and was also receiving training in programming, using me as a guinea pig, especially for hypnotic commands. Even after I left him, I was made to feel that mental health was the only way forward and when I persisted with my psychic and spiritual abilities, they soon found ways to use that also, ensuring that my spiritual contacts were in touch with the cult and also that I could then hopefully be persuaded into darker forms of the occult, instead of reiki, which I started to see for what it was and quickly left. I received huge amounts of astral attacks during this time, and astral break-ins, meant to destabilize my reiki and spiritual training, and I was gas lighted in this regard also by pre-eminent psychics in the area. Only one psychic took me seriously: A Cherokee medicine woman who was living in and touring England at that time. She knew who I was and what was really happening although I did not, and she encouraged me to look at ET’s and the alien agenda and mind control. By others, I was encouraged to stay away from the conspiracy theory arena what is now known as the Truth Movement, and also to see it as too fearful and also full of lies. They also fell foul on this, when one warlock advised me to read up on Jordan Maxwell, and after that, some things started to fall into place. Most astral attacks then, and even now, have been sexual in nature, or have been demonic. I did get covens trying to break in and also adepts from temple groups. I was with new handlers by this point, I had left my partner for good and they knew I would not return to him, so it was down to a few select psychics to gas light me and keep me in line, who also did energy work they said to heal me, but which in reality was meant to cause me further distress and even destabilize my grounding abilities. I have had some similar experiences within the truth movement also, with people who claimed to be deprogrammers and healers, who are anything but in reality, and then claimed I was not taking enough personal responsibility for myself or ungrateful and have tried gas lighting me on some of my experiences. The worst attacks were by far from Freemasons, their magic is exceptionally powerful, and caused me many problems, they have abilities you will not find taught in any books or general pagan or spiritual groups, and have caused me some problems in the past which I had to fight to correct and get out of.

JB – It is fashionable in some circles within the MC survivor/research community to dismiss all accounts of Aliens and UFOs as merely being the result of the MC of the survivor and the stage managed viewings of advanced man-made craft and alleged “Blue Beam” holographic technology. Can you give us your perspective as someone who has had alien abduction experiences, why there really is a non-human Extraterrestrial/Interdimensional aspect to Milab experiences? What are the implications of this non-human element?

AC – The non-human element is very real. Whilst there are very human elements to this, with virtual reality, implants etc, there are very real beings working with these groups, who do work for their own agenda also who abduct either physically or astrally humans for their own purposes. Some may be for what is known as egg harvesting, some is for their own mind control experiments, and some is for implants, which are not always just for tracking purposes, but to enable them to be able to connect astrally to you once you’ve been physically abducted with these implants in place, and even affect your mind and energy state. The implications for me from my own perspective, is that we are being used, by beings who do not care for human sovereignty or for human beings at all, we are just as much a tool or food source to them, as horses and cows have been for us. I believe that there is much in the way of cloak and daggers and shadows and mirrors with the human and alien agendas, each trying to use the other for their own nefarious purposes which are to do with total mind control of an entire population of a planet, for use as slaves. One thing I can say about whether the experience has been mind control in terms of virtual reality or false memory or a real abduction, is that these beings smell, they also have a texture to their skin, and you cannot fake a memory that has all five senses, especially if it has a beginning and an end when running it through.

JB – Can you describe your experiences with the Draco and your thoughts on the role they play in the overall scheme of things?

AC – The Draco would have you believe that they are our Gods. They would have you believe the same way that an adept or warlock would, that they are the embodiment of God and Gods will, much in the way Crowley in his Thelemic teachings does. They are highly psychic and very scientific, they are also exceptionally brutal as a species, and do not care for us or have any empathy at all, but will use and manipulate us by these forces that we know of as love and care if it is to their agenda. They are in my experience beneath the Winged Serpents and above the Greys in hierarchy, but even the Winged Serpents have their masters. We are a food source in terms of emotional energy, but also I believe they have technology that utilizes human energies for other purposes which I am currently investigating, linked to the occult and magical practices that we have taken for granted, with people not asking who and why and where these magical occult schools of form ever came from. I would urge anyone to check and re-check the lineage of any psychic or occult school and who these people are linked to. I hope to have more to say about this at some point, but I will see what happens in that regard. You never really know what entities you are being linked to, and there are beings that shape shift, not just the Djinn that play many games with us in the astral realms and in other ways also. I believe that certain magical schools have been directly influenced by such beings in my opinion, for the energies and mind sets that they create, to create human agents and assets to their agenda. The ultimate goal though is about control, the reptilians are all about control, nothing else.

JB – Much has written about the role that “Shadow Beings” and “The Djinn” play in the control and manipulation of the human race. Have you observed these Shadow Beings and the Djinn in your experiences?

AC – Shadow beings work closely with the Greys, mantids and the Draco and other reptilian beings. They have their own agenda, and consider the Earth to be theirs, you need to read Rosemary Ellen Guilleys book the “Vengeful Djinn” to further understand this, but they have a vested interest in the manipulation of human beings, right down to a spiritual warfare game, which I personally believe has been played out on humans for millennia. I believe George Kavasillas also has huge insights here also. The Djinn are like smoke in form, and are certainly made of fire in terms of plasma. They are highly intelligent and it is my belief that they have also had a huge impact on magical lore and training of humans also. Enochian magic and Solomonic magic is much to do with Djinn as with other forces also. They were certainly used to train us psychically as children in MILABS and also observe us in the home setting…part befriending us and part brutal teachers. You get taught your psychic abilities through a fight or flight scenario with these beings, which really causes chakra problems later on in my experience. I believe that there are people in the military that have had much to do with these beings and I know from memories in that regard there is strange stuff going on, it is quite scary actually. Portal technology and Djinn technology have and are being researched, that should be making us shudder.

JB – The controllers know that within certain human-hybrid bloodlines, there exist latent metaphysical capabilities. Within the context of the ritualistic and/or technological aspect of these milab programs, can you describe how the energies/frequencies from the chakra system of milabs are accessed and how these frequencies are utilized to advance the agenda of the controllers?

AC – This is a huge topic of its own which I have been investigating for some time and have much to say on and will have more to say later on. We are multidimensional beings and we are being used as magical tools in a way by forces incomprehensible to most humans for these abilities. We are in short nothing more than a magical tool to manifest the wishes of the masters who hold us as slaves in these programs, much like an athame or a wand, to command and instruct energies to their will and agenda. Humans are linked to an energetic grid system and we also have the ability to use that for our highest good to heal and become Gods in our own right. These programs use those abilities for government and alien agendas. There is much to do with portals and time travel in this, based in part on what is known as magical alchemy in terms of the ratio of time and energy created by each chakra and also the links with the human soul in terms of platonic solids and manifestation. Sexual energy is most important in this. It is pure creation energy, it does not just give birth to children, utilized well it can help with manifestation. It is thought that Aleistar Crowley used it to affect time and open portals. This probably explains a lot about the sexual manipulation of the human species especially by Greys for kundalini. The stargates and portals that are opened are much to do with time control and the ability to manifest the will of these interdimensional forces for their agenda on our time line, as well as travelling from dimension to dimension. I have alters that only work in certain dimensions, that they are tailored through programming to do work there on other planets. This is why so many MILABS get sexual programming, it is a part of the energy they need you to manifest that they can use and manipulate.

JB – When in the presence of ETs, milabs often manifest metaphysical capabilities such as walking through solid objects, the ability to interface with ET technology, telekinesis etc. Can you describe your observations and insights into the multi-dimensional/metaphysical capabilities of milabs and milab alters?

AC – Many of our original metaphysical capabilities were greatly enhanced through the use of genetic manipulation in one form or another. For instance, it is known that some ET technology will only work with a particular genetic group or species, and in order for a MILAB to be able to use this technology they would need a DNA addition or change. I have several such DNA changes made to myself to be able to interact with and work with certain ET groups and their technology. We also as a result of this DNA enhancement can become greatly enhanced in our abilities to be telepathic, remote view etc, which is very useful for the military as well as the ET’s. There are also implants given which also work alongside this, which also lock our abilities down when we are not in use by these species or the military, which can be greatly frustrating, especially when you have memories of being able to levitate and find it impossible in “normal” day to day function. The alters fit into this by the way that some of them are placed or created through chakra alignments. For instance, I once asked my higher self where the genetic structure or code is for levitation, I was guided to my solar plexus and taken through a series of energetic channels to find the pathway through my body which would enable this ability. Part of the problem is down to spiritual lock down and mind control in front alter personality that I could not access this ability, the other part of the problem was down to the implants used to lock this ability away. When in a particular alter, I do have this ability to levitate and have the memory even of where it was taught, but whilst this alter is locked away and also with the implant activated, I would find it at this time impossible. Alters are often for this reason, created through particular meridian and chakras levels and channels to be able to have certain functions and also as a result depending on what they need you for, will call through more than one alter, you may have a team of alters with specific energy functions and capabilities depending on what they need you to be able to do called up before you are sent on any mission. This is why the merging of alters is an important key to be able to access our abilities, as well as overcoming the implant situation.

JB – A number of milabs have reported that the military has the capability of installing “shadow entities” into milabs. Can you comment on this?

AC – This is something I touched upon in my interview with Randy Maughans and Miranda Kelly on the Off Planet Radio site. I know that I had placed in my chakras, etheric implants which looked like cylinders, these greatly enhanced some of the psychic abilities through the chakras but also contained some of what I thought originally were alters. One of the things that I then found was that they housed or contained certain entities, including shadow beings when not in use. If you think of Djinn or shadow beings, being placed like the genii in a bottle, it is kind of that effect, although, in my opinion, not just shadow beings are used in this way.

JB – An “Angelic” language such as Enochian, which was recovered by Dr. John Dee, the Astrologer Royal of Queen Elizabeth I, is frequently discussed in milab and monarch circles. Are you familiar with the use of Enochian and other angelic or ET languages in regards to milab programming and milab ops? Likewise, many milabs have stated they have alters which can speak one or more present-day languages. Can you comment on this as well?

AC – I know that I was trained in magic from a young age, and so believe that some of the languages I speak were because that alter was trained in that language. I know that I also speak some other languages such as “shuraim”, which is the language of the Djinn, this may be in part due to many interactions with these shadow beings over the years, as well as being hooked up to them energetically for use. I know that certain magical languages have come originally from other off world beings and dimensions. The other part to the language use that I have found is it’s vibrational aspect, especially when looking at Hebrew language for instance, and its effects magically on DNA, which is why when certain words are uttered they literally produce a magical effect when used in conjunction with will and concentration. Noam Chomsky’s early work into language and DNA is very important to look at and understand as a part of this process. Language is another form of energetic programming in this way also, especially for mind states and dissociation. This is known of by those who practice certain forms of mantras and trance states produced and used heavily by trance magicians for invocations, which I was also used in as a form of magic. Some MILABS feel that they have what is called “Universal Translators” or some kind of implant or microchip which helps them access certain ET languages, this would make sense to a point, but I myself have several ET alters and they speak different languages associated with those ET groups. I do also believe that we get downloaded with information about ET languages also though as well as customs, manners and behavior. In regards to speaking Earth based languages, I do believe that we are used in programs on this world where they are needed. I have memories of being used in assassinations against certain mafia style groups, where this would have been most useful, as well as any customs related to that cultural group and setting. I am sure that we get taught these languages but that there are also downloads placed in us to further access such information.

JB – There seems to be a number of deep black programs which exploit milabs and monarchs. There may be overlap between some programs but it seems that a number of them run parallel to one another. Yet, many milabs seem to think that what they observed and the manner in which they were programmed is the “Be All and End All” of the milab experience. This absolutist and dogmatic mindset sows the seeds of acrimony and disharmony. Can you comment on this?

AC – I believe that we are all used in conjunction with what they see in us energetically from a karmic/akashic, perspective right down to DNA and ancestry. That at the end of the day is what they have to work with. They also have in programs and out of them used and pitted us against each other in such ways through knowledge of our core personality traits also. This is no more than knowing the key core personality of a person and their soul and how to manipulate it and use it for an agenda. There is no be all and end all of the MILAB mind control experience. So many of us have been used in so many different dimensions and forms, for varied purposes, and this all has to be taken into account. Each person will have a unique perspective as well because of this, as well as their normal subjective interpretation of events they went through and that of others. One person may remember working well with benevolent mantid beings, whilst another may remember them as less than pleasant, it depends on what they wanted you to do, and also even remember once reclaiming your memories. I know of people who remember me as being a frightful bitch in the programs and evil as hell, but I also have memories of others being this way to me also. It does not mean anything to me personally other than, that is how they or I were programmed to be in an alter personality in those circumstances and experiences. It is not the totality of who we are. I accept that these memories are traumatic though, and as such people deal with trauma in different ways. At the end of the day, the culprits are the people who programmed us. They are the ones everyone should be annoyed with and getting mad at.

JB – There are aspects of the milab experience which seems to have been sensationalized or glamourized. Many male milabs in particular think of themselves as “supersoldiers” forgetting that they have been used as MC’d slaves to advance an agenda that may be inimical to the survival of the human race. This mindset has led to endless infighting amongst members of the MC “Truth Movement.” Can you comment on this?

AC – I am of the opinion that we are more than the programs, and we are more than just a “super soldier” or “alpha” or “omega” unit, which are terms I hate as it actually negates the slave aspect of what we were built for. No one is a mere MONARCH, or Super Soldier, we are all mind controlled programmed individuals, and we are all more than a mere label given as a social or scientific term for what occurred, and we would all do well to remember that. We are humans, as we are Gods as we are part of the God consciousness, to see oneself or anyone else in the programs in any other way is just plain stupid to me personally. Labeling people to categorize them is more of the divide and rule mind set, it does not promote unity, peace, or spiritual growth and people in my opinion should snap out of it. It is like saying a cancer patient is the cancer, or a rape victim is just a rape victim, it is just stupid and lacking empathy. I have been attacked for this opinion many times, maybe because people do find a sense of self and power through such archetypes of being after trauma, but the truth is different, and to allow yourself to feel that way actually promotes more of the dissociation, and further seals you away from your true core self. I was not prepared in that regard for how people would react to my opinions, and people become precious about their identities and experiences, especially after probably being told how crazy they are for years, so I understand it, but personally don’t see it as healthy. There is a spiritual warfare within the truth movement also, and this does nothing to help us help each other. Whilst the truth movement is certainly needed, there are people within it who definitely have their own agenda, and have set priorities and also decided to set boundaries on what is truth and what is not. My thoughts on this, are to thoroughly research and investigate any one’s claims, even my own, to see how they stand up, and also know that people still need help, compassion, and healing regardless. You cannot dismiss everything out of hand, but neither can you create limitations that don’t allow for people coming forward. Those who use the mind control “meme” to brush anyone off, are not recognizing that we are all on this planet, mind controlled, and we are all trying to heal, and the truth will all come out eventually regardless. Use your intuition is my opinion on this.

I have had people who sabotaged my psychic safety, attacking me during the satanic holidays, to deliberately deplete my energies and safety during these times, these people were in the truth movement and other spiritual groups, and thought they were teaching me a lesson, whilst in fact they were being most unkind and most brutal and allowing the Illuminati to win in my opinion. You cannot heal a person through psychic attack, or change their mind set or opinions or beliefs through psychic warfare, that makes you more Draco than the Draco and helping the Illuminati, we can only defeat them by at least honoring each other and sometimes agreeing to disagree. Anything else will cause us all problems and allow more distrust to occur.

JB – What do you believe is the “End Game” of the Draco/Reptilian Overlords?

AC – Control in part, experimentation and for them fun! They want complete power that is their drive and motivation. They have also been manipulated I feel in some regards, if you read their history or accounts from the internet or books, they will tell you what they were taught about themselves by the beings that placed them there in Alpha Draconis, that they are the first born in this physical universe, and that they are the divine emanation of Gods true will and power (note the absence of love here), and that they are to rule. I have wondered that, as we have genetic aspects to us that predetermine a spiritual experience that they may have had the same thing done to them but negatively, so God as oppressor is what they manifest. It makes you wonder what the agenda was behind the beings that created the Draco to begin with and brought them here. They are certainly doing their best not just to control us and other beings, but even in my memories and experience, planets, solar systems and stars to some degree or another, through use of technology.

JB – What can Milabs do to regain control of their own metaphysical abilities?

AC – Deprogram. Heal. The more that you do these two, the more your alters merge, the more memories you gain of your abilities, the more you unlock your DNA. Even with implants, there is no reason why we cannot override these to gain our abilities back, and also get some of them out, or have them rendered inoperable.

JB – What would you like to tell all milabs and monarchs, especially those who are considering going public with their experiences?

AC – You are gifted unique and special or they would not have chosen you for your abilities. They needed you. Without any of us, their agenda could not have occurred. We have therefore what they lack, and this is our biggest tool and defense, and knowledge in that regard is power you can take back.

On going public; this is down to the individual but should be considered carefully. Whilst we need more people giving their testimonies we also need them to be prepared for what may occur, both within and outside of the truth movement. Surveillance even by ET’s will step up, and also from adepts and agents. You need to be prepared for that. It is a spiritual war going on at this time. Also, the truth movement is full of personalities of all forms and shapes, and people will not always agree with you, believe you or honour you. This is a shame but this is how it has been for some who have come forward. You have lived a life that is more sci fi than a sci fi novel or movie, and some people are used to opinions and thoughts in their minds to categorizing things in a way that feels safe. The fact is, this stuff is real and has been for eons and people need to wake up to it, so if you can recognize this and still come forward, you are being quite a warrior, helping to break paradigms of reality. You need to also take into account you social position though, and assess this carefully. I have no dependents, so had no problems there, but others do, and this can make things tricky. You may lose your original friend and social groups, and you have to contend with what your family may think if they find out, not everyone has caring supportive social structures, in fact few do in this regard.

I don’t want to put people off, far from it, but be careful and consider your position before coming forward for your own emotional and physical and psychic safety.

Also be aware that people are not always as sympathetic as you may think, even in the truth movement, and some seem to be in competition with other researchers and experiencers. Your story and experiences are valuable, treat them as such, and make sure you find someone who honors your experience and values your testimony and you as a person.


            Angelia raised some key issues in this interview.  She described the “swarming” aspect created by the cult, of which her family and boyfriend were a part, which was intended to ensure she stayed in a mind controlled compliant state. She was “gaslighted” endlessly by family members, her boyfriend, co-workers and members of the MC Truth Community. (“Gaslighting” refers to a psyop in which handlers, cult members or internet trolls strive to invalidate the perceptions, feelings and memories of milabs and other survivors of MC projects. The term comes from the movie “Gaslight” starring Charles Boyer.) Angelia described the dangers of associating with people who claimed to be deprogrammers but were in fact, part of the system to keep milabs and monarchs under control. I have personally known of cases where “deprogrammers” deliberately or otherwise, triggered the suicide programming of milabs and monarchs. This happens all the time. Not only do some of these deprogrammers charge exorbitant rates but they operate in such a way as to ensure that the person recovering their memories becomes triggered by something the deprogrammer said or did. So rather than reintegrating and healing, the person’s psyche fragments even further and in some cases, suicide programming is activated. It is critically important for milabs and monarchs who are seeking therapeutic help and who desire to have themselves deprogrammed to find a qualified person with which to work.

            As is the case with countless other milabs, Angelia has had lifelong encounters and interactions with non-human entities, including Greys, Reptilians, the Draco, and the Djinn which some refer to as “the Shadow Beings.” She described having entities placed within her and has observed the process of entities including shadow entities, being installed within other milabs. Angelia observed the milab controllers manipulating the chakra system of milabs in order to open portals and stargates. She described how the controllers regarded milabs as “Magical Tools.” This is due to the fact that humans especially hybrid humans with ET genetic markers are for all intents and purposes, electromagnetic dynamos…power sources for the controllers, human and non-human alike in these deep black programs. This fact is of profound significance. If milabs en masse can regain control over their own metaphysical abilities and acquire the knowledge and practical “know-how” of their various alters, I believe the reign of the milab controllers and the reptilian overlordship in general would come to an abrupt end.

            Angelia emphasized the need for milabs to heal, reintegrate and merge one’s alters and in the process assume control over one’s own metaphysical powers. Angelia also described the pitfalls of a milab or MC survivor going public with his or her story. I know for a fact that certain people posing as milabs in the MC Truth Community have heaped venomous abuse upon Angelia and have made statements in online forums and publicly which are designed to trigger not only anxiety and panic attacks within Angelia (and any other milab or monarch reading or hearing these statements) but also suicide programming. This is pure evil. These triggering statements usually have to do with graphic descriptions of  satanic ritual abuse. It is bad enough when well meaning but dangerously naïve researchers or “deprogrammers” say or do things which trigger anxiety attacks and suicide programming in MC survivors. It is another thing entirely when someone who claims to be a survivor of MC knowingly makes statements which almost guarantee the activation of another MC survivor’s suicide programming. This sort of behavior is beyond the pale but it happens all the time.  It is almost always female MC survivors, whether milabs or monarchs who are being attacked in this fashion. Whereas most trolls and shills on the internet and Facebook are males, some of the shills and disinfo artists in the MC Truth Community who specialize in heaping abuse upon female Milabs and Monarchs are women. This is because most of the milabs and monarchs who are the most vocal about their experiences tend to be women. By contrast, male milabs just engage in mudslinging and routine character assassination and debunking amongst themselves but they don’t try to trigger one another’s suicide programming unless they know the specific cues in which to do so.

Beware of those people who call themselves milabs or monarchs and are well versed in “conspiracy research” but remain silent about their own experiences. Some of these people are disinformation artists and may be mind controlled themselves but they are mind controlled for the purpose of attacking and slandering others who are breaking programming and recovering their memories and most important, talking publicly about their experiences.

All milabs and monarchs owe Angelia Cardwell a debt of gratitude for her courage and intestinal fortitude. She has made a positive impact on the lives of countless milabs and monarchs and has helped to expand the knowledge base of these nefarious milab operations.




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