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Ancient Draco Reptilian vs Negumak Insectoid Conflict – Earth Joining the Galactic Federation

The Negumak are a powerful insectoid species that are the ancient enemies of the Draconian Reptilian Empire that have long interfered in human affairs. Reclusive and mysterious, the Negumak have long been courted by the Galactic Federation of Worlds to join their growing alliance against the Draconians and the latter’s Orion Gray (Nebu) allies in an ongoing galactic-wide conflict. In her 2021 book, A Gift from the Stars, Elena Danaan first described the Negumak and failed Galactic Federation efforts to recruit them. In this Exopolitics Today interview, Danaan describes her recent updates about attending a diplomatic meeting on April 19 involving the Negumak and their response to a renewed Galactic Federation attempt to have them join their alliance against the Draconian Empire. She claims that recent Negumak skirmishes with the Draco have created the conditions for a union to be finally formed. Such an alliance will have significant implications for Earth as humanity is on course to join the Galactic Federation after the final defeat of the Deep State, which comprises the former minions of the Draco Empire. In 1989, the Negumak first made contact with Earth’s governments. Soon after the Draco’s Deep State minions went into action by starting a psychological warfare campaign depicting the Negumak as evil aliens with genocidal plans for humanity. Movies such as Independence Day and the Alien vs. Predator series of movies are examples of this covert perception campaign emerging from Hollywood blockbuster movies. In the two Alien vs Predator movies, the Predators (resembling Draco Reptilians) are depicted as frenemies to humanity, whereas the Aliens (resembling Negumak) are portrayed as genocidal. This covert psychological warfare program is best evidenced by comparing Danaan’s drawing of a Negumak after she received a mental image of one from Thor Han Eredyon that appeared in her 2021 book. The side-by-side comparison of a Negumak with the Alien Queen shown in Independence Day: Resurgence shows a striking resemblance. The uncanny resemblance suggests that Roland Emmerich, the Director/Producer of the Independence Day series, was given an image of a Negurak and told to make it the ultimate genocidal villain for the movie series. In her interview with Dr. Michael Salla, Danaan further describes the significance of the Anunnaki siding with the Galactic Federation in a looming galactic confrontation with the Draco Empire and their allies. Her Galactic Federation sources say that a galactic war with the Draco Empire is looming and both sides are recruiting allies and preparing for the inevitable confrontation. Danaan next discusses her upcoming book Area 51: Conversations with Insider Stephen Chua. Chua was a supersoldier from Singapore who had special abilities and was trained to fight against Draconians. Chua spent time at Area 51, where he was exposed to some of the advanced technologies used in secret space programs. Her book, which is scheduled to be released on June 1, presents the transcripts of many hours of interviews and communications she had with Chua before his death after his first public interview. The sequence of events culminating in Chua’s death suggests that he knew he was dying due to Deep State machinations and wished his testimony would be made public before it was too late. Finally, Danaan and Dr. Salla discuss some of the implications of extraterrestrial disclosure for the three Abrahamic religions, particularly the identity of the alleged Creator God called Yahweh/Jehovah/Allah in relation to the principal Anunnaki revered as gods by the ancient Sumerians. They also discuss Yeshua/Jesus’ secret teachings that focused on establishing a connection with an Inner Light that is part of a Universal God rather than a single Creator God and how the Roman Catholic Church suppressed these teachings after becoming the Roman Empire’s state religion. Elena Danaan’s Update on the Negumak is available here:  https://www.elenadanaan.org/negumak-v… Information about Stephen Chua’s book is available here: https://www.elenadanaan.org/area-51-s…


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