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Ancient Ruins on Mars – Evidence of a Lost Alien Civilization Under Martian Desert

These ruins are most likely an ancient mining operation. There is a species who lives in those ruins, according to Johan Fritz, they are called the Sai.

Ruins of what appears to be an alien civilization have been recently discovered in an area known as the Hellas Planitia on the Red Planet’s soil.

As you know by now, the infamous face of Cydonia is already proof enough of life on Mars, but still, NASA keeps on trying to debunk all of our theories without even considering their legitimacies, to begin with.

They believe that it is all a result of the pareidolia effect, aka the effect when you spot faces in places that have no face on them.

But experts are convinced that this is proof of an alien civilization living on the Red Planet.

Since a series of artificial pyramids have also been uncovered on Mars many people believe that this means that the two are connected, that the ancient race also built the pyramids on Earth and more specifically the Sphinx too.

The general consensus is that the Sphinx was built more than 12,000 years ago and that these creatures were forced to leave Earth because of the flooding that would drown out every one of them.

We have proof of this on the Sphinx itself, as it showcases signs of being submerged in ancient times.

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