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Anderson Time Chamber

Regarding Dr. David Anderson

Posted on January 4, 2012 by Peter Moon

For over a decade, various people have followed the research of Dr. David Anderson as has been chronicled by in various articles published in my newsletter “The Montauk Pulse” as well as in the books “Transylvanian Sunrise” and “Transylvanian Moonrise”. Dr. Anderson’s work includes time warp field research as well as the Time Reactor which supplies virtually limitless energy at very little cost. In the very near future, I will post this data as well as various other data and will create a virtual “David Anderson home page”. The reason for this is that David’s very prominent and well-trafficked websites (i.e. Anderson Institute & Anderson Multinational) have disappeared from the internet with no explanation…..until now.
I have known David Anderson since 1999 and he is responsible for several trips I have taken to Romania where he established a Time Travel Research Center, the purpose of which was mostly mathematical, shortly before he met me. We have been colleagues and friends since that time although it is mostly an on-again off-again correspondence due to his ultra busy schedule as well as security issues that crop up from time to time. What you are about to read is a synthesis of different sources that include some colleagues and associates of Dr. Anderson.
While Dr. Anderson began his time experiments with relatively low grade retardation and acceleration of time (in a time-warp field about the size of a soccer ball), it was still incredible technology the likes of which the world had never heard of, let alone seen or conceived of. As he began to upgrade his technology, he also showcased it to the Discovery Channel who did a full documentary that has never aired to this day. It was done just prior to 9-11, an event which caused a complete security lock down (from the U.S. Government) on the Time Travel Research Center on Long Island. It also caused the dissolution of this center. David withdrew from the limelight at that point and while he retained some ownership in the time travel technology he had pioneered, he let others lead the way . He went to work as a Vice President for Bosch Industries in Rochester, New York, a German company which is one of the largest defense contracts to the U.S. Government.
After a five year absence from my life, all the time working at Bosch on state-of-the-art biorecognition laser systems, some of which was done in India, he reappeared in my life with a mysterious invitation to Romania in 2008. While I have written about my trips to Romania in newsletters and books, the essence of what I learned were that he went back into the “time travel business” after a long hiatus during which he had stepped up his research. He lectured on some of the key points which included the observation that time is misdefined and can be equated to physical distance and thereby conforms to geometric and algebraic equations. Details are in the books and newsletters and will be posted here in the near future.
Events reach a critical mass in public relations terms when he went public in 2010. This began with an interview on Other World Radio conducted by myself, Sandra Sabatini and Rick Smith on December 30, 2009. It was followed up with two more interviews, one conducted by Art Bell in January (still available on YouTube and a must-listen), and another with Sonia Barrett and myself a couple of months later. He also did an interview with my friend Hillary Raimo and may have done a few others as well. The most spectacular of these revelations was that he had actually increased the “time chamber” to a much larger size and was putting humans in it. As David is a scientist and presents his claims with impressive science and explanations, it caused quite a stir. The excitement was overshadowed by public and private attacks against him and his associates. All mention of him was taken off Wikipedia.
He backed up some of these claims when he made a surprise appearance at Montauk, New York on April 10, 2010 where I was conducting a seminar with the Montauk Medicine Man, Artie Crippen. To a group of twenty plus people, he showed an impressive video of an early generation of his time chamber which showed the inside a time-warp field where an amaryllis plant had been placed. It was small with a tightly-closed bud. Horticulturists projected a 4-day window for it to bloom fully. During this video presentation, it bloomed in under 3 minutes (I believe it was 2 minutes and 43 seconds – I can’t recall the exact timeframe at this moment). Dr. Anderson also mentioned that they were able to “reverse” its stage of blooming – to regress it back almost into a bud again – however, the field became unstable at one late point in the regression, and it was exposed to high-level gamma rays which destroyed the plant life. This was not shown at this presentation. They have long since remedied that unstable boundary field since this video was many generations lagging behind his most current R&D. This was not time-lapse photography and was attested by a professional photographer in attendance.
David was planning to release a series of videos that would explain and demonstrate this technology in action but he was not able to get permission from either one or two of his partners. Without full disclosure, it compromised the efficacy of his planned public relations onslaught. David’s purpose was to disclose the powers and dangers of this technology for the simple reason that it stands at the highest classification of global government secrecy.
The backlash to his offering this information was severe. It has stepped up to personal attacks against his character and related enterprises. In the next days or weeks (depending upon certain developments and advisements), I hope to be posting some of the details to clear the air and properly inform the public.
The good news is that his research has expanded and is relatively unimpeded. The public relations fallout is unfortunate but it cannot be a priority at this time. I will try to fill the gap until such time that he can offer more information. As I have already stated, I will be posting and sharing more information on these matters on a continuing basis. This is only the first post.


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