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Andrew Bisago Colbert Report

Hi James.  I admire your courage, honesty and candor, and I enjoy the interviews.  I heard the latest interview with K.  I think the most interesting interview I’ve watched so far was with Sgt. Bolen  (he’s just chock full of names, dates, facts and figures, isn’t he? lol    That’s cool, though).  Thanks for staying with your disclosure work, though others got kind of disgusted and pulled out (like Aaron McCollum and Barry King, which I totally understand).  I know last year and earlier this year things got especially funky, and there was a lot of mudslinging everywhere.  Seems to have all died down now, though.
I saw your comment on Colbert’s site about Basiago having stayed in bed the next day after the Mars/Obama report (which is what inspired me to email you, lol).  I felt bad for him after reading that, just wondering where you might have heard about that.  The thing is I’ve never seen Colbert do any report seriously, now that I think of it.  I’m sure Basiago and all other guests have to sign releases beforehand, so I figured he had to have known his info would be satirized.  I mean, it’s how Colbert pays his bills, always has been.  I don’t know.
If it’s any consolation, I did see another site call the piece a “soft disclosure.”  I like that term.  It’s how I looked at it when I first posted the video on Former White Hat’s blog  (yes, I’m “Current Black Girl Operative,” hahaha).  I hope it will make people question time travel, and the related info Basiago presents, moreso than dismiss it.  Andy’s had this info posted for many years on his very detailed (as only a lawyer could, lol) Project Pegasus website for the world to see, with it begin pretty much ignored.   I think a good way to get a great deal of eyeballs on it is to present it as satire, otherwise a serious presentation would be dismissed as more “conspiracy theory.”   People may laugh at first, but I think they’ll give it a second look, especially given Soetero’s re-election, and all.  I don’t know, just thinking out loud I guess.  I just felt bad for Andrew when I read your comment.
Well, that’s all I had for now.
Yeah Andrew needs to be more discerning on where he does his interviews. I have pretty much given up on mainstream media. For me personally I just stick with you tube and the people who need to hear my message will hear it. When the people start demanding answers they will go to us to get them and by pass the media anyway.
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