Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Andromedan Hospital Biosphere

James, I want to tell. I was watching your regression with Adam? You guys were on the Andromeda hospital biosphere and they were looking into some of your physical problems. You guys left and I was still there sort of entranced with the feeling. The Dr Lady came up to me and said “Do you have a problem we can help with ?” I told her my feet are shot from broken bones that healed wrong, bone spurs and arthritis. She put me on a table and tapped my feet several times. Now, three days later, my feet are SO much better. I asked about a cataract in my left eye. She said “Our eyes are not like yours but we will pick you up during sleep in a few days and see what we can do about it. Have you found any relief for your digestive problems?

My feet were messed up from a few years back, bone spurs from all the walking and broken toes which didn’t get set and heal right. It was amazing because I was just there listening to your SS Talk regression. I didn’t know I was astrally traveling, although I do, do that a lot lately. I saw the Andromedans as very tall blue people with a very nice vibe. They have come since in semi-sleep, shot a multi-colored beam in my bad eye, explained telepathically, that these things are mostly self created. (like a desire not to see the world clearly ) and then worked on my pineal and put me in a pool where people were being purified AND learning to breath underwater. ALL amazing. I asked to see their ship from outside and it was hundreds of miles long, all pulsing plasmas and quite amazing. I have never seen ships or travelers in the physical. I do hope your throat soreness will heal. Seems you have borne enough physical sufferings for one life and you are always trying to help others with their problems. Anyway, again, Thanks for all that you do for people. A good Sunday to you James ! Peace.

Thanks for sharing that amazing story, shows how we are all cabable of changing our reality by changing our belief system. I have personally suffered for nearly a decade with severe food allergies and digestion problems which I managed to reverse with meditation, homeopathy, and probably a little help from above. Thanks for watching. – James RInk


  1. Hi, James. Big problem here. I was introduced to your site yesterday by a friend. Looking over the articles i see i have been here before, but i have no memory of it at all. and, the stuff i supposedly said doesn’t even make sense. lol I apologize for which ever alter has done this. I would delete the comments if i could. 🙂


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