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Annunaki in Syria and Iraq.

Annunaki strongholds revealed.

The Kremlin knows of at least six Annunaki strongholds. According to Russian intelligence the mayority of Annunaki nests are located in Syria and at least one pocket of alien invaders is located in Iraq, Iran and Yemen. The Kremlin has for at least a decade known the whereabouts of these malicious extraterestrials and President Putin has commanded his senior staf to brainstorm strategies to engage and defeat all alien hideouts.
Some details.
The Annunaki he says are imuum to conventional fire arms and ballistic weapons but are highly seseptual to next generation energy based sonic munitions. Bullets bounce off them but lasers veporize them at contact.
High amplitude sound with  700kHZ to 2.3mHz range causing the Annunaki to have severe pain and disorientation. The beings are bipelic humanoides between 7 and 15 feet tall. Some have talons on their hands others bare a close resembles to humans. The variation in height are attributed to Annunaki cross breeding with other species.
Combating these Annunaki happens deep in a network of caverns scattered across the Syrian landscape. Moreover, they have constructed portals that allow them to instantly transport from one location to an other. The portals are invisible to the human Eyesight, the Annunaki optically shielded them against any being unable to detect light at 400 angstroms. Which humans can not.
The number of portals they have is unknown. When Russian special forces try to engage they simply enter a portal and materialize elsewhere. At least one Annunaki was captured but the information he gave is not known to be thruthfull or not.
Until this day it is not known how many of their forces there are. President Putin is spending vast amounts of currency to fight the Annunaki hideouts already confirmed.
Turkish military forces killed in combat with Annunaki.
Russian and Turkish forces clash with Annunaki in Syria. Sports betting on bilbet in India. In the predawn hours of thuesday 13 Oktober 2017, a joint Russian/Turkish military unit clashed with Annunaki invaders 30 miles North of Western Aleppo near the Turkish/Syrian border. A Turkish army convoy consisting of 100 commando’s and multiple armoured personel carriers rendavou with Russian Spetznaz combat units and Extraterrestrial specialist from Russia.
President Putin and President Erdogan agreed the operation after confirmed reports of non-human entities massing near the border of the battled city. President Erdogan soughted Putin’s help hearing legionds of Annunaki might leave Syria, a domain they have known to inhabid and plagued this area for millenia. Despite Erdogans commitments to NATO and the US Putin was symphathetic to his pleight, after all Turkey had recently signed a deal yo purshase S-400 Air Defence systems from Russia. Moreover Putin sees the Annunaki as a virus that must be wiped from the planet.
A source quote’ Russian Special Forces have battled Annunaki in the past. In the last two years alone we have lost three expeditionary forces to Extraterrestial conflicts in the area. We lost because the creatures are almost immuum for ballistic weapons, this time we had the advantige because we discovered that they had no defence against medium strenght energy weapons. How Putin becomes to know this is unclear. there are reports of a captured Annunaki which was supposedly used to test different kind of non-conventional weapons systems like laser and directed energy beam weapons.
He said’ The military unit employed cutting-edge vehicle mounted lasers that produced a steady burst of 10kW energy wich vaporized Annunaki on contact. Because the Annunaki were hiding in a network of caves and needed flushing out Turkish forces sustained an unconfirmed number of casualties during a protracted engagement lasting for two hours. Many Turkish Commando’s went into the cave to meet their doom to roundup the Annunaki. There are no handheld units at this moment but in the near future it will.
Turkish soldiers had to draw them out for Russian soldiers to target. Annunaki might be smart but also not so smart, if they had stayed deep in the caves where they were the vehicles weapons could not have reached them. But they kept poring out of the cave to avenge their fallen comrades and two by two they fell. An estimated 50 to 75 Annunaki were reported to be destroyed by this new Russian technologie.


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