Thursday, June 20, 2024

Anshar Message Lion Gate 8/8 Portal

Truth cannot be stolen,
it is yours.
If you have found it,
zoot alors.
An ounce of truth a day,
will make the people pay.
It isn’t in religion,
unless that is in your truth.
Truth is higher than religion they say,
on the old slogan from Helen Blavatsky.
Truth is in your heart down,
it is in your mind too.
It is a symbol.
It is a false meaning down.
It is the way that you conduct yourself.
It is not how far you have gone,
yet it is all things we have ever done.
How can I see what my truth is?
We will see you soon.

8/8 lion gate portal reproduction from the Anshar.
Chillandham Lane, Windchester 4th July, 2023.
Aree and the team at the Anshar”.


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