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Antarctica: Reichsdeutsche maps of the cave world

Reichsdeutsche maps of the cave world

Video of a journalist who inspects the cards: Russian journalist examines the cards

This map shows us the main continent on this hemisphere, called Asgard. On the continent of Asgard, in the center, lies the city of the Ases. Below left, we can clearly see Neu Schwabenland with the capital Neu Berlin. The small hook crosses indicate where the navy bases had set up bases. The main poison here is the Valkarischer Ozean. Further you can see the Pyrenean Sea, the Kartar Lake and the Amadak archipelago. (Source: Hollow Earth Blog )

Digitized version of this card:

This map shows us the main continent of this hemisphere called Liberia. The main poem is also called the Valkarischer Ocean. In the center, on the far left, we can see the connection to other hemispheres. There the Asgard Sea is represented, one can cross over to the other continent, namely the continent Asgard. Just to the right of the Asgard Sea are the Gal Islands, the Guerney Island and the Gal Lake. A little to the right of Gal Lake is the Septaradas Sea and the Septaradas or “Seven Countries”. In the middle lies the Aran Sea. The Aran archipelago is a little to the right of the Aran Sea. Further to the right is again the Valkarischer Ocean with the Mey Islands, the Verbotene Island and Mallard Island something about it. In the center, on the right, are the Fera Islands. Below is the city of Shambala (city of the gods). The Tibetan monks still say that the city of Shambala really exists but not on the surface of our planet but inside the planet. So here it is confirmed by the map that Shambala is a real city in the earth, on the inside of the crust. (Source: Hollow Earth Blog )

Digitized version of this card:

This is a close-up view of the official authentication of the map. It shows the Reichsadler and shows us how we should proceed with the map. It is in red:

Return from the mission in the Secret Division!

Next to the Reichsadler is:

Confirmed by the command of the submarine fleet of the Kriegsmarine of the German Reich.

Under the signature H. Kohlmeier and under the signature field is in very small letter:
Printed for the Kriegsmarine in an edition of 1300 copies in the special laboratory of Dachau concentration camp. January 1944.
This means that the RDs already had the colony Neu Schwabenland in January 1944. New Berlin was already established at and then expanded. In another part of the map it is said that they need men and women to expand the territories of the Third Reich.

This is a description of an underwater path indicating how to get to the inner world of Agharta.

Here in the upper left is:
… I recommend, within the next six months, a careful and covert selection of volunteers for the development of the new territories of the German Reich in Neu, within the next six months with the powers of the specially formed commission for recruitment in the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, and SS units Swabia.

This part of the Reichsdeutschen map from the Cave Earth gives a step by step guide how to reach the Inner World of Agharta using a U boat. The German U boats of type XI to XIII were very advanced for their time. The Reichsdeutsche were free in their thoughts and in the spirit. They were no intellectual slaves like the billions of people today in this world. When people’s thoughts are free, creative work becomes the norm. That is why the free citizens of the Third Reich could construct these incredible devices like the Haunebus and Andromeda devices. This map shows us the exact coordinates where you can find the corridor to the Inner World of Agharta. It is also said in the document that the packet number 3 is to be opened only upon arrival in Agharta.

Google Maps Coordinates of 68 ° South latitude and 1 ° East longitude text
The instruction is strict to follow!
1. Descent. From the point of descent with half-ride, a starboard slope of 10 ° with a bow load angle of inclination 5 °. Distance 188 nm. Preset depth: 500 meters (Due to the corridor running, pressure on the ship’s body is less important during maneuvering.)
2. Appearance. Ballast with a tail trim, angle of incidence 23 ° with a port position of 22 °. 190 meters upwards. Distance 75.5 nm.
3. Difficult maneuver! Pop up. Ballast with a tail trim, angle of incidence 41 °. Drive straight ahead. 110 meters to the top, distance 21.5 nm. Then starboard slope of 8 ° until the surface emerges in the grotto. Distance 81 nm.
4. Drive on the surface inside the grotto with a starboard slope of 8 °. Distance 286 nm.
5., 6 Difficult maneuver! Descend. With a bow load, inclination angle 45 °. At a depth of 240 meters, distance 60 sm. Then with a port of 20 °, the dive is continued up to 310 meters to the corridor. After the mark 310 meters the dive with a bow load is to continue. Descent angle 7 ° up to 360 meters. Distance 70 nm. Further starboard slope from 31 ° to a depth of 380 meters.
7. Descent. Bow thrust, angle of incidence 22 °. 100 meters to the top with a port angle of 26 °. Distance 43 nm.
8. Emergence. Tail restraint. Angle of incidence 45 °, always straight ahead until reaching the surface of Agartha. Distance 70 nm.
9. Drive to Agartha. Full speed. Look straight ahead until the new light is settled. Change of magnetic poles. The movements of the compass needles and measuring instruments are negligible!
(For further instructions, see package No. 3. Open only on arrival in Agartha!)


Letter from Karl Unger, crew member of U-209

 Dear old comrade,
This message will be a surprise to you. The submarine 209 has done the earth is HOLLOW !. Dr. Haushofer and Hess were right. The whole team is doing well, but she can not return. We are not prisoners. I’m sure this message will reach you, it’s the last link with the U 209. We’ll meet again comrade. I am anxious for those who have spent their lives on the surface of the earth since the Fiihrer has gone.
God always bless our Germany.
With kind regards,
Charles Unger


Haunebu 1 skyline schema from the SS E-IV secret archives

secret commando operation

Gyroscope Testing, Stand / was standing Number of tested flights:
Haunebu I Available 2 pieces 52 E-IV
Haunebu II Available 7 pieces 106 E-IV
Haunebu III Available 1 piece 19 E-IV
Vril 1 Available 17 pieces 84 (Schumann)

Recommendation: Accelerate completion and production “Haunebu II” + “Vril I”

Scheme of the Haunebu I:

Diameter: 25 meters
Antrieg: Thule Techyonator 7b
Control: Mag-field impulser 4
Speed: 4800 kilometers (hours to 17000)
Range: 18 hours
Armament: 2 x 8 KSK in turrets and 4 x Mk 108, rigid forward
Exterior Armor: Double Victories
Crew: 8 men
Spaciousness: 60%
Stopping capacity: 8 minutes
General flight: day and night
Basic application: 60%
Availability: Not before the end of the year .44

Note: The SS E IV considers concentration on “Haunebu II” already under investigation to be more meaningful than on both types in parallel. “Haunebu II” promises decisive improvements in almost every aspect. Higher manufacturing costs seem justified – especially with regard to the leader’s special order, regarding the gyro.


Haunebu II sketch scheme from the SS E-IV secret archives

Haunebu II

November 7, 1943
SS Development Center IV

Diameter: 26.3 meters
Drive: “Thule” Tachyonator 7c (armored TT disc 23.1 meters)
Control: Mag-field-impulser 4a
Speed: 6000 km p. Hour (up to 21000 possible)
Range (in flight duration): approx. 55 hours
Armament: 6×8 cm KSK in three rotary towers, below, an 11 cm KSK in a revolving tower, above.
Exterior armor: Dreischott “Victalen”
Crew: 9 men (transportable up to 20 men)
World capability: 100%
Stopping capacity: 19 minutes
General aviation: day and night, weather-independent
Basic usability (V7): 85%

Availability “Haunebu II” (with further good trials as V7) from October. The series production from the end of 1943/44, but still without improved power cannon “Donnar IIIV”. Their front maturity can not be assumed before the spring of 1944.

Fuehrer demanded 100% full-scale deployment, but can not be expected before the end of next year. Only from about series 9.


Haunebu III flight diagram from the SS E-IV secret archives

Haunebu III
Diameter: 71 meters
Drive: Thule Tachyonator 7c plus Schumann-Levitators (armored)
Control: Mag-field impulse 4a
Speed: approx. 7000 kilometers. P. Hour (up to 40000)
Range (in flight duration): approx. 8 weeks (with SL flight 40% more)
Armament: 4 x 11 cm KSK in rotary towers (3 down, 1 up) 10 x 8 cm KSK
In turrets plus 6 x Mk 108, 8 x 3 cm KSK remote controlled.
Exterior armor: Dreischott-victalen
Crew: 32 men (maximum transport capacity of 70 persons)
World capability: 100%
Stopping capacity: 25 minutes
General aviation: Weather-independent day and night
Basic use: Approximately 1945 Note: SS-E-IV would indicate the need for the “Haunebu III”
A great work of German technology has emerged. Because of the general
Material position but all forces should be placed on the faster Available Haunebu II.
Together with the light “Vril” roundabout of the Schumann Group “Haunebu II” could be the demands set by the leaders


Haunebu IV sketch scheme from the SS E-IV secret archives

Scheme of the Haunebu IV

Diameter: 120 meters.
No further information available.


Andromeda device scheme from the SS E-IV secret archives

Andromeda device
EV 2. Dec. 44
Length: 139 meters
Diameter: 30 meters (in the middle, calculated)
Propulsion: 4 x Thule-tachyonators ||, 4 x Schumann-Levitators (armored)
Control: Mag-field-impulser 4b
Speed: Unknown, theoretically would almost 300’000
Kilometers per second.
Range: Unknown, purely theoretically unlimited
  • 2 x rotary towers m. 2 x 2 x 11 cm KSK
  • 1 x rotary tower m. 1 x 1 x 11 cm KSK
  • 2 x rotary towers m. 2 x 3 x 7 cm KSK
  • 4 x R100

External armor: unknown, presumably Dreischott-Viktalen as in Haunebu III
Crew: 130 men
World capability: 100%
Stability: Unknown, presumably 25 minutes as in Haunebu III
General aviation: Unknown, presumably as in Haunebu III, weather-independent by day and night
Basic usability: Unknown, but probably planned in 1945/44.
Dinghy: 1 x Haunebu II, 2 x Vril-1, 2 x Vril-2


Article in the newspaper of the National Examiner of 27th January 1988


UFO secret solved!

The solution to the UFO secret was finally found. The aliens are actually Nazis who want to build a fourth empire. And the governments of the world know about this issue, but they are panicked, says a researcher. Nazi Germany has already built a small fleet of UFOs in 1940 says Christof Friedrich, author of UFOs: secret Nazi weapons? (Samizdat Toronto Canada). Friedrich claims that German UFO scientists have escaped from the war zone in the homeland while the Allies were invading.

Friedrich: “That some scientists were missing was clear, and although some of the plants and installations were localized, the staff and their machines and prototypes had disappeared. Even the test pilots had disappeared. “And Friedrich claims that Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, deceived the world by letting them believe that they had committed suicide in a bunker in Berlin during the last days of the Second World War.

Friedrich presents the following evidence that Hitler was still alive: the bodies of Hitler and Braun were never produced. The items introduced as proofs are just indications, two of Hitler’s hats, a pair of underpants with the initials EB, and a pair of bones. The blood spots found on the furniture in Hitler’s quarters were not of his blood type. The most important witnesses and men closest to Hitler were never found. There are simply too many reports of sightings, testimonies, and even evidence that the suicide scenario was a brilliant, successful scenario.

The researcher says that Hitler and Braun were flown to Norway in one of the world’s first jet aircraft. The couple then entered a U boat and drove to a secret base in South America. Friedrich claims that Hitler’s U boat convoy was related to a fierce battle with the British War Navy, and the Germans destroyed a British blockade with secret high-tech weapons. Friedrich: “It looks as if the miracle weapons of which Göbbel had spoken in such glowing tones only a few days before, were now used for the first time in a real battle situation.

The result: A single survivor of a British destroyer and of him, the captain, came the words: If God should help me, I shall never again meet such a force. The report on this statement came to the Chilean newspaper “El Mercurio”. “Friedrich argues that Hitler’s secret agents used fake US dollars and British pounds to build secret military bases in South America and UFO bases in the Arctic. “Hitler had planned long and took measures,” says Friedrich. “Obviously also led with the possible occupation and loss of Germany itself, he has been looking for land for the possible colonization and has found it in Antarctica. (Where the opening is to the Inner World of Agharta Note the translator)

At that time, that was the only country that was not yet claimed.
Friedrich added: “The Secret Nazi expeditionary force was headed by Captain Ritscher and took a seat in 1937-38. The force landed near Queen Maud land and established bases there. Over 11,000 photos were taken for cartographic purposes. “
Incredibly, the researcher says that the US and Soviet governments have known about the secret Nazi bases for over 40 years, but they do not know how to deal with it and have therefore suppressed the truth.

Friedrich claims that Nazi space ships have become so demanding with the help of extraterrestrials that the Nazis have befriended because they were there in Antarctica. Writes the researcher: “Did the scientists of Hitler achieve the unbelievable without extraterrestrial forces? Or have extraterrestials helped Technological Development?

Maybe people from another galaxy? The aliens helped the Germans possibly because they were at a certain technological development stage. Perhaps they were technologically speaking a similar language? Friedrich believes that Hitler’s Last Battalion will come into action when the world is deep in an economic crisis, then the space Nazis will occupy strategic points in this world and will rule the world.
George Glidden

Antarctica: Reichsdeutsche maps of the cave world


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