Monday, April 22, 2024

Antarctica Underground Super Soldier Labs

In this video we discuss what happens in the Antarctica Underground Super Soldier Labs. — Antarctica Underground Super Soldier Labs PDF Presentation: https://ebab0266-80db-49f2-91ac-cb325… — Ileana the Star Traveler Ileana does not monetize her YouTube Channel with Paid Subscriptions to Watch Shows. If you want to donate to her:… Donations go towards upgrading equipment like microphones, computers, cameras, lighting, and software to improve the quality of the shows produced by Ileana. Contact Ileana for a private energy healing, psychic reading, spiritual session, courses or book Ileana for speaking or interviews, please contact Ileana through her website:… Consider buying her book “Crystal Grids: The Art of Healing with Crystals”, Ileana’s book is available on Amazon in print version worldwide and on her website in PDF copy. Link to PDF copy of book:… Ileana’s Messages from a Star Traveler Page:…


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