There are multiple timelines and parallel universes, most of them are heavily infiltrated with mind control and the people are violent and destructive. However, there are a few rare variants where the people are not as destructive and this is one of them. Provided you are kind and loving towards others you will continue to stay on a positive timeline and avoid all these disasters. Hint: California already fell into the ocean , its just that from our perspective it didn’t happen.

I personally think the ETs will intervene and we will not see any cataclysms or false flags.- James Rink 

According to a government/military (?) whistleblower that appeared on Clyde Lewis’ show Tuesday, Puerto Rico is an island full of freaked out people right now! Our military has them in lock-down, they are seeing strange things in their sky that they describe as “filters”…one side of sky is dark while other side is light as if there is a filter on one half of the sky with an obvious divider (these aren’t clouds, folks).

They are noting strange weather phenomenon over the past week, lots of talk there about FEMA Region 3 even though they aren’t in this FEMA region, lots of military taking over their island, etc. According to this radio broadcast, these islanders are FREAKING OUT and have been placed under an internet block so they can’t go on social media sights and tell the world what is happening there. Some with family IN Puerto Rico and family FROM there called into the show to confirm some of these reports but if they are under an internet block, how can we know if this is really going on?

The strangest thing this whistleblower had to say was that for the past 4 days, everyone on the island is having the EXACT SAME DREAM of an apocalyptic event happening very soon! They see fireballs falling from the sky, their island on fire everywhere then a massive asteroid/meteor falling into the Atlantic creating a 200 ft. tsunami that wipes out all of Puerto Rico and the east coast of the USA.

What is even stranger is that since the US military have arrived there, many of the military are stating that they TOO are having this exact same dream. They don’t know if this is government mind-control or a warning from God but many believe it is the latter!

Has anyone got any inside information if this is true?

Hi James

Lots of Rich & Wealthy Tourist to start rumint…rumors spread quicker than the lamestream media… US minds must be prepped to accept the next false-flag threat…
Seems this is real technology. Prevents filming E-Camophlage/Active-E, & Thermoptic Camophlage… Important technology to prevent direct video evidence that BLUEBEAM is false-flag. 4-D holography is not an exactly perfected illusion such as High Definition TV there are gaps in the angles of projection. The MIC is depending on the use of LSD-25 to force the brain to interpolate so the brain will be dupped.

There are reports of 88each 55 gallon drums stored in a hanger at Bolling AFB NJ just for this purpose.

Side effects will include the “Jacob’s Ladder” Syndrome. The LSD-25/Agent 15/BZ (all very similar compounds) affect the Limbic region of the brain causing subjects to turn on each other rather than engage the actual intended target, in this case, the perceived threat I.e. 4-D holographic “UFO” which in fact is only a very dense laser projection.

Now this projected laser combination is so dense that UCAV’s will be able to actually obtain weapons-tone for air-to-air missile lock. This Dog&Pony Show combined with “Voice of God” technology along the BZ will be very convincing to the subject observer.

The Region Areas projected around the CONUS will be Region III, VIII & IX as these Regions have been LIDAR topographically mapped by UCAV’s 4 years ago.

These Regions are “Collisium” type areas that will be low-populus Highly Visible to BLUEBEAM subject observers so the MIC will effectively get the best bang for it’s buck. This is not only what I sense but a combination of many hours of Remote Viewing.