Thursday, April 18, 2024

Apollymi Mandylion: SSP Insider Interview – ICC, Off-world Cultures, Hollow Earth

Wide-ranging interview with ICC and Nacht Waffen supersoldier Apollymi, a hybrid of several ET races, and the subject of some of the blackest ops, e.g. Stargate & Children of God. Among other things, she discussed the veil over Earth, advanced psionics, visiting another universe and entertainment in the breakaway colonies. Re-released after Xan John’s channel got terminated x2. It’s an unofficial sequel to her Super Soldier Talk interviews: 1.… 2.… I recently got the chance to expand on it on a notable SSP asset’s channel, Ileana the Star Traveler:… Xan’s YT page:… Apollymi’s YT page:… Tags: Camp Livingston, Ashwet, Project Carbon, Draco, Aryans, Inner Earth



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