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AREA 51 – Confessions of a soldier – Outstanding disclosure…

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In memory of Stephen Chua (Oct 19 1960 – March 03 2021), who died from unknown causes one week after performing this interview. This ex-military worked at Area 51 and very bravely disclosed everything he managed to remember, even though they tried to wipe his memory. The disclosure in this interview goes beyond everything you’ve ever heard or read so far. He also fought to liberate children held by reptilians in giant caves in Malaysia and had very frightening face-to-faces. He shared as well his amazingly powerful message of hope, and was begging everyone to RISE OUR VIBRATION…

This story began when, after corresponding by email about elements in my book on Area 51 that he was able to confirm,
Stephen contacted me one day with haste saying:
“I am ready to speak, this is the moment, please let’s do it as soon as possible.”
Following his request, we recorded this interview on Feb 26/2021 and as I was editing it with pictures,
he urged me 4 days later, on March 3/2021 to air it on YouTube immediately, because he had blackouts
and nose bleedings. Even though I tried to convince him to abandon the idea, he insisted strongly to air this interview, saying
that it was time to make these things public. Stephen was saying that his memory was incomplete
because it had been partially wiped, and he was working hard on trying to remember more.
I had even convinced him to undergo hypnosis, which sadly didn’t have the time to happen.

He was about to reveal more…
This is the legacy of a soldier to the world. May his sacrifice not be in vain and may “Stevie” be remembered for his endurance and courage, as the whistle-blower who collapsed the whole building. May his last and best sniper’s shot reaches out far and wide.


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