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August 1, 2012 2:00 am est

August 1, 2012 2:00 am est


  1. OUCH ….. NOT GOOD … :'(

    And we can all be our own worst enemies at times james, its part o our design…we can be the most helpfull beings to others , yet to ourselves to foillow the same advice we can so easily give, isn’t always so easy….but that is why we have one another, so if we surround ourselves with true friends who really care for nothing but the very well being of us, and us them, ythen it works, all nicely in a cirlcular manner of give and takt , and vice versa, which id==s how it is meant to be…

    The problem is TRUE friemnds are few and far vbetween, like rarest diamond you ever could find, whereas false friends are ten a penny….they’ll be there when iots all going well, but the second you really needed them you won’t see them for dust….in england we call them (the polite version here) Fair WEather Friends…

    i james am a true friend, so anything at all u ever need me for, nite or day, call me and i be there, on line, or on tha phone okays !!

    love Ni xx


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