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James Rink is a meditation practitioner, researcher, author, and video producer. Through his Super Soldier Talk YouTube series he has helped awaken humanity to the secret activities of the covert government. Uncovering topics such brainwashing, trauma, milabs (which stands for military abductions), and covert harassment; all of which he has had to endure his entire life as a product of Project Surrogate and Ultra MK Milab Super Soldier experimentation. His book Lone Wolf chronicles these projects. He spends his time perfecting the “Neo Meditation Device” which is a chi energizer that helps users relax during meditation so that they can integrate themselves.

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Jermaine Chavez and Scott Savoy

Jermaine Chavez and Scott Savoy are long time friends of mine who are political analysts and members of the Disclosure Movement. They have a large following, and they asked to interview me. It was their first interview, which honored me to be asked.


Adam Schiff raped a ten year old black boy until he died from drug overdose. JohnHereToHelp Exposes Schiff

I want Schiff to be arrested for the rape and murder of a 10 yr old black male child and then he had chef Anthony Bourdain murdered…this is true and would be 100 gazillion times better than even treason….why? Becasuse many Americans do not care about treason and not even know what that is…but most EVERYONE would not be happy about the rape and murder of a 10 yr old boy and then the murder of Bourdain:::::::::::::: A federal protective witness who testified in many court rooms such as this one alleges that a California congressmember raped a drugged African American male child. 2/16 Schiff The witness is anonymously identified as JohnHereToHelp, and he said in 2017; California Rep. Adam …


Global Situation – Extraterrestrial Communication (Taygeta – Pleiades)

This video is based on information provided by Aneeka ofTemmer (Head of Taygetean Intelligence, Pleiades) on the current situation. Some of this information is what comes to the Taygetean team from high-level terrestrial sources, so it still may be speculation, and not everything contained in the video are strict conclusions of Taygeteans themselves. There is no ET race that seems to know for sure at the moment what is behind the current global situation. The Federation itself is only observing for now. We appreciate the efforts of the Taygetean Intelligence who are working hard to uncover the full plot. ALL VIDEOS IN ORDER (PLAYLIST):… SECOND COSMIC AGENCY CHANNEL (Back Up):… TO SUPPORT COSMIC AGENCY CHANNEL: Thank you! …


Newly Revealed SPACE FORCE Experimental Alien Craft?

Become a Member!… Share Your Incredible UFO Videos To the World! Upload your UFO Video To Youtube, Then Copy Paste The Link To My Email! Keep Your Eyes on the Skies! We are not Alone! Thanks to Jim Martin and El Brody for there submissions To Thirdphaseofmoon! Source links below! Source Link infamousfanclub… El Brody Check out the ufo that flies by the F15 39 SECS INTO THE VIDEO


Super Soldier Talk – Kosol Ouch – Channeled Reptilian and Draconian Message – Coronavirus

Today we have Kosol Ouch who will be channeling a 14ft tall earth born Draco named Alvin Seyha who is 1,250 years old, is gold colored and has wings. He is the governor of a reptilian culture under Cambodia and we will bring in Uni Matrix One an artificial intelligence from a future timeline to provide us probabilities on our current world affairs. He will be using his Source Coil device which contains gans plasma to help him access these realities. Robert will be co-hosting with us and helping with questions. You can meet both Kosol and James Rink at the Exo Contact event in Sedona, AZ in March 21 and 22, 2020. Home Home Compact


State Of Emergency

President Trump declares state of emergency. For those of us who have had a glimpse of the real agenda behind the reason for the virus – I can tell you all that the virus was designed to weaken economic output and destroy political will. But Trump knows who was behind it and has authorised 20,000 US troops to Europe to counteract United Nations corrupt agency soldiers – & while the US is in Lockdown now that the Black Hats have shown their hand with the virus – Finally – Finally, the gloves are off ! Trump has nothing to lose whatsoever – Go Trump! Go! Send the Black Hats to Hell!


UK Airspace Open To US

Now it becomes clear why UK flight paths are being kept open to the US while 29 European countries are not allowed to fly in or out of the US. UK can expect US troops to land in secret in the UK. One country who doesn’t want the US soldiers is the Vatican.


We Are From the Future Tweets by RaiseVibe “Greetings. We are from the future. Everything is going to be alright. The future is a beautiful place. But you will need some training in order to get there…”