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James Rink is a meditation practitioner, researcher, author, and video producer. Through his Super Soldier Talk YouTube series he has helped awaken humanity to the secret activities of the covert government. Uncovering topics such brainwashing, trauma, milabs (which stands for military abductions), and covert harassment; all of which he has had to endure his entire life as a product of Project Surrogate and Ultra MK Milab Super Soldier experimentation. His book Lone Wolf chronicles these projects. He spends his time perfecting the “Neo Meditation Device” which is a chi energizer that helps users relax during meditation so that they can integrate themselves.

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My Training to Become a Mother of Darkness in the Illuminati featuring Jane

Visit us at! Jane is back on Discovering Truth with Dan Duval to go into further details on her story. She was chosen to replace her grandmother as a Mother of Darkness in the Illuminati. In this shocking episode, she gets into details about what her training involved. She talks openly regarding the human sacrifice, trafficking, and deep darkness that she witnessed as part of that world. TRIGGER WARNING: This episode will contain a few graphic descriptions. It is an episode you will not forget.


Tomas Alvin – Prim World SSP Experience

Tomas Alvin served on several 20 years and back missions in the ssp as a Dark Fleet Deep Cover Military Intelligence Asset. During this time, he was a super soldier, deep cover military intelligence asset, a private contractor, logistic officer, maintenance officer, and a Dark Fleet Mechanic. He was stationed in Galactic Rim onboard the El Chappo, Hyperion Station, and the Horizon YNK (Yozora No Kyushu) Command Carrier. He also is a graphic artist and will be showing some of his SSP drawings about a new comic book he wrote about his experiences aboard the Hyperion Space Station. We will also be discussing how we can discern psyops. To see his art please visit Be sure to subscribe If …


Super Soldier Talk – Teah – Psionic Telepath and Super Soldier

Teah has been on multiple twenty year and back missions , about 175 years estimated, on mars which she refers to as splices. She has also been stationed off world as an American asset in the secret space program in super soldier alignment programs. Today she will be speaking of her training, missions, experiences, and much more. Links: Teah’s Disclosure Vlog on YouTube: Teah’s first published book of disclosure: Space Nazi’s Among Us – The Book Series. Book 1: The Invisible Enemy Elephant Teah’s herbal business: Teah’s personal blog website: David’s martial art website: Be sure to subscribe If you like to learn more about James Rink, super soldiers, and milabs please visit: Super Soldier …



Question: Super Soldier James Rink: question: Did umbrella corporation make the virus under project rainbow moonlight in another alternate reality and send it via wormhole to DARPA to be released in our reality? Answer Ebe OLie: – This is a secret question. Olie is surprised that anyone would ask this question about DARPA.This is an artificial system down beneath the surface of the Reptilians, where they have their world. DARPA, tunnels and rocks and doors that will never be found. Only a certain quantum spiral that is in the instruments in their Ship. In our Ship, we also have quantum spirals that reflect the pressure of the plasma to a certain position, which is identified as a source to open …


Russian Secret Facility Is Said To House Captured Extraterrestrial Crafts

Space engineers, chemists, nuclear physicists and astrophysicists have been summoned to a secret meeting which have been drafted from highly classified dossier compiled by high ranking offices of the soviet academy of science in Russia. The purpose is to examine a captured disc that is quite literally, ‘out of this world’. A secret facility near the location of Tomsk is said to be Russia’s Area 51 and information of their findings are being leaked. All content on this channel is licensed, and or produced by Zohar Entertainment Group/Awakening Expo/Phenomena Magazine.


Confessions Of A Dead Man: Personal Driver Of Jeffrey Epstein And Other Elites Tells All

By cloverchronicle on July 3, 2020 Just hours before Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged child sex trafficker and abuser in league with Jeffrey Epstein, was arrested by the FBI, a disturbing confession appeared on a popular image board that is oftentimes used as an outlet for whistleblowers and leakers due to its anonymity. In the multi-post confession titled ‘Story time with a dead man,’ an alleged professional driver and security guard meticulously described the inner-workings of not only Epstein’s sinister lifestyle, but other elites as well, including both politicians and well-known celebrities. We have omitted some of the names and other information that appeared in the posts. If you would like to read the full, unredacted version, click here or here …


“Where are we Now? A New Charles Ward Video 7-7-20” by Kat – 7.8.20

Entry Submitted by Kat at 12:24 AM EDT on July 8, 2020 So where are we exactly in this war with the deep state / illuminati / cabal? This most recent Charlie Ward video helps answer that question. Charlie’s short answer: The Alliance has already won. For those unfamiliar with Charles Ward, he is a fascinating, well-informed and uplifting Englishman who lives in Spain. Charlie started making videos when the lockdown began in order to get the truth out to people. In a matter of weeks he went from a few subscribers to over 60,000. I am one of them. Charlie is very positive about the fact that we are moving into a world that is going to have a …



EBE OLie: ( REPTILIANS, CHEST PLATE ) Contacter Ivana Podhrazska, Writing ILona Podhrazska: Question1a) Peter A Flynn: Please clarify that the Zeta Reticuli EBEs are NOT the Greys. The confusion is because the EBEs look like the Greys, but the Greys are a slave race created by the Reptilians. The Zeta Reticuli EBEs were NOT created by the Reptilians. Is this all true?/ ……………………………………………………………………………………… Answer Ebe OLie: – Reptilians have a completely different form of their existence, their evolution. A primitive species of Ebe like us. Olie and I are not all the same. We are not from the Zeta Reticulli system. But we are close neighbors of this system. But we are close neighbors of this system. We are …