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Researchers From All Over The World To Attend The 5th Annual Mars Conference

10/07/2016 06:24 pm ET | Updated Oct 09, 2016

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You read the title correctly! There is a conference being held for the 5th consecutive year in which researchers from all over the world are going to discuss the red planet.

“What exactly are they going to discuss?” Over the decades there appears to be an agenda with the exploration of Mars by world governments with the USA’s, NASA leading the way. There seems to be an all-out obsession with exploring the red planet, even though NASA claims to have only found cold red rocks.

NASA’s budget as a percentage of federal total, from 1958 to 2012 amounts to $526 billion dollars. That’s an average of $9.928 billion per year.

Most of that budget was spent looking at rocks on Mars. Or… Is there something that they are not telling us?

The researchers at the 5th Annual Mars Conference claim that there is more to the story. They say they will help bring about a soft disclosure in regards to what’s really going on with Mars and what “might” really be there.

Here are the speakers for the conference. 2020 Presidential candidate Andrew D. Basiago, Laura Eisenhower (great-granddaughter of former President Eisenhower), Former CIA Whistle-Blower, Lindsey Elocin Hooper, and Thomas Mikey Jensen, a world famous documentary film maker and co-founder of UFAH. The conference will be hosted by Lewis Michael Rhinehart, a top researcher in the field and administrator of Mars Anomaly Research Society.

Topics being discussed are: Mars-jump room technology and secret missions, Break-away civilizations on Mars and shadow government recruiting, and anomalies discovered in official NASA images.

The Fifth Annual MARS Conference will be held in Mobile, AL at the University of South Alabama, 11/18-11/20 2016. Below are some of the official NASA images that will be discussed at the conference. As always you be the judge. You can find out more here: http://www.marsmoonspace.com/mars-conference-2016


5th Annual Mars Conference

5th Annual Mars Conference

5th Annual Mars Conference

5th Annual Mars Conference




A new witness to secret space programs has publicly come forward to give details about how these programs operate in recruiting and treating personnel who are considered to be ‘slaves’ with no rights.

Tony Rodriques claims that in 1981, when only nine years old and in 4th grade, he was involuntarily recruited into a “twenty and back” program as punishment for something he did to one of his class room peers.

He publicly embarrassed the son of a high level member of the Illuminati and Rodrigues says that he was soon after abducted by five aliens. He was then genetically tested to determine what skills he possessed, which could be used in covert ‘support’ programs and eventually for the secret space programs themselves when he got older.

Rodrigues says that he was first forced to work as a psychic for a drug running operation out of Peru for four years, before being recruited as a sex worker in the area of Seattle from age 13. When he turned 16 years old, in 1988, he was taken to the Moon to be tested for any skills he possessed that would be of most benefit for service in the secret space programs.

After briefly serving on Mars as a slave fighter for a mercenary military force protecting corporate bases from indigenous Martians, he says was taken to Ceres, a planetoid in the asteroid belt, where he worked for 13 years with a German led freighter crew that was part of the “Dark Fleet,” which was initially set up by Nazi Germany during World War II.

The first public reference to the “Dark Fleet” was by Corey Goode who listed it as one of five secret space programs he was familiar with in early 2015. The existence of a Nazi linked secret space program was subsequently confirmed by William Tompkins in early 2016. Both Goode and Tompkins said that slave labor was used extensively by the Dark Fleet.

I was first contacted by Rodrigues on August 15, 2015, and have spent more than a year vetting Tony’s testimony with the support of two other researchers, Morgan Starr and Rob Potter, who released the first audio interview of Rodrigues on Sept 23. Our conclusion is that Rodrigues is being truthful, sincere and consistent in describing events he recalls experiencing during a twenty and back secret space program.

Rodriges was publicly identified by Rob Potter on the last day of the Secret Space Program Conference held at Mount Shasta from August 26-28. I subsequently interviewed him for Exonews.TV from the speaker lodge at the conference on the morning of August 29.

In this first episode in a five part series on ExoNews TV, Rodrigues explains the event that led to his involuntary recruitment into a twenty and back program, and his first trip to the Moon in 1981.

In the next episode, we will learn what happened to Rodrigues when he was taken seven years later, in 1988, when he was 16, to the moon where he was trained for his first assignment for a secret space program with military and corporate facilities on Mars.

Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.

Announcement: Documents and first hand witness reports revealing the creation of antigravity spacecraft belonging U.S. secret space programs, and the testimony of witnesses, will be presented in an upcoming lecture and workshops in Los Angeles (Oct 8-9) and San Francisco (Oct 14 & 16) by best-selling Amazon.com author Dr Michael Salla. More info here.

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20 Years a Slave in Secret Space Programs – Abduction & Programming