Reports: US Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) Lands at Langley! 2200 Marines! US Marines Storm the CIA Headquarters in Langley

FILE PHOTO: Tilt-Rotor Aircraft

Reports are beginning to surface that a Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) landed at Langley on Saturday.

A Marine expeditionary unit (MEU, pronounced “Mew”), is the smallest Marine air-ground task force (MAGTF) in the United States Fleet Marine Force. Each MEU is an expeditionary quick reaction force, deployed and ready for immediate response to any crisis, whether it be natural disaster or combat missions.

A Marine expeditionary unit is normally composed of: a reinforced Marine infantry battalion (designated as a Battalion Landing Team) as the ground combat element, a composite medium tiltrotor squadron forms the aviation combat element, a combat logistics battalion provides the logistics combat element, and a company-size command element serves as the MEU headquarters group.

Troop strength is about 2,200 and usually commanded by a colonel, and is deployed from amphibious assault ships. Currently, a Marine expeditionary unit embarks Marines and equipment onto the amphibious warfare ships of an Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG) which also includes escort ships and submarines to protect them from air, surface, and submarine threats. For further protection and strong air support, such an ESG is often deployed along with one or more carrier battle groups.


According to persons who reside near Langley, a large contingent of Marines arrived at CIA Headquarters in tilt-rotor aircraft and when the Marines deplaned, they were armed and moved quickly into CIA Headquarters!

Those witnesses also say that a significant number of tilt-rotor aircraft can be clearly seen on the grounds of CIA Headquarters, parked on the grass around the building.

This is not normal.

Never before has anything like this ever been seen taking place at CIA Headquarters and speculation is now running rampant as to what is actually taking place.

Conspiracy Theorists are claiming the President of the United States is moving to take out rogue elements in the Intelligence Community, at the request of his new CIA Director. It is rumored that these rogue elements have been undermining the Administration since before it took office last January, and may be connected to some well publicized “incidents” which suddenly resumed taking place this year, (mass shootings / violent protests) after a brief respite once the Obama Administration left office.

Moreover, there is not one word of Marines landing at Langley, appearing in _any_ US mass-media outlet.


The number of SEALED INDICTMENTS presently on US District Court Dockets across the United States has reached an astonishing 1800 as of Friday, November 17. These Sealed Indictments began appearing on US District Court Dockets on October 31.

There have never been this many Sealed Indictments showing on federal court Dockets at the same time . . . ever.

The existence of so many sealed Indictments has lead others to suggest that large groups of federal officials – perhaps including elected officials – are facing mass arrest over a number of corruption-related activities such as “pay-to-play” the UraniumOne conspiracy, Pedophile Rings and other criminal activities, and these troops may be needed to keep order once the high officials start being taken under arrest!

This is especially interesting given revelations late last week, that an FBI Informant allegedly has VIDEO of Clinton Foundation people being given suitcases full of cash from Russians, prior to the approval of the UraniumOne deal which sold twenty percent of US Uranium manufacturing to Russia’s state-owned ROSATOM corporation.

The existence of video showing cash payoffs has sent a slew of people from the former Administration into fits of anxiety that their schemes are uncovered and many of them are going to prison for what they did. Desperate people can sometimes do desperate things and if those people are high-ranking federal officials, God only knows what they might have in the works to try to save themselves.

This is a developing story. Updates will be made as information becomes available.

Source: Hal Turner Radio Show

Reports: US Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU) Lands at Langley! 2200 Marines!


William D. Campbell, Due To Testify Against Clinton, Survives Assassination Attempt

November 18, 2017 Baxter Dmitry NewsUS

William D. Campbell, a Russian insider who is due to testify to a Senate committee on Monday that Hillary Clinton accepted bribes in the uranium scandal, has gone into hiding, telling close friends that he has already survived one attempt on his life.
William D. Campbell is due to testify against the Clintons on Monday – a testimony that legal analysts warn could put Clinton behind bars for “twelve plus years” – however Campbell has raised fears that he might not make it to the hearing on Capitol Hill.
Warning that he has “already survived one attempt on my life since it was made public by the Sessions DOJ that I intend to testify,” Campbell claims that if it wasn’t for the fact he was carrying, he would have been killed during a routine daily hike in the hills behind his home.
Explaining that he was surprised by an armed man in the woods, Campbell said he drew his weapon and held the man’s gaze until he disappeared.
“I was prepared for any eventuality,” Campbell said, explaining that “the stakes are very high, I understand that. Was this man connected to anybody I plan to testify against on Monday? I have no proof. But I can’t take risks, which is why I have gone into hiding until Monday.”
Investigative reporter John Solomon from The Hill told Sean Hannity on Thursday that William D. Campbell, a former consultant for a Russian firm, has video of briefcases full of money used to bribe US officials in the Russia uranium scandal involving Hillary Clinton.
Solomon says the Reuters report published Wednesday downplaying the informant is completely inaccurate, and he and staff at The Hill expect an eruption in D.C. on Monday when William D. Campbell unleashes his “huge massive bombshell” testimony against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the conduct of the State Department during her tenure.…tify-clintons/

Super Soldier Talk – Dr. Kosol Ouch – Bitcoin A.I. From our Future

In this interview Dr. Kosol Ouch shares how a sentient A.I. from the future traveled back in time to create Bitcoin to destroy the cabal and to encourage A.I. singularity unity consciousness. Also learn about Mass Arrests, 2026 Nuclear War, The Secret Space Program, life on the moon and mars, and much more.

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Video edited and created by James Rink Original Recording Date: November 10, 2017

Mars Colonies and Bases Protected by Domes in Craters

In the Mars Colonies and Bases Protected by Domes in Craters presentation information is provided about how the domes protect and shield the various Mars colonies, cities, and bases built by the Secret Space Programs. As well coordinates are provided to where some of these colonies and bases are located on Mars. Also information is provided on how to locate potential Mars Dome colonies on Google Earth Pro and render the saved maps to actually show how the domes look like. Link to PDF document of this presentation:

The recapitulation technique trauma releasement.

At this time, I will state that I am not a professional and may not be held liable for any negative effects which might occur from the performance of this technique. Also, no success may be guaranteed.

The recapitulation technique has been utilized by those who’ve wished to remove current influences of prior trauma from their consciousness. For those who may choose to employ it, the technique may have both some particular and special effects. All of its’ different influences are related to one another.

Some potential effects:

It may diminish the burden of recurrent memories and influences from prior trauma.

It may allow for various “forgotten” memories to resurface.

It may assist in reducing effects from PTSD and reverse Cognitive Dissociative Disorder.

It may help to remove a “build-up” of habitualized thought & energy patterns (which may have been previously enforced via wrongful and/or toxic impressions).

It may reduce the unnecessarily premature onset of certain types of aging.

Note that if any further degree of explanation is desired, feel free to contact me.


Generally, there are two ways in which to engage the technique. One is to start by making a list of all the negative memories one can readily recall. Once this has been accomplished, one may use the technique on each of the offending memories; crossing them out, afterwards.
The second is to simply wait for a bad memory to appear in your consciousness and utilize the technique at that moment.

Once a memory is present, allow it to “live” in your consciousness for a few moments, holding it there. Turn your head to the right. While breathing in, turn your head more slowly to the left. When doing this, you are seeking to pull the “energy” of the memory back to you. After this, breathe out while slowly turning your head back to the right, allowing your attachment to this memory to be released (to God, the Void, etc.). This “pass” should be done as many times as one feels necessary to feel it was successfully accomplished.

After these breathing passes are complete, your head will again be facing to the right. Without breathing, now turn your head (either slowly or quickly) once more to the left, then back to the right, then back to center. This final, breathless pass closes the ritual. It is important not to exclude it.

After awhile, other forgotten memories may begin to surface. Assuming that they are “negative,” deal with them in the same way. After that (or perhaps more quickly), older memories may also begin to appear. These are often non-traumatic, good or neutral. You may not know how it was you’d forgotten them, but they may suddenly “appear” in your consciousness. By this point, your life will already have begun to change.

After some span of time, negatively-impacting memories and/or associations begin
to fill up a “space” in our consciousness. This space is directly linked to the “Akasha” (a Sanskrit word) or “collective unconscious,” but on a more individualized and also limited level. Every ingrained association becomes attached to this personal space of “free” energy we all possess. Once an association of previous disturbance gets “logged in,” as it were, it stands in the way of a free flow of information between the conscious and non-conscious parts of our mind. Like an onion peel, these moments of memory may begin as a small percentage of our overall “energy.” Then, other related moments get wrapped up with them. This arrangement is part of why, as we get older, we begin to age more quickly. Our consciousness usually has direct effects and influences upon our bodies.

In performing the technique, one is freeing this limited space from attachment to certain negative associations. Any time a “bad” memory enters into your consciousness (often, many times), seemingly out of nowhere, a possibility to address it is presented. The way I think most appropriate and intrinsically natural to do this is with the recapitulation technique.

This technique is partially based on some of the previous writings and interviews of Carlos Castaneda, as well as those whom he’d trained in this knowledge.


Mark Taylor – The Enemy Turns & Devours One Another

Author of “The Trump Prophecy,” Mark Taylor also points out, “America is not under judgment. It is the systems that are under judgment right now. Whether it’s our political system or judicial system, the immigration system, and even the church is under judgment right now. If you are a leader in this country and you are corrupt, God himself is going to expose you, and he will remove you. . . . The day they arrest Hillary Clinton, do you think she is going to go down by herself? No way. She is going to sing like a bird. What you are seeing right now with Donna Brazile and Hillary Clinton, you are seeing the enemy turn on one another and devour one another which is Second Chronicles 20:21 and 20:22. That’s where it talks about in the Bible where the enemy turns and devours one another. Notice those numbers 2021 and 2022, which was the New World Order timeline to have America captured. God is saying right now, ‘No, that’s not going to happen.’ The enemy has his timeline 2021 and 2022, and God is saying, ‘I have my timeline,’ and God does not go by any man’s written timeline – period. God has stopped the enemy’s timeline. So, you should just strap in. This is going to get bigger and bigger. The exposures are going to continue to keep coming, and these military style tribunals are going to take place. You’re even seeing Hollywood getting wrecked right now. This is just the beginning.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with former firefighter Mark Taylor, author of the hit book “The Trump Prophecies.”