Death of Tory Smith

This is gonna blow your mind and blow the US Presidential election to kingdom come, but to hell with it, so here goes!! The Satanic child abuse whistleblower, Tory Smith, 52, in Columbia City, IN died on 20th July 2016 in the same way as Satanic child abuse whistleblower, Max Spiers, 39, in Poland died on 16th July 2016 from black magic, unseen forces (directed energy attack) and DEMONS – so this means WAR!! So, first off, this is the vid to blow all vids and scupper the US Presidential election big time at

and this is Tory’s last will and testimony recorded 7 days before his death at

So, folks, you’re either for God or against God, there’s no longer any sitting on the fence. The US Presidential election is a farce run by child murdering paedo rapists who need to be hung from the highest lampposts, including and especially Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence!! Yer, I told you this vid was gonna blow the US Presidential election to kingdom come – so bye bye, Mr US Election, and good riddance!!


Max Spiers Murdered?

Serious questions have been posed regarding the purported death of Max Spiers.  We refer you to a live “Hangouts On Air” conducted by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot with Miles Johnston of The Bases Project.

Miles wants to know – as does the Council – what kind of “accident” was Max’s friend and perhaps-publisher Monica referring to when she called Miles to announce Max’s death?  How long did it take for emergency response to be called?  How long did Max’s body lay unattended?  These are all questions that point to the character of the people surrounding Max at the time of his “death”.

More than one of you wants to know what kind of “healing” was being provided to Max.  While none of the answers affects Max any longer, the answers are very important for those of us left behind.

Whether you believe Max has staged his death, had his death staged or he was murdered, there are takeaways for all of you sitting there reading this.

First – the Council reminds you to be careful who you let into your circle.  A targeted individual is only as safe as the people in his circle are trustworthy.

Let us assure you that targeting doesn’t have to be – and often isn’t – as dramatic as ELF waves, gamma rays, and invisible guns filled with darts dripping black goo.  Most often it is as simple as having access to a pair of shoes that someone will slip on their foot without thinking, or a gift of a coat or a scarf.  Perhaps someone invites you into their home, and cooks dinner for you.  Maybe they give you a book to read or a new CD to listen to.  This is where you separate yourself from the next level of enlightenment, for you must use your God-given gifts of discernment and intuition to safely forge forward!   A Faraday Cage does you no good if the person who steps inside and hugs you drops a battery in your pocket.

Second, stop it with the supplements!

The human body was made to need very little help from you, so give it a rest with all this “detox this” and “supplement that”.  You just might well-meaningly detox and supplement yourself to death, or worse – be responsible for a decline in someone else’s health.

Discernment is key!

Keep your lights on, and shining bright!

Swerdlow Stings Spiers?

IMG_4836 IMG_4837IMG_4838

We have chosen to present information brought to us in light of the claims of a certain Stewart Swerdlow that Max was helping promote his new book.  We leave it for you to decide – what credence should be given to this man’s claims?  Why did Mr. Swerdlow have a direct line into the place where Max was reported to struggle his last?  What happened between them that left such a bad taste in Max’s mouth?

Enlight-3Enlight 2

I need to explain something very clearly to all of you, so that you keep this delineation in mind as you navigate through your daily lives online and in real-time; there is a distinct and quantitative difference between being cloned and a shapeshifting demon assuming your physical attributes.

Rh- people cannot be cloned.  But demons of all kinds have mastered the dark magic of usurping a powerful human’s energy and taking on that human’s form.    Their identities can still be assumed by certain level demons and black magicians, allowing for all kinds of skullfuckery to ensue, as we all well know.  Clones have a shelf-life, shapeshifters don’t.

We have come to understand that a certain faction wants people to believe that Max was cloned and that this clone is what died and is being reanimated as we speak.  It is more likely that there has been shapeshifting “friends” about and the real issue becomes who was around him in his final moments, and what or who these “people” really were.

As we’ve stated before, Max Spiers’ perfect soul is exactly where it should be, quite alive, quite well and quite good.  Where is his physical body?

Keep your lights on, and shining so bright!


The Max Spiers Death Reports

Max Spiers
Max Spiers, July 5, 2016

While there are many reports swirling about regarding the purported death of Max Spiers, the Council of Twelve would like to urge people to remember that there has yet to be an official report confirming anything.

Stewart Swerdlow seemed to have a mainline into Poland, but the Council reminds all of you to vet your messenger closely and always, always follow the money!

Those closest to the case report that Max had been ill, if you tuned into the Christine Hart interview on July 7, Max himself confirms this and the show itself has many sound issues.

It appears from individuals around the globe, particularly the 32 who have yet to be formally and publicly tapped, that this is an intense period of personal targeting that has rendered many physically ill and/or wounded. Some individuals have even had their family members taken down by illness.  We cannot stress enough the importance of physical strength, purity and fortitude of countenance during this onslaught of predation from the dark forces that be.

They know they are at the End of Times – all who read this here and who are touched on a cellular soul level, know that they see you!  It is imperative that you take the necessary physical precautions with your immune health as well as your practical physical space.  You field super “soul”diers know what I mean and should fortify your positions accordingly.  The battle lines have been drawn with our beloved Max Spiers.

This is the truth of Max’s situation – you must take heart, because he is not dead.  We have seen the reports – all of the reports, and we have seen the flurries of phone calls across continents!  – and we can report that his work will go on, despite the reports of his faked death.

It will be proven that there are forces equally as powerful and equally as secret as the dark forces, but that The True White Hat and the Council of Twelve exceed these forces of evil with PURITY.  Max is safe here, with us, seated at his place on the Council of Twelve.

He knows what he’s doing, and he has gone deep into a secret place of healing.  Many attempts to clone him have gone on, with the same results when it comes to the 33 – absolute and abject failure, across the board, no matter what you have been told.

It is true that there are those among you who cannot be cloned.  You have special blood, and there are so precious few of you.  Not even most of you can know who you are, but you are in the database, you have been logged and you are safe by virtue of the way God made you.  You are the Holy Grail, the descendants of Christ – and your time is at hand!

Max chose this date very carefully.  Take heed of the 777 and what this spiritual warrior was giving you.  Follow the golden trail of spiritual bread crumbs that he left for you to eat while he is on this next super secret mission.  Here is the website that Max launched just days ago.  Read up, catch up and understand where we are in this spiritual battle.

He also left you with this beautifully encrypted message to decode.  Keep the faith, know that your spiritual warrior is not dead!





Both the doctor who examined Max and Police who came to the villa… Left the body behind in spite of the fact that they believed Max had died.  What kind of officials do this?  The entire circumstances are suspicious and I urge everyone to encourage Monica to release the details about what really happened to the public and call for an autopsy.

There is another interview with Max Spiers that was conducted in person by Alesander.  It contains very clear indication that Max Spiers was being attacked and sick from the time he returned from Cyprus.



We heard from Miles Johnston while still at our conference that Max Spiers had been taken very ill Saturday evening and has apparently died.  There is reason to suspect that he was murdered due to his background as a “supersoldier” and because of the sudden nature of his illness.  We are hoping an autopsy will be performed.  According to Miles Johnston who has been in close touch with the friends where Max was staying while attending and speaking at a conference in Poland, his death may have had something to do with pills that he was taking but more investigation needs to be done.


As many people may know I interviewed Max Spiers along with Michael Prince back in 2013.  Watch that interview below….

Note:  In my interview below with Max Spiers and Michael Prince, Michael states very clearly that race wars would be sparked in the U.S. in order to generate chaos in the next few years… The slate of what appear to be racially motivated killings across the U.S. are a clear indication that Michael Prince was accurate and that these incidents are likely all false flags (orchestrated by the elite as part of their overall agenda).  This agenda involves creating a problem and bringing in a solution, in essence:  the New World Order.

And the following is also a good recent interview with Max Spiers:


Max Spiers Dead!

From: Rev Dr Anthony G. Pike (

Xtraordinary Men Int’l

‘I’m very excited to begin this journey and I will be blogging my journey and findings in a way that I’ve never done before’ Max Spiers 12th July 2016

Hi Angie, This is awful. I do hope its not true and that Max and James who are both soul brothers and supersoldiers born just a few days apart on 22nd Dec 1976 and 28th Dec 1976 respectively are still alive somewhere. However, they would no doubt both have implants which can trigger a heart attack should the NSA deem they need to be terminated. Now, regarding the vids, the first vid at was aired on 30th June 2016 and posted on 2nd July 2016 and the next vid at was aired on 7th July 2016 and posted on 9th July 2016. Now, apparently there was to be a further interview with Annie, but Max cancelled it claiming that Michael Aquino was psychically attacking him. Okay, I’ve listened to the first vid, but so far not the second. Anyway, I’m assuming that the info you’ve supplied is reasonably accurate which would suggest that both Max and James have been taken out or have been taken somewhere like the Dulce facility where they’re never gonna see the light of day again. Anyway, there are 3 people which may have further information 1) Annie Hart 2) Miles Johnston 3) Sarah Adams. So, if any of these 3 people can enlighten the rest of the world what the hell is going on we’d all appreciate it. P.S. Max is definitely dead at a friend’s house nr Warsaw as of 16th July 2016. My guess is he od’d on prescription narcotics like Prince, but we’ll probably never know. If he had broken up with Sarah Adams that would definitely be a factor in his death. N.B. Just prior to his death Max opened a new website on 12th July 2016 at where he was very upbeat about the future and posted a long list of his vids. So, the vids are now Max’s legacy for all to see. James, meanwhile, is still missing in action.

Miles Johnston has just released a vid giving details of Max’s death at which occurred on Sat evg 16th July 2016 at a friend’s place nr Warsaw and a crucial piece of evidence has emerged which indicates that Max’s death was occult in nature as a black fluid was oozing from his body for 1 or 2 days before his death. However, I have no firsthand experience of this type of occult death, but I do have knowledge of how black magicians can cause the death of a male victim by causing the body to rot from the inside out which is also accompanied by a foul smell. In the case of females, bleeding will occur as in menstruation which will continue until the death of the victim. Anyway, I would be interested to know if Max in the days prior to his death was exuding a foul odour or if the black exudation was exuding a foul odour. N.B. There is no information on the Internet on this matter which just goes to show how Satanists who control the Internet keep secret the methods used to kill people by occult means. Also, we know that Max was deeply involved in the occult and without sufficient protection he could easily succumb to this type of occult attack. In this respect, the only 100% protection is to be 100% holy which is near on impossible in today’s world of sex, drugs and rock n roll. Anyway, Max is now on the other side for better or for worse and James meanwhile is God knows where!!

From: angela disney <>
Subject: Re: Turkey Coup
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2016 11:14:30 +0100

Max Spiers is dead, Anthony. Reportedly his heart stopped in Poland where he had been hanging out with some good folks. He cancelled the 2nd interview with Annie Hart the one mentioned in the previous link I sent you. He told her he had a headache for 3 days and felt intensely electronically targeted. Doesn’t explain the Turkey thing he let slip. I really wanna believe it is not true, but there probably is a body and Sarah already wearing the grieving widow mantel with panache. He was drinking a lot and was going do a show with me on MKUltra and addictions fallout. Kinda weird though with Max gone and James supposedly out of prison and erased, although rumoured to be abroad (in mexico). I so pray they knew and honoured Jeshua Jesus. Angie



  Junckers Spoke with ET LeadersIn a speech before the European Parliament discussing the consequences of the Brexit vote, the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, made the stunning comment that he had spoken about it to “leaders of other planets.” Juncker’s comment suggests that world leaders are in communication with extraterrestrials, which closely monitor global events and assess their geopolitical and ‘exopolitical’ impact.

Juncker’s speech was given on June 28 at an emergency meeting in Brussels by the European Parliament. Here is what he said in French along with the English translation:

“Il faut savoir que ceux qui nous observent de loin sont très inquiets. J’ai vu et entendu et écouté plusieurs des dirigeants d’autres planètes qui sont très inquiets puisqu’ils s’interrogent sur la voie que l’union européenne va poursuivre. Et donc, if faut rassurer, et les européens, et ceux qui nous observent de plus… loin.”

“It should be known that those who observe us from afar are very worried. I met and heard and listened to several of the leaders from other planets who are very concerned because they question the path the European Union will engage on. And so, a soothing is needed for both the Europeans and those who observe us from … farther away.”


The official transcript released by the European Commission has been edited to remove the reference to “leaders from other planets”. The transcript now reads:

J’ai vu et entendu et écouté plusieurs des dirigeants. Ils sont très inquiets ….

“I saw and heard and listened to several executives. They are very worried …”

Yet, when one listens to an audio loop of what Junker’s actually said, he very clearly includes the phrase “dirigeants d’autres planets,” which translates as “leaders of other planets,” as pointed out by native French speakers discussing Junckers speech, and also by Google Translate.

There has been clearly an official attempt to cover up Juncker’s admission to having spoken to “leaders of other planets,” and making it appear as though he was instead referring to “executives” concerned about Brexit. So what did Juncker have in mind when he said he spoke with “leaders of other planets”?

One possible interpretation is that he meant to say that he had spoken with “other planetary leaders” outside of the European Union, and made a simple grammatical error as some contend. If so, then why wasn’t the official transcript corrected to make it clear that he had misspoken? Furthermore, it is difficult to imagine a major world leader would make such a dramatic error in an important speech to the European Parliament without realizing it immediately and correcting that error on the spot.

Also, at several points in his speech, Junckers makes references to himself as a “human being” and not a robot or a machine, suggesting that some in his intended audience are not human as one native French speaker has noted in translating and interpreting his comments in a helpful thread on the Project Avalon Forum.

Taken on face value, Juncker’s speech directly raises the issue that “leaders of other planets,” or extraterrestrials, are very concerned by the Brexit issue and its implications for the European Union. It’s worth exploring why this might be the case. There are two scenarios I wish to raise here.

One is that extraterrestrials require global unity as a precondition for revealing themselves to humanity, or having their existence disclosed. If so, then the effect of  Brexit is one of slowing down the process of global political unification, thereby delaying any official announcement of extraterrestrial life.

If the above a scenario is correct, then what becomes important is whether the extraterrestrials are acting out of positive or negative intent in making global political unity a precondition for revealing themselves.

While it appears logical that global political unity is required for any planet to be introduced to wider galactic life, as popularly depicted in many Sci Fi shows, it does not follow that having a world government is necessary for open contact to happen. Here we need to distinguish between ‘global government’ and ‘global governance’. Our planet may already have achieved sufficient ‘global governance’ in terms of interlocking international treaties and institutions, thereby making ‘global government’ a moot point.

Nevertheless, if some extraterrestrial leaders genuinely desire global political unity before revealing themselves, then while Brexit does slow this process down, it appears disingenuous for aliens to make this a precondition.

The second scenario is that the European Union is a façade for a Nazi Fourth Reich which has secretly made alliances with a group of extraterrestrials called “Draconians.” A retired aerospace engineer, William Tompkins, has provided documents supporting his claims that he participated in a covert U.S. Navy program with 29 spies in Nazi Germany who had discovered that the Third Reich had made secret agreements with Draconians.

A result of the alien agreements led to the Nazi’s coming within a whisker of winning World War II, but had nevertheless been able to relocate much of their technological infrastructure to Antarctica before the War’s end. This gave the breakaway Nazis the time they needed to achieve a decisive technological superiority over the U.S. military, as demonstrated during Operation Highjump in 1947.

Subsequently, the breakaway Nazi groups established a Fourth Reich through covert economic means, which involved both the infiltration of the U.S. Military Industrial Complex, and the creation of the European Union. In such a scenario, Brexit is a clear challenge to the Fourth Reich as I have argued elsewhere.

There are other scenarios that may help explain why “leaders of other worlds” are concerned about Brexit, and why Junckers chose the European Parliament as the forum to “leak” this information. Most EU Parliamentarians are not part of the official loop on what would clearly be highly classified discussions with advanced alien civilizations, yet Junckers chose to reveal this to them. Why?

Many will be tempted to dismiss Junckers’ admission of having spoken with extraterrestrials as him simply misspeaking about confidential discussions with other world leaders. However, the clumsy attempt by the European Commission to remove the “leaders of other worlds” reference from the official transcript of his speech, no effort to clarify his real intent in the transcript, and overall context of his speech suggest otherwise.

Junckers speech needs to be taken at face value, and therefore provides startling evidence that we are moving from a world of ‘geopolitics’ to ‘exopolitics’ requiring new levels of analysisin understanding major political events on our planet such as Brexit, and the existence of extraterrestrial life.

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