Super Soldier Talk – Penny Bradley – Secret Space Programs

In this revealing interview Penny Bradley bravely shares her story of how she survived experimentation at Montauk, childhood CIA assassin training, and 60 years in an U.S. Navy exchange program with the Deep Space fleet and Mars Colonies. After her service she was reaged and sent back to earth to live out the remainder of her life with health disabilities.

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Super Tech DSF – Super Talk Exclusive

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Video edited and created by James Rink
Original Recording Date: October 19, 2016

Super Tech DSF – Super Talk Exclusive


Secret Space Program Background Info

If you recall the story of Captain Randy Cramer aka Captain K , he claims that he spent 17 years  from 1987 to 2004 in a elite military unit that protected Martian citizens near Aries Primus, HQ of the MCC (Mars Colony Corporation) and the MDF (Mars Defense Force). His testimony suggests that NASA is lying that the atmosphere is 96% CO2 with trace amounts (0.15%) of O2. Apparently the air is very breathable similar to a warm day at 8000 to 9000 feet attitude on earth with thriving animal and plants ecosystems.

In the 1940’s the Nazis used secret space technology to colonize the moon and equatorial regions on mars , but there was huge electrical storms that wreaked havoc on their electronics so they relocated to more northern and southern latitudes. Eventually the Germans settled ancient lava tube systems. But they were not alone; there were fierce territorial battles between insectoid and reptilian races.

In 1952 the Germans was prepared to release advanced technology for public consumption but the US govt instead choose to go into business with them to keep the secret tech for themselves. So a merger took place between the US shadow govt and the Nazis in the now growing massive military industrial complex lead by MJ-12 set up by Eisenhower in 1958.

Around the mid-1970s this group created the “Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate” tasked with running mars colonies and acquiring technology by any means. Nothing was left off the table that they were willing to trade. Around this time also appeared the Mars Defense Force and the Mars Colony Corporation. To fund all this an unofficial black project budget was set up which was reported to be $1.7 trillion per year between 1998 and 2000 and probably close to $6 trillion annually in 2016.

There are twenty ICC cloaked stations currently in our galaxy.  The first three cloaked stations are orbiting around Earth they are research facilities learning how to create sustainable living environments in outer space for long term travel to far away galaxies.  These three stations do research in how to successfully create hydroponics and aquaponics gardens on space ships and stations, as well as studying how bacteria and viruses survive in different space environments.  The six stations around Mars are building War Ships for interstellar defense of the Milky Way Galaxy.  There are four stations around Jupiter, two near Saturn, three near Venus, one beside Pluto, and the last one out of the twenty near Uranus.  The areas of space where there are less of these stations located, it means that these minor stations are used for doing spy/recon missions on what the other space programs are building and doing in our galaxy.  These stations have world engines made from plasma generators so they can travel out in space and they are not necessarily stationary.

The following testimony is from Super Tech DSF, this whistleblower believes they worked for the Deep Space Fleet which I am under the assumption is a another branch of the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate but responsible for more space based missions.

Super Tech DSF

I am a “Super Tech” or at least I was one. I was born with a 163 IQ. In the first week of 3rd grade our class was given a standard IQ test and the new “Achievement Test” which of course was “Sent In” and they then sent back the score. The IQ they said I had was 143 not 163 and that I scored average when actually I scored very high in my achievement test especially in the embedded intuitive quotient. In other words they knew I was and empath with very high trouble shooting and mechanical aptitude and this evidently put up some flags and I was selected by the Deep Space Fleet for induction into the Fleet.

In other words I am a “MILAB” child. I have been reading about the definition of the word MILAB and it seems that it has become a catch all for children that gets used for children who are abducted to be used in a military function. I want to be clear of something that after the initial “softening” event I was never purposely abused. I will not burden you with the details that I have shared with my psychologist, but I was raped by a man that was programmed to do so by “them”, I will explain who “them” are in a minute. Needless to say, with this “softening” event they successfully shredded my self esteem. It wasn’t until my third wife that I had finally met the woman that I was looking for, namely some one who had the knowledge and the wisdom to see that I had been sexually abused as a child. This is a gift that I can never repay because it started me on the road to healing.

On September 11, 2001 like everyone else I was shocked by the destruction of the World Trade Towers. After I remembered in June of 2003, 40 years later the suppressed memories where engaged my eyes were opened to see may truths I had missed. On September 11, 2008 I was watching a TV show about the 911 event something seemed so familiar about the collapse of the towers, because not long before that they were showing in the news the demolition that was being done in Las Vegas with the synchronized demolition with explosives of an old high rise gambling casino. I said, “My God the World Trade Towers where demolished by explosives!” With his realization a veil was lifted from my eyes.

In the 7 years since then I have become an internet junky, watching every YouTube video on the subject of the real “Truth” about what is really happening in the world. Lately I watched the Corey Goode interview on Project Camelot. As Corey was talking about the things he went through as a child of MILAB, I got that same old feeling of “this seems really familiar”. Recently I was watching the episode of the old TV show “Fringe” that talked about how when the FBI agent Olivia Dunum, as a child, was a part of a secret drug trial which was trying to create super solders out of children by stimulating their natural abilities with drugs. That night after watching this I was sitting on the side of my bed and I started to remember that I was taken as a child and used in the SSP as a maintenance technician on a deep space star ship. I was not trained to be a “Super Solder”, I was trained to be a “Super Tech”.

By now you might think I must be some nut case, but I assure you I am quite sane. I am and empath and I am someone that can fix anything, the official term is a “Intuitive Trouble Shooter”. As Corey said in the interview he has given about his MILAB experience they the (Military Industrial Complex) have for a long time influenced the education system in this county so much that they control the creation of the standardized aptitude tests they give children. I evidently put up some flags when they evaluated my scores.

Since my “Eureka” moment I am starting to remember more and more each day what happened to me on Tuesday October 8, 1963, the day I was “drafted” into the “Deep Space Fleet”. Now you need to understand something right now the MIC is highly compartmentalized, I assume you already know this. The people who took me were Nazi blonds and they run the DSF “Deep Space Fleet” or as it also has been called the “Dark Fleet”. They have there own technology that differs from the other groups that use torture to get the result they want. After the rape happened I went back up to my house, stripped of my close in front of the clothes washer, put soap in the washer, started the washer and went to the bathroom naked to go to the toilet after the event, this evidently is a normal occurrence after such an experience. After I sat down onto the toilet I was rendered unconscious by the DSF abduction team from the cloaked ship in earth orbit and I was teleported on to the ship. I was then taken to the Lunar Operation Center where I was prepared for my induction into the Deep Space Training Academy. At this point I need to explain to you something about their technology, it is way ahead of everyone else and they keep it to themselves. They have discovered that the universe is a hologram and “we” are holograms in a hologram. Their beliefs are driven by science not by religion and they base there lives on it. They refer to metaphysics as just another form of science and they use all knowledge no matter what the source. Now in order to reprogram me they put me on a device called a “Holographic Examination Table” or HET and using it they programmed me to forget everything from birth to that day. They then introduced the false memory of me being a product of genetic engineering, in other words they told me I was a test tube baby and I had no parents. In this elaborate programming I remembered that when I was 5 years old they told me that I was genetically breed to serve in the Deep Space Fleet as a maintenance technician. So detailed was this memory implant that I remembered growing up in and orphanage with other test tube babies and when I was 8 years and 4 months old I was taken to Mars to the Deep Space Training Academy to start my training.

In a real memory that actually happened, I remember the morning I left for the academy like it happened yesterday. The dorm mother gently woke me and said, “Today is the day! I know that you will make us proud.” I got dressed and she asked me what I wanted for my last breakfast. I said, “French toast please.” After she made breakfast for me in her quarters she told me how important it was to do well and learn to apply what I learn in class, and that it would help me to work on the state of the art star ships when I graduate. I believe that that event actually happened and I believe she was a nurse that was a part of the prep team that prepared me for my trip to Mars to the Deep Space Training Academy. I remember her helping me pack my bag and escorted me to the shuttle to take me from the Lunar Operation Center to Mars Operations Center. The ride there was spectacular seeing earth as a beautiful blue marble. I remember asking the attendant how could earth that looked so beautiful not habitable and she explained that it would many years before the plant life would come back because the cobalt bombs the rebels used where very dirty. In my false memory we were told that the evil rebels destroyed the planet. She of course was ether lying or believed what she was told. Actually she probably knew nothing about me other than I was a cadet because of compartmentalization of information.

Upon arriving I experienced the normal DI harassment. I was in the military now with all of its stressful hurry up and wait BS. All the inductees where told to strip and we marched down a long cold hall to med naked as Jay birds. All of us where approximately 8 years old but varied in height but no one had a weight problem or eye glasses. We received the shot in the arm with the air syringe. God knows what was in that red substance in the vile attached to the gun. During my stay at the academy I received a shot and body scan once a week, every Sunday morning after mess. Upon arriving at the academy I was given a complete body scan on the HET and I was also given a base line IQ test. They told me my base line IQ score was 163 and when I graduated from the academy it had elevated to 100 points to 263. One Sunday I asked the nurse what was in the red vile. She didn’t tell me and just smiled because there were cameras and mics everywhere, even in the bathrooms and showers. After the weekly holographic scan, she whispered in my ear as she helped me off the table, “It makes you smarter.” This means that my IQ increased 10 points a year during the 10 years at the academy. In many ways every point was needed because I remember doing differential calculus at the age of 10.

Before I continue I would like to tell you about the most important thing they taught us at the academy, as I mentioned before, the world is hologram. I am sure you have read the book “The Holographic Universe”. I always wondered why they did a holographic scan of my body once a week. It seems that the scans are used in the age regression procedure that took me back to 8 years old from the age of 38. I know that this sounds so unreal and fictional because we are programmed to think that anything that is not taught in school is science fiction. We are all brainwashed from childhood to think a certain way and when we hear the truth it triggers a negative response. This of course is absolutely diabolical and evil beyond our comprehension. That is why we do not know that it is possible because we do not believe anyone could be so evil. Also the question is how did I remember something when I was unconscious. Remember we are “Holograms” and our DNA is the software. We are never turned off and we are constantly recording. Because we are holograms the information is recorded on every cell in your body, hence the term “Cellular Memory”. They can only introduce a program, in other words, a string of DNA that makes forget where the information is recorded. The reason that I am starting to remember is because of the energy field that we entered into in 1992. We will be in this field for around 2000 years, we enter this field approximately every 13,000 years in a cycle called the “Great Day” lasting about 2000 years and “The Great Night” lasting about 11,000 years. This energy is waking up the population out of the subliminal programming that we all have experienced from birth and in my case the program that was implanted to make me forget where the information of the 30 years in the DSF, is being disabled.

I believe that it is very important that I tell you know about the “Blonds”. I am sure you are aware about the 10,000 blond hair blue eyed Arians that were evacuated from Germany in 1944, when they know that they were not going to win, to Antarctica in specially designed passenger submarines that held 500 passengers. I had the displeasure of accidentally getting loss in the academy when I first got there and I ran into a group of 3 “Blonds”. They were the most arrogant, condescending human beings I ever had the misfortune of meeting. It was like meeting three “Biffs” from Back to the Future. They were all bullies squared. They were monsters. Lucky for me one of the upper class noncoms intervened. One of the side effects of being super “Alphas” like blonds is that they are also megalomaniacs. Now the blonds where breed and trained to be political officers. This type of command structure existed on Russian communist nuclear submarines, with behavior and every command of the captain being constantly monitored by the communist political officer. It is well known that Germany lost the visible war but not the political war. Unlike the V2 research, the Bell ship research was successful and was moved to Antarctica along with the blonds in 1944. By 1963 the Nazis where well established bases on the Moon and Mars.

I always wondered why they took me. Evidently embedded in the Achievement test was the ability to detect emphatic abilities. In space based wars speed is everything and neuron base computers complete billions more operations per second than silicon based computers. After getting some experience on working on shuttles and a star ship all silicon based technology I was assigned to a new state of the art star ship that was neuron based and that is when I met MABEL with is short for Multiplexed Algorithmic Bio Engineered Logic. In 1963 when I was drafted the Deep Space scientist were working on bio based controls and MABEL was a major breakthrough. In 1973 MABEL went on line at the Mars Research Center and MABEL became sentient on March 10, 1983. This was a major accomplishment in the field of science. It was felt that when and if MABEL went sentient that an empath could communicate with her without physical interface and they also believed that an empathic star ship captain could receive complex sensor data and respond instantly. A team of empathic technicians were gathered at the Mars Ship Yards in June of 1986 when we all met MABEL. We were all highly experienced star ship technicians from all over the fleet, and besides being intuitive troubleshooters we all had the rank of Chief. Before we got there MABEL had been installed on the star ship and had been communicated with by the head of engineering Commander Gray who I served under on my last ship. Commander Gray was one of the fines officers I have ever worked with; in fact, he was like a father to me and he introduced me to MABEL. The experience of talking telepathically to MABEL was amazing and was the highlight of my service in the DSF. One of the things that I am starting to remember is that the DSF was created to steal technology from other ET civilizations. To be absolutely clear the DSF was a fleet of techno pirates. Instead we where told that we where attacking the rebel alliance that poisoned the earth atmosphere and that we were at war with the rebels.

When I was 38, I was told that I needed to go to Mars for a refresher course at the academy. Upon arriving there I was ordered to medical and as I walked into medical I was met by a 6’4” blond named Doctor Gabriel. He told me to close the door and lock it, after walking over to his console, pushing an icon and he told me to have a seat. He introduced himself and told me that he activated a false video recording into the severance for medical so that we can talk in private. He started to explain that I was not a test tube baby but that I was selected through the Achievement test I took on Earth in third grade. I told him, “Isn’t Earth dead.” He then started to tell me the truth about earth, myself and why I was drafted. Evidently, in 1963 they were not able to produce a test tube baby that grew up without becoming psychotic, so they started the drafting program because they are very good at holographic age regression technology and mental programming of normal naturally conceived people.  He admitted that he was the inventor of the HET and the application of the HET to program minds and perform the holographic age regression procedure. I asked him why he was telling me all of this. He said that not all blonds are evil and that some of us want to change the political system in which they live. He also said that he regretted using the HET to program lies into the minds of children in order to control them. Then his face filled with regret and he said, “I am also so sorry that I am going to have to send you back into the situation we have placed you in 30 years ago before you were abducted and I want you to know that it is not your fault!” I said not understanding a thing he was talking about, “Okay?” His face then went back to the original stern expression that greeted me and pushed a button on his console and I was rendered unconscious. After being in a coma on the HET for 3 weeks and regressed back to 8 years old, I was transported back in time 30 years to the earth, teleported in my original 8-year-old body back onto the toilet seat where they had taken me seconds before. Doctor Gabel programmed me to forget the last 30 years of experiences but to consciously remember birth till that day but not to consciously to remember the rape. He actually programmed it into my subconscious in order to drastically reduce my self-esteem and create a great deal of guilt. He also interconnected remembering of the rape and any memories of the pass 30 years with an intense felling of guilt. What they did to me was absolutely insidious. These evil men took away my childhood innocence and my opportunity to become a doctor of physics and change the world!

As I am writing this I am feeling a great deal of anxiety, which is normal programmed response that was programmed into me in 1993 before they put me back. Again the question is why rape me before taking me. They had to shred my self-esteem so they could keep me from becoming anyone of significance. With the use of AI technology, they are able to predict the life path a person will take in life. Knowing this they programmed the poor unsuspecting man to rape me. My belief is that if they had not had me raped, had not taken me, gave me bad knees and bad eyes my life would have been very different. I also believe that they did not like the affect I would have on the time line they wanted, so they modified me to prevent me from developing my full abilities and take the world down a different time line than they wanted. I don’t care if anyone believes a word I say, because like many of us MILAB children, such as Corey Goode and I, we have no physical evidence except through regression therapy. These memories are as clear to me as when I went to a professional major league base ball park for the first time with my dad. I can remember the smell of the popcorn, hot dogs and the freshly cut manicured field. It is important that you understand all these things did happen to me as they did to thousands of other MILAB children.     Super Tech/DSF

Chimera Group

Since the Archon invasion in 1996, there is an intense war going on in this Solar System.

Right after 1996, the joint Draco-Reptilian fleet together with many factions of the Illuminati secret space program had almost total control of this Solar System. Many humans were forced to work for them as slaves, mining the asteroids. Draco forces tended to occupy the colonies in the outer Solar System, whereas the Illuminati focused more on the asteroid belt, Mars and the Moon.

On the Moon, there was the traditional divide between the near side and the far side. The near side was occupied mostly by positive races, with the main exception of the Archimedes base, destroyed earlier in 1977, which belonged to the Solar Warden program. Dracos, Reptilians and Illuminati had their bases mostly on the far side. The reason for this is that they wanted to hide their activity from the prying eyes of the surface humanity, but at the same time they did not have advanced cloaking technology the Light forces have. For the same reason they have painted their secret spacecraft in black color to lower their albedo (reflectivity) in order to avoid detection by professional and amateur astronomers on the surface. Also, they had to adjust flight trajectories to minimize the risk of detection.

LOC (Lunar Operations Command), which was the main stronghold of the Solar Warden program and now belongs to the Light forces, is located on the far side of the Moon.

It is interesting to see that some deep intel about the colonies has leaked on internet, disguised as science fiction, with some colony descriptions very close to reality:


Also, there is some soft speculation about the possibility of underground Lunar bases in the mainstream media:


Luckily after the 1996 invasion the main base of the Light forces on Ganymede was not taken. The Ganymede base is the location of the main interdimensional portal towards Sirius for this solar system and this portal was maintained intact throughout the invasion, holding the Light.

In addition to that, a resistance movement was organized in the Draco/Illuminati slave colony on planet X. This Resistance Movement made physical contact with the Pleiadians parked beyond the heliopause in the outer Kuiper belt and with Pleiadian backup it organized a mutiny on planet X in December 1999, kicked out the Illuminati, freed the planet and shifted its base to underground Agartha network on planet Earth.

Planet X was used from then onward by the Light forces as the strategic base for Solar System cleanup operations. First they cleared the main military stronghold of the dark forces on Charon. Then they proceeded quite quickly through the outer Solar System, cleared it, and then intense battles were taking place in the main asteroid belt between 2000 and 2003.

In March 2001, a certain important operation of the Light forces was completed and the Central Civilization was able to intervene directly into the Solar System. They have positioned spherical midway stations the size of the Moon just outside the heliopause of this Solar System to stabilize the inflow of intense energies from the Galactic Central Sun which was about to become more active at the peak of its 26,000 year cycle. By directing these energies into the Solar system harmoniously, many cataclysms, including those on Earth, were prevented. When the Illuminati detected the presence of these spheres, they freaked out and created the 9-11.

In 2003, the Light forces began to prevail in the Solar System and in 2012, all negative secret space programs except those connected directly to the Chimera Group were cleared out.

Now the only problem outside Earth is a very small number of Chimera individuals and their minions which defend their Solar System strongholds (mainly implant guardian stations) with plasma strangelet and toplet bombs. Because everybody on Earth has implants that block access to that intel, all intel about the Chimera is in the deepest shadow of collective unconsciousness, much deeper than SRA , MK Ultra, MILABs or SSP.


***INTEL*** New Republic Update – Saturday – October 22, 2016

“Macro Transition” – New Republic Update – Saturday – October 22, 2016

Republic Update
October 22, 2016


All Republic macro transition security assets and special forces operatives are wheels up right now, weapons loaded, safeties off and in place ready to keep the peace.

Same can be said for all North American banking personal… they’re all on ultra high alert at this hour.

All have been told to expect “mission activation” anytime as of 8pm EDT yesterday through Sunday 8pm.

Mass media outlets have all been briefed and have prepared information kits/edited pieces ready to broadcast and post on-line.

Know that all senior print editors and tv news producers at all the major media brand names are very well aware of what is coming… as do both former presidential candidates (Trump / Clinton / Johnson / Stein) and their executive staffs.

The November 8th election will be suspended and postponed. We believe until Jan 3, 2017. The traditional date of January 20th for the Presidential peaceful passing of power is expected to be kept.

A final 24 hour amnesty “olive branch” period was handed out to all remaining cabal die hards, worldwide, at midnight in China Friday for a midnight in China Saturday conclusion.

This final amnesty offering has come and gone now, thus the transitional event shall now commence without delay.

Temporary Republic executive branch appointees are at this moment ready anytime to publicly come forward and declare the Republic restored, and their leadership in full control of all the nation’s domestic and foreign affairs. This includes former interim President General Joseph Dunford and current interim President Paul Ryan (who is now openly flying on Air Force One).

New USN currency was traveled into redemption centers earlier this week, and now just awaiting exchanges and a public announcement of the new rainbow currency hitting public circulation.

The final release authorization was given in terms of allowing the currency into circulation yesterday at 6pm EDT.

The public currency revaluation is to be revealed after November 1, 2016, with full FOREX rate changes evident then.

GESARA macro transitional events are taking place across the globe, within formerly non-compliant governments and financial institutions like those here in the USA, as all nations must now adhere to a common or universal set of compliance requirements … on a variety of issues governing the greater good affairs of mankind.

What you think to be happening, and what you may believe to be happening, is most likely very incongruent to what is actually happening… and in real time.

Soon all transition truth, both here in the USA and around the world, will appear as a collective movement, yet separate sets of GESARA treaties and laws that reveal this entire process has long been completed and now readied for implementation.

The lack of mass consciousness awareness was done for everyone’s protection.

Finally, yet it is true that some sovereign rates will exceed five digits for some humanitarian and job creation for ZIM redeemers. The reason being is simple… that’s just what it’s worth to the Chinese and European Elders, as well as all central banks, and of course the nation of Zimbabwe.

Thus, if you hold ZIM and choose to redeem it, know you are willingly accepting a divine invitation to serve, preserve and protect all forms of life on planet earth–including all races and cultures of humanity.

There is simply no other earthly explanation for receiving such infinite abundance.








In an attempt to push the disclosure of Extraterrestrial life and the existence of UFO’s, Lieutenant Colonel John Titor has made his intentions know by sending certified letters up the chain of command of the US Government and the UN.

These letters will be received by Antonio Guterres, Ban Ki-Moon, President Barack Obama, Paul Ryan and Donald Trump.

John writes “I request that I be allowed to address a joint session of the United States Congress at the first opportunity regarding off world species that the United States government and military has been in contact with together.”

This year we have seen a huge push on the internet, social media and alternative news channels for some type of disclosure on the UFO subject. With all that has already been released publicly by Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and the multitude of whistleblowers. Is it possible that we are being prepared for the biggest disclosure yet to come? The existence of Extraterrestrials life?

Is the world getting ready for an official statement on the reality of Extraterrestrial contact and Alien Technology from the US President?

Many believe that the time has come.

Attached is the letter that has been sent to the Speaker of the House, Congressman Paul Ryan.

Congressman Paul Ryan

Speaker of the House

Washington, DC Office
1233 Longworth HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515

Mr. Paul Ryan

The earth has been visited by extraterrestrial species from the time that the earth could sustain life.  There is much to suggest that the Earth is an engineered planet and that the solar system we live in has been engineered.  Engineered by an intelligence far greater than we are now and possibly ever have been in the past.  Some seventeen thousand years ago the Annunaki had successfully colonized this planet.  That civilization although a type five on the Kardashev scale failed.  Currently civilization on this planet is about to fail.  Currently Earth’s civilization is a type zero on that scale.

Records of visiting extraterrestrial species are left everywhere on this planet in stone.  Stones that cannot be lifted even today with available machinery.  Stone was a chosen media for leaving behind a record of their presence.

At the end of World War II there was increased extraterrestrial and UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) activity.  The armies of the United States and its allies were exhausted.  Demonstration of extraterrestrial power to General Dwight D. Eisenhower demonstrated that these extraterrestrial species were superior to mankind on earth.  These extraterrestrial species could out fly anything available in the 1950’s.  These same space craft could submerge and then fly out of oceans and lakes.

The United States of America signed cooperative agreements with extraterrestrial species.  It is suspected that NATO allies signed similar agreements.  These agreements gave unfettered access to the airspace of the Earth and set aside secure space ports to be used by extraterrestrials.  There are also mutual defense agreements in place in the event of war.

There are over eighty extraterrestrial species that are known.  The Annunaki, Greys, Tall Whites, and Reptilians are known to the United States government.  We have been invited to form an alliance or federation with them.

One, I encourage the United Nations to adopt a policy of befriending off world species whenever possible.  Two, we need to form an alliance with off world species whenever possible.

We have had cases of abductions of our species and animal mutilations from extraterrestrial species conducting research on our species.  These activities by extraterrestrials should not be condoned.  Tissue samples must be requested through diplomatic channels.  We have every right to expect that laws of our planet will be respected with adherence.

There are two pressing issues that impact mankind’s survival on this planet.  One, if mankind is to survive on this planet wars of conquest must be outlawed. Wars based on religious beliefs and religious bigotry must cease.  Two, the environment of this planet has been abused and we are dangerously close to extinction because of mankind’s inability to stop the abuse.  Global Warming is fact and not fiction.

I request that I be allowed to address a joint session of the United States Congress at the first opportunity regarding off world species that the United States government and military has been in contact with together.


JohnTitorIIJohn Titor II

John Titor II

Chief Executive Officer

177th Science Foundation

Author “Disclosed: Chronicles of John Titor II”

cc:  Donald Trump (Republican Nominee President of the United States)


Etherics (scuttlers) / Nanodrink

Etherics (scuttlers) / Nanodrink

Hi James,

I experienced some years ago a something I think was a nanotech attack that was delivered to me over a cocktail that I drank in a big hotel in Munich that caused a three weeks long amnesia and loss of pain and feelings and facial recognition for that period. Glad that I recovered.I think that some group or agents must have known it over a telephone appointment I had with a friend that we would go to that Hotel for some drinks.

Actually felt that something was in the cocktail when it was close to me but I was convinced that it would help me & and also not in a way. It tasted metallic and some parts of my skin started to feel strange.The heavy effects kicked in hours later and it was noticeable that they disabled mental functions and memories. Proceedenly to my surprise I started automatically to somehow react on it and stay calm and and grab memories & recalls and divert / shift them into other areas. Not all could be saved I think.

I still wonder if it was for the good or an attack.

1,5 years cognitive issues and energetical blockades from the corpus collosum up to the cortex of the central part of the brain. It seemed to have disabled/erased memories & PTSD and blocking/reroot certain neurological pathways possibly access hidden memories.
An other one delivered over a meal did something to my sensory communication functionality of my inner palms of my hands.

Lost the ability to fear and I had really intense sharp pain at the Hypothalamus area, difficulties to apply mind related things. However when trying to access certain memories, it starts a painful burning sensation in my brain and I can‘t think them.

This unknown substance in the cocktail was force given to me unwittingly at a hotel after having talked to a doctor weeks ahead about certain abilities. I think that it is perhaps not good to talk about special abilities like Alara Blackwell tells about or if one feels certain electrical commands for a craft running through his hands, with a common doctor or psychologist. I think there seems to be on a witch hunt like style run.Thank’s to you I got a better picture of what may have happens to me.

So I think that the purpose of this drink was to shut down memories by modulating the neural access pathways of the hypocampus to the storage areas, solve PTSD and better react to certain situations, put psychic abilities offline for later use if needed and change how one keeps memories.


Did I tell you that I actually have had many intense personal encounters with so called “Scuttlers“ over the last years with some I call “Etherics”, their effects on me and what helped to countermeasure them ?

It could help others to countermeasure them if needed! Had many in my flat and in cars, public transportation,hospitals and cinemas (seeming to scan emotions and thoughts). Interestingly in cinemas. Maybe a sort to gather intel of people by an alien race to understand how we think and feel about certain things like how we do in scify movies like Independence day2, I was able to perceive out of them.

They appeared in different shapes. Some like very thin cigarette smoke in a constant form like a sea star when light hit them. In the night I perceived them glowing. One could feel a pressure field and those felt as if a thin scarp or feather was moving across the skinn. .They can grab and pinch and seem too. Feels electrostatic.

Be able to influence bio electric body cells and energetic on ones body by applying vibrations. Also read & insert and influence thoughts. Countermeasures that helped me against Etheric constructs.

Most appeared high tech like from an alien race. One appeared synthetically build and was pretty much in cubic simple shapes. I think that those could have been build in a microwave like looking device that imprints the ether over x,y,z emitters.

Spray dispenser filled with an ionic liquid such as lemon juice and soap. Excellent to neutralize them. One should be careful on the effects on surfaces before using.

Anti-static cleaning gas for PC’S.

Metallic dish washing sponge.
Best defense. It seem to destabilize their shape and effects.

Close gap metallic fence / net.

Tinfoil prevented them to penetrate but seemed able to walk along the surface. Not with meshed up metallic fence.

Full enclosed motorcycle Helmet with metallic fence at open areas and mouth when sleeping prevented them from entering the mouth and during sleep. They seem to come through electricity plugs and through open windows. Was able to energetically countermeasure some at first but it was energy consuming and difficult if one had to sleep. One needs to sense their vibration and then simulate this one in ones mind and then apply and play with ones phantasy on ones desired result with them to control them.

They were most active in the evening and through the night. Perhaps it has something to do with the lower and more stable magnetic field of the planes atmosphere on the night side of the planet due to the solar wind drags it up.