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William do you remember the Lisa interview where she saw me with a briefcase. It is possible this message is more a representation of what was done to me then a actual mission. Inside that briefcase is my memories. So somehow opening it will help me remember. Lisa said it was like a algebra equation read backwards. Maybe that’s a activation code.

Also I have had many people who seen my avatar claims it is wearing a silvery cyborg industrial like suit. He wears a helmet with a little metal piece that comes down over the right or left eye to see out of it. Apparently he hates what hes forced to do and wants this to stop but powerless as they got buttons in him to turn him on and off like a robot. He doesn’t have my memories but he does get flashes of my life and it confuses him. What do you think?

December 9, 2012 Lisa Interview



I thought the case was a nuclear bomb inside the suit case I do not know why but I knew it had a code with in it. Come to think of they seem to use a brief case as a point of centre. As I have seen a handler carry a brief case that I was made to see. It seemed to me that there was a tremendous amount of burden put on you regarding your case.

These avatars James are made to do anything and everything. But in there hearts of hearts they resist but they still do what they are forced to do. That is the key they can do torture you and make you to do anything  but deep within you is your right of freedom and courage to stand up for what is right. Be course of their evil they do not and cannot understand this. And that is why they fight us as well as use us.

These men and women that are behind the projects are grasping for power they cannot obtain. And the aliens know what they are doing for they enforce their own evil on these men and women in power. Even the queen knows that her time is coming to an end like all of those before her. Yes she has paranormal power and yes she can change into a Draco much like her counter parts. But that is it that is where it ends they grasp at straws. And yes they can through technology move there soul into another young host to try to continue on.

James where there is a powerful family there will be an even greater and more powerful foe even if it is via a poor blood line but all the same that blood line is long and older and established.

Our enemies James that use us have greater enemies than them. So keep up your strength and courage to go forward you are on the right road ahead. If you get activated in the future then so be it but it will not come from your heart of hearts. And that is the difference between you and them and alien.


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