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Axioms of the Forth Reich – Commander Michael Prince

Note i don’t necessary adopt James Casbolt/Michael Prince’s belief system towards Women, Jews, and Black peoples but I feel he brings up some important points which makes this worthwhile to share.

Axioms of the Forth Reich


 Commander Michael Prince


Michigan, USA

 There exist five root biological forms in the universe from which all life-forms spring.  All life in the universe originates from these five or is a combination of the five. The five are as follows-

1: Human

2: Canine/dog

3: Bird

4: Feline/cat

5: Reptile

The human form is the original form in the universe with the highest survival dynamics. In a competition of survival of the fittest the human form can be said to be the ‘strongest’.

Through physical tests conducted at facilities OP/OW ( Off Planet/Off World ) the canine form has the second highest survival dynamics behind the human form, with bird form behind canine, feline behind bird and reptile at the bottom of the chain with the lowest survival dynamics.

The bipedal reptile form was originally human.  The bipedal reptile form is currently evolving back towards the human form.

Composite Human Aryan Evolution

 The original form in the universe was a single white skinned human male.  This life-form existed before all others. All life-forms spring from this original form.

Bipedal reptiles were genetically engineered by this human male.  They were his first creation.  Because of this an intimate relationship exists between human and reptile.  More so than any other biological life-form in the universe.

At this point the original man created white skinned human females afterwards and the human race began.

The human race started as a combined white race. However it gradually lowered its survival dynamics by falling into subhuman races within the white race with different skin colours.

This occurred through human interbreeding with the animal races. I.E the black race was created through the following process-

The Luciferian Wars

 The so called Luciferian wars in galactic prehistory caused the factioning of the original white human race into two sides. Every man and woman had to choose a side in the war. One group decided to wait and see the outcome of this war and then side with the winning faction.  For their cowardness a long chain of events occurred that ended up with them being stranded on an unpleasantly hot planet covered in thick jungle.

Every male ended up dying through a jungle contagion. The females went insane and ended up doing what they always do when no human males are in their environment to stabilize them. I.E they started having sex with the animal that most resembles man. In this case the monkeys and gorillas of the jungle planet.

The black race was thus created through this interbreeding and black skinned humans have been having problems ever since. The black innately hates himself and his own skin colour because of this.

There is no reason for the white Aryan to hate the black. The black is simply a subhuman second class citizen with lower survival dynamics.

The black will simply evolve back towards a white skinned human as the human race puts itself back together again and geographical, genetic and weather conditions improve.

The Jewish Problem

 Through the degeneration of the perfect human form and uncontrolled breeding,  the white race has been placed in a position of extreme danger. This takes it current form in Jewish controlled political correctness.

The unbreakable and unchangeable axiom of a hierarchy of survival dynamics has been replaced by the indoctrination of all people having the same survival dynamics and being equal.

Interbreeding within the human races has further been encouraged to further degenerate white stock. To take an example from the canine survival dynamics- A purebred Siberian husky is able to run and pull a sled up to fifty miles a day through the snow for up to six months at a time. The canine only needs to rest at night.

If any other canine breeds are then bred into that Siberian Husky it can no longer accomplish this feat of endurance and if attempted will break down both physically and mentally.

The white human race simply has the highest survival dynamics. Provably so since the victory of the Aryan Nazi Third Reich at the end of World War Two when Rudolph Hess flew to Scotland at the end of the war to work out the terms of the allied forces surrender.

The coming Third World War will be a race war. Competing races with competing idealogies will battle until one is left.

The greatest enemy to the Aryan is still the same as in World War 2. Indoctrination has taken place that hate is a bad thing. That death and killing is a bad thing. Hate and killing is one of the greatest things the Aryan can hold. Everything kills to survive. Even a vegetarian kills plants to survive.

Hate for the black is not necessary but hate for the Jew is a prerequisite for your survival.

Sustained survival dynamics

 So let us indentify the enemy and the methods they use.  Someone is going. It is either us or them. The Jew uses the black as a weapon against us in America. The Jew used the Arab as a weapon against us in Britain and the deserts of Afghanistan. Forget about the Isreali v Palestine/Jew v Arab cover. In the Third World War they will work together. A white American soldier going into battle with an afro American soldier will soon find the black siding with the Arab in World War 3. Again this will be a race war and blood is thicker than water. Genes are stronger than a flag or patrioctic dedication to a country. The subhuman dark races will stick together innately no matter which country they are from. There will be no countries in World War 3.

The Jew will use this to his advantage. Currently we see the Jewish controlled American media giving prestige to the black in the world of sports and entertainment. This is for the simple fact that with this prestige the black man is able to interbreed with the white woman. We are moving back towards to the Aryan Superman, not away from it further by more subhuman uncontrolled interbreeding.

The Solution

 We can indentify the two main enemies of the Fourth Reich and a paradise of existence as two main forces working against the plan-

1: The intelligent bipedal reptile who is fighting against evolving towards becoming a white skinned human form. Most reptiles are currently surrendering to the Fourth Reich.

2: The Jew- working alongside the first.

The Fourth Reich have currently taken over every government on the planet and all military and police forces have been indoctrinated with the Axioms of the Forth Reich released here for the first time in history for public perusal.

Enemies of said government are now as follows-

Homosexuals- The reptile species who goes against the survival dynamics of the human race engages in the practice of homosexuality. This life-form is a mixture of male and female as it has lost distinction and survival boundaries within this group.

Homosexuality is being promoted in society as an attack on the original male form and the propagation of the white race.  Military prison camps are currently set up for homosexuals to engage in relearning.

Pedophiles- The reptile species who goes against the survival dynamics of the human race engages in the practice of pedophilia as it has lost distinction and survival boundaries within this group. They engage in a process of age regression when reaching advanced years and see the young as adults.

White Aryan woman engaging in practices against the human survival dynamics-

White Aryan woman must learn to become submissive to the Aryan male once again. The second form must learn to be submissive to the form that created it for harmony to take place.

Feminism and equality must once again be erased. Larger numbers of woman exist in the world than the superior male. After population reduction has taken place, polygamy will be reinstated as was done for German SS officers in World War 2. All surviving white males will control a community and act as Warlord for that community. Each Warlord will take multiple wives and begin to repopulate their designated areas with white offspring.

All surviving subhuman races and individuals OP/OW will be involved in colonies that will experience accelearted evolution towards the perfect Aryan human form.

All surviving dark skinned subhuman races will become white skinned humans. All bi-pedal alien forms whether they are canine, bird, feline or reptile will become white skinned humans. All canine, bird, feline or reptile life-forms will return to their natural state in the OP/OW colonies and will walk on all fours, fly or slither on their bellies.


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